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  1. What Does A Break Mean?
  2. I don't know what to do any more
  3. Why is he acting like this?
  4. How do I know if he is for real
  5. Why does he act like this?
  6. Should I Break Up?
  7. Age gaps
  8. I like someone a lot younger than me.is that wrong?
  9. I sent a text to a friend (opp sex) asking hi out for a walk with my dog. Have I scar
  10. Getting a second date! Why the mixed signals?
  11. Why won't my boyfriend tell me he loves me?
  12. I like a girl with a boyfriend.
  13. I like a girl with a boyfriend and she likes me I think
  14. My Friend, My Crush.
  15. Dating online
  16. What Can I Do?
  17. Are we meant to be
  18. Dating but not?
  19. Stuck in a pickle
  20. Boyfriend doesn't support me
  21. What's happening?
  22. Moral Values & sex
  23. How do I tell her?
  24. Where do grown-ups go on a date?
  25. Totally confusing?
  26. Dating Problems
  27. Will I ever love her and how do I stop her from trying to have sex with me?
  28. He has been hot n cold.now I am insecure.
  29. Has someone else
  30. Would You Date A Teacher at Your child's School?
  31. My boyfriend is.weird
  32. Loving someone you can't get
  33. I really like this girl.
  34. Do you need a reason to like someone?
  35. Is he serious or is he using me?
  36. Is it Immaturity or Game Playing?
  37. Gift Idea For Valentine's Day
  38. Is he bad news and should I cut ties?
  39. I am so confuesed. Break? Does that mean break up?
  40. My daughter has problems dating
  41. Is My Girlfriend thinking about going BI?
  42. What should I do!
  43. What should I do?
  44. Valentines day
  45. Want to ask a girl out
  46. Should I ask him out?and how?
  47. How do I decode what my ex is really thinking or saying?
  48. Philippine scams
  49. Like her but no time?
  50. Do you think this guy likes me
  51. Is it okay?
  52. Does he mean it?
  53. Can I get in trouble
  54. Can I corect my life
  55. Do he like me?
  56. Roommate hing
  57. A pull away do to illness and more in relationship
  58. I'm not sure how he feels about me.
  59. How do I tell him?
  60. Confused about everything?
  61. So confusing.he never calls when he's out?
  62. Never come across this one before so I'm abit stuck!
  63. I love him but I don't think he even knows my last name
  64. Boyfriend and crush trouble.
  65. Should I make amends with my boyfriend's baby mother
  66. He told his friends he doesn't like me I should forget him right?
  67. Trust and Relationships
  68. Will she ever be mine?
  69. Different feelings.
  70. How to tell him STOP!
  71. Should I or shouldn't I
  72. I want him back!
  73. I want to invite him over,but what would we do?
  74. Seeing a man with kids.
  75. I want 2 give up on love
  76. Questionable intentions
  77. Should I stay with him?
  78. Ex problems
  79. Boyfriend trouble
  80. Dating a married man.
  81. Is he still interested? What does "lets give it some time" really mean?
  82. Zodiac signs and men?
  83. Should I leave him
  84. Illegal sex?
  85. He's been acting like it wasn't a big deal, but things are definitely not the same an
  86. I love him, but he loves everyone.
  87. Who do you think I like more
  88. Hanging out with another guy while you have a boyfriend
  89. Boyfriend wants to masterbate on our first date!
  90. Ugh, boyfriend pissing me off
  91. Overnight party. Yikes.
  92. What to do !
  93. What to do,what to say
  94. Jealousy and Insecurity in relationships.
  95. Messy Awkward Love Triangle
  96. In love with a married man
  97. Don't know how to Date
  98. Shy guy.
  99. I like him, but so does everyone else
  100. I like him but also.
  101. Will she come back?
  102. Dating someone with acne
  103. 28yr female. Dating two men! New on site!
  104. What to do? What to do? What to do?
  105. Too clingy.
  106. How long to date for?
  107. Prom date!
  108. Whan me and my girls is getting on with it she dose not look at me
  109. Fantasies, good or bad?
  110. Is He THE one?
  111. My girl is not over her ex, support her or make her choose?
  112. The need to hear the "L" word
  113. Girlfriend agreed to a break.
  114. Does it count?
  115. Serious trust issues
  116. Is this what I think it is ?
  117. Scared of dating
  118. Is this relationship possible?
  119. Am I being used?
  120. I told him my feelings.
  121. Falling for an old friend who's married
  122. He drives me crazy
  123. Getting lonlier
  124. Not sure about feelings
  125. How do I approach this girl?
  126. Club/party atmosphere
  127. Afraid of displaying affection in public
  128. Love? In your teenage years?
  129. He Thinks I'm Genderless.
  130. Does my boyfriend like me
  131. Is this wrong?
  132. Mind Over Matter?
  133. Dating married man
  134. Marrie man
  135. I want to make a date with her
  136. How do I make him want me back?
  137. Am I the one YET? No.
  138. Is it possible to be 100% sure?
  139. I love this girl
  140. Dose she truly love me how to tell
  141. Keep him or toss him?
  142. Should I labeled crazy or just forgive myself somehow?
  143. Older women/Younger men.I'm confused
  144. Who should pickup the tab on first date?
  145. I want to know how woo big girl
  146. Gazing at me
  147. She wants to continue dating without a relationship
  148. Is it worth it?
  149. Afraid of losing the love of my life
  150. When do you stop fighting for someone you love so much it hurts to breathe
  151. No girlfriend yet. Don't know what I should do.
  152. Does He like me should I ask him out?
  153. She has a boyfriend
  154. 'too dynamic'?
  155. I really don't know how to get over him!
  156. End Soon?
  157. Dating while I have a woman
  158. Commonly asked questions by parents to boyfriend
  159. Will I ever find my true love?
  160. Giving up parental rights?
  161. If you wonder if you want to be a nice guy anymore or you think nice guy finish last
  162. What should I do
  163. Break up?
  164. Am I wasting my time with him or wasting my time wondering?
  165. I'm 14 he's 17 are we allowed to date?
  166. 1 shot to win her back.
  167. Why did he say he doesn't like me when he does all this
  168. She kisses me on the mouth when her husband is not around . What's up?
  169. Should I get back together with my girlfriend?
  170. Boy trouble
  171. You're a Nice Guy BUT.
  172. What to say to a man you haven't seen in ten years?
  173. She wants to go on another date 2 days after out first one,
  174. Should I
  175. Nice guys ? Should we be a nice guys or not ?
  176. How to get over a girlfriend?
  177. How do we get her parents to let us go out alone together?
  178. How can I get rid of the high desire for sex that I have?
  179. Confussed
  180. Day date with ex girlfriend
  181. Date for semi-formal
  182. How should I deal with my cheap boyfriend?
  183. What is Dating?
  184. I'm in love and I'm scared
  185. How do I get the girl who has a boyfriend
  186. I have a date on Sunday night and I'm really nervous, any tips?
  187. How do I know if he really loves me?
  188. How fast is to fast?
  189. What is the first thing you see?
  190. My girlfriend says I don't know to Do you love me?
  191. Should I call him or wait?
  192. Getting Over a Breakup
  193. Dirty Texts
  194. Friends After breakup?
  195. Should we get back together or is he just a good salesman?
  196. So in love
  197. So I'm dating this guy.
  198. What is love?
  199. Dating a married man.
  200. Need a boyfriend/?/
  201. Calling All Gays in Denial?
  202. I really love her, we get on great, but she has a boyfriend
  203. HUGE crush on this girl...
  204. Should be friends with him ?
  205. What should do about my precocious friend?
  206. Puzzled
  207. He told me he likes me. But he has a girlfriend
  208. Did I screw up?
  209. CRUSHING on the wrong guy.
  210. What should I say so I don't sounds lame?
  211. How should I show the guy I'm better?
  212. Single! But for how long?
  213. A Guy I've Lost!
  214. Does the age difference matter?
  215. Do I really like the guy I like?
  216. Should I change who I am for his love?
  217. In love with 20yr old
  218. Am I scared of something serious or are these my "walls"?
  219. Does she still like me?
  220. Is this dating or not?
  221. Christmas gift for the boyfriend
  222. Is this really love or infatuation?
  223. How can I get the love of my life
  224. Shuld I move on
  225. My feelings are so confused
  226. Talking to the redhead!
  227. I want her.
  228. Sometime Love Just isn't Enough? Is that true?
  229. Things are getting slightly complicated!
  230. Married Man
  231. Should I give him another chance?
  232. Her ex saying things he shouldn't be.
  233. Is my boyfriend gay?
  234. Can't get over my girlfriends past
  235. She's threatening me
  236. Ex girlfriend dating a married man
  237. What should I do?
  238. Need to ask about liking people
  239. The grass is always greener till you get there and find its artificail turf.
  240. She won't tell her ex about us and still talks to him a lot.
  241. Just divorced and want to start dating
  242. I didn't see the writing on the wall. This man was married and I couldn't tell.
  243. She's blowing hot and cold
  244. She said we should split up after five years
  245. She needs space
  246. Are things moving to quickly? I'm confused
  247. Too early to to address things that are bothering me?
  248. Should I?
  249. Christmas Gift Ideas for boyfriend
  250. Getting back together