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  1. Confused
  2. To old for this
  3. THe girl I meet at denneys
  4. I like him and he likes me, so why won't he ask me out?
  5. I want my ex back.
  6. Anyone there
  7. Dating and Age Differences?
  8. Blown off? Psh.
  9. So fed up with men
  10. Kissing and "butterflies in the stomach"?
  11. Embarresed about my body, do I really need to keep hiding away?
  12. In Love With A Married Muslim Man
  13. Should I call him
  14. The perfect boy except one thing.
  15. He makes a date w/me then doesn't call?
  16. Is there anyway to fix this?
  17. Should I forgive my boyfriend for calling a chat line?
  18. Rules for men to follow in dating/relationships
  19. My dad hates my guy friend
  20. Shy or likes me as a friend
  21. I feel unsafe
  22. Relationship Break - Have a rough time
  23. Dating and dreams of an ex
  24. Can a relationship survive infidelity?
  25. Can anyone lend a hand?
  26. Can't stop thinking about my abortion
  27. Dating Convicted Felon
  28. Summer is coming I I scaird
  29. I want to know what to do
  30. Prom dilema.scared of rejection ? Risk ? And more
  31. Is the relationship a NO? Men over 30 to assist
  32. I like a girl
  33. Letting someone down
  34. Questions about moving on and dating again
  35. My girlfriend wants to take a break.
  36. Crush on a guy from a Different School
  37. Best closing
  38. Marrying an older woman
  39. Confusing girlfriend
  40. Love sucks
  41. What do I do?
  42. She needs time to think
  43. We met,moved in together,had a baby and now due to get married all in 18 months.
  44. Is he interested or not?
  45. What do I do?
  46. How do I know if its really called dating or going out
  47. My girlfriend needed to take steps back, now things are complicated.
  48. How would I approach her?
  49. I'm looking but can't find
  50. He says he needs space
  51. Should I approach him?
  52. I need opinions on a possible long distance relationship that started online
  53. How do I get my baby girl back
  54. How do I get her back
  55. For real or not
  56. Does a smile mean much?
  57. Will I be his girlfriend?
  58. Girlfriend wants break
  59. I think she likes me, but she turned me down.
  60. Does he still like me and how can I make him leave his girlfriend?
  61. Here's a good one
  62. Questions to ask your boyfriend
  63. How do I get my ex boyfriend back?
  64. Dating Guide
  65. Physical Indications he likes me
  66. So much drama!
  67. What should I do about my ex?
  68. Chooseing between two lives
  69. Why can't he just leave me alone?
  70. Moving on forgetting about her
  71. Does he want a relationship with me or is he pulling away?
  72. First date
  73. How do I know if he likes me?
  74. I need a romantic Idea, anyone with an Idea?
  75. Why don't guys like me as more than just a friend?
  76. A lonely teen
  77. How do I keep a girls company
  78. I don't know how to approach a girl not to talk of dating her
  79. Do I stand a chance with my ex?
  80. Had sex with my ex
  81. Dating a military man?
  82. Craving affection
  83. Younger Men vs. Older Women
  84. Is this love real?
  85. Does He Still Like Me?
  86. I want her back!
  87. Treading water
  88. Why did he break off the engagement?
  89. At 70 I can't establish a relationship
  90. What should I do?
  91. Does a dress make a difference?
  92. What can I do?
  93. What do I do about my xbf?
  94. What age is good for sex?
  95. Will he still like me?
  96. How long before sex?
  97. Is 3 1/2 years difference bad?
  98. How can I make things better?
  99. One night stand or something more
  100. Does this girl love me back?
  101. Doesn't Know I Like Her, What Do I Do?
  102. Is he playing with my heart?
  103. Should I move on
  104. 17 and 20
  105. Am I Crazy to be in this relationship?
  106. My Girl Said "We need a break"
  107. A complicated man
  108. On a brake with girlfriend what to does it officially mean?
  109. What to do?
  110. What do you think?
  111. Boyfriend lowers my self-esteem
  112. Rejected in love
  113. Exboyfriend dream
  114. I need him but how ?
  115. Here's my dilemma?
  116. Is it legal?
  117. Ex Wife of 7 yrs - does he really need to talk to her?
  118. For the women
  119. Should I contact my ex.
  120. Getting away from parents (BLACKMAIL)
  121. Will He take me back
  122. How do you know if you have meat the one
  123. Needs time to himself-is this bad?
  124. My dream girl is with another guy?
  125. Hurt after a seemingly one-night-stand!
  126. Is it worth it
  127. Do work crushes fade
  128. Okay to date more than 1 at a time?
  129. I am in love with a girl, but she already has a boyfriend?
  130. He is extremely handsome,but.
  131. Is my ex ever going to talk to me again
  132. What is he waiting for
  133. Kiss kiss
  134. Can't read him.does he want a relationship?
  135. How to tell if he likes you
  136. Is he serious or is he a player
  137. Getting rid of my fears!
  138. Major crush at 26
  139. Should you call?
  140. I want to go out with him again
  141. We slept together but he has a profile on several dating sites !
  142. I like him
  143. How do I know ?
  144. Why do people lie?
  145. 1 year relationship down the drain?
  146. Why do men need space and time?
  147. Females and the first three dates, frustrate me!
  148. Dating a married man
  149. What do I do?
  150. Single mens opinions NEEDED
  151. I want him back
  152. Dating a married man
  153. She said she love me
  154. Conflicting guy messages. BIG SURPRISE lol
  155. Real deal? Or blinded by love?
  156. Guy I Love
  157. I don't get it?
  158. Stay or Move?
  159. Should I talk to hiM!
  160. My boyfriend.
  161. I don't understand you men!
  162. We just broke up
  163. How can I play hard to get ?
  164. Best friend dating my exbf
  165. Is he playing me and taking me for a fool?
  166. I screwed up!
  167. Relationship going south?
  168. Girl I fancy
  169. Ex girlfriend
  170. Internet Dating Nightmares
  171. After coming on TOO strong
  172. How Do I Jump Back In The Ocean?
  173. Why hasn't he called me yet?
  174. Guys with long hair
  175. For the girls.and guys.
  176. What does his behaviour mean
  177. So overwhelmed by love & loyalty
  178. What's going through his head?
  179. What is going on in his head?
  180. Ex boyfriend?
  181. My ex is scared of me
  182. How Do I know? He confuses me
  183. Worried inter
  184. Is he an alien? 5 years of dating and still pulling away
  185. Which should I choose?
  186. Answer honestly
  187. Lost love
  188. Should I or should I not ?
  189. Confused, back in the dating scene
  190. Am I wasting my time?
  191. Should I keep trying for this guy?
  192. Dating a divorced father with kids
  193. Should I get involved?
  194. Lost and confussed
  195. How do I save my relationship?
  196. Bad kisser
  197. I really like this guy ( and my friends like him to )
  198. I really like this girl, but an ex is involved
  199. Girlfriend 40, boyfriend 28
  200. Our relationship got off to fast and now the spark is gone, what should I do?
  201. First Few Dates.
  202. Is it love or infatuation?
  203. Met a new nice guy
  204. Moving on Or stay?
  205. Mature Vs.Immature women
  206. I can't trust him. At all. But I love him
  207. Does anyone thinks it's funny?
  208. I love him but they don't want to be with him why?
  209. He asked me to be his girlfriend.but he was drinking at the time?
  210. Is it love or Hate
  211. Does he still love me.will he look for me
  212. In a weird spot.
  213. What should I do
  214. Me and my friend like the same girl but it's more complicated than that!
  215. The first kiss of a relationship.
  216. It
  217. Girlfriend only stays at weekends
  218. How to get out of the "friend zone"
  219. Were prefect together too bad she has a boyfriend
  220. What do I do
  221. Can someone explain this
  222. Do kids scare guys off?
  223. Is he really over his ex
  224. I'm a WOW widow.
  225. If a guy says "you're so easy", what does he mean?
  226. How to get him back?
  227. When should he call for a Saturday date?
  228. Does he still like her?
  229. I think my friend likes me but is in love with hr boyfirend
  230. Is it OK to date a college professor?
  231. Would it be rude if I changed the plans?
  232. Should she take him back
  233. I don't know what to do!
  234. What should I do
  235. I'm falling for her
  236. I can't understand my own mind when it comes to commitment
  237. Dating a guy 25 years older than me?
  238. How can you tell if a guy really Loves/Likes You ?
  239. What does he mean?
  240. Strange situation
  241. I like her she likes me she has a boyfriend?
  242. Convince my mom!
  243. Best online dating site
  244. Does he still love me !
  245. I don't know what to do with my life when it comes to dating.
  246. Does this mean he likes me?
  247. He only likes me as a friend right?
  248. 13 and 21
  249. Is there something wrong with me?
  250. Not romantic