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  1. Drank on Tuesday ETG FRIDAY...
  2. I was arrested in California but never convicted will I pass a doj background chec
  3. If Indiana probation transfers to Florida and its denied what can be done
  4. How can I check if I have pending charges against me
  5. Pretrial diversion
  6. Had a dirty UA in the Travis County Smart Probation and my PO said I can contest?
  7. Theft under $5000, first offence, Adult
  8. How much time would be excepted for him?
  9. Can a juvenile court record in one state be made an adult record in another state
  10. What can be done to prevent alcohl detection
  11. Theft for less than $5000
  12. A parole violation makes you do county time or state time?
  13. Can a summary of offense trespassing get you terminated
  14. Case Discharge Date Change?
  15. Vop felony
  16. Canada warrant check
  17. Rifle regulations
  18. Forged Parenting Plan
  19. Will the court send e-mail to notify someone to appear in the court?
  20. Drugs
  21. Prop 36 probation violation in California
  22. Can someone give me advice on writing a letter to help friend get shock probation?
  23. Will I pass an ETG test after 61 Hours?
  24. Should I answer "yes" to a conviction question while in a Diversion program
  25. Pawnshop Law in Florida
  26. Will I pass an ETG test?
  27. Proper police conduct
  28. Failed drug test on probation in Texas
  29. Will I pass
  30. 1st time VOP on felony probation Florida
  31. Can ex transferring his prescription be caught?
  32. How long will it take to transfer my probation?
  33. Correctional Employment and Expunged Record?
  34. Probation violation 1st offense state of Va.
  35. Police entrapment, harassment
  36. Probation Violation
  37. Forgery
  38. Will my existing acd effect my background check for a job
  39. First Violation of Probation medical reasons not reporting
  40. What happens when interlock devise falls with the state of NJ
  41. Does someone need a lawyer to go to court for theft under $5000
  42. I have 2 domestic misdemeanors from 2001,2005 coercion charge in 2006 dui in 2011
  43. Withdrawn theft under $5000 through AMP and Police Information Check/VS check
  44. Transferring to a different county while fighting a case
  45. My promise to appear had the wrong court date
  46. Compounding A Felony
  47. Non US. citizen who visited Florida on vacation charged with grand theft.
  48. Asphyxia Due To Aspiration
  49. Probation and police search
  50. Hipaa violation?
  51. been on parole since 2006
  52. How do I file a Motion of Discovery to see radar equipment records in Missouri?
  53. Parole violation
  54. EtG testing and drinking
  55. Outstanding Warrant
  56. Misdemeanor for bad check shows up as excpetion major on background check
  57. Drank a little over a pint wed. last drink 1 am thurs, may have to take EtG test fri
  58. How to subpeona security camera video in a criminal case
  59. What I can I do about a theft under 500
  60. Hunting Regulations For Wyoming Felons
  61. Help shoplifting charge
  62. Can you bring a co-accused to testify in court? (Toronto, Canada)
  63. Bad blood with p.o
  64. How do I find out how much I have left to pay?
  65. FBI background check
  66. Probation
  67. violated probation
  68. Decisions...
  69. Can I work as a medical assistant with a drug felony
  70. Prison Talk!!
  71. Recuperating stolen money from employee?
  72. Misdemeanor probation
  73. Will a juvenile expunged record show up in background investigation gov. employment?
  74. I took a Urine test for drugs and alcohol. I took some nyquill two days before the te
  75. Credit for time served
  76. Felon and ex remarry
  77. How much jail time for second VOP for1st offense felony drug charg
  78. Idaho adult probation rules and regulations
  79. Gaining employment with past felonies in ca
  80. Transfer probation from Indiana to Ohio
  81. Need copy
  82. CA DOJ FBI criminal background checks after 17(b)(3) reduction expungement.
  83. I am homeless and I am on probation but relitives in another state
  84. Georgia State Law Library
  85. Falsification misdemeanor
  86. What is the state of limitation for charges of drug sale
  87. I'm having trouble paying restitution
  88. EgT Test
  89. How much Jail time for misdemeanor marijuana possession charge if I refuse probation
  90. Federal probation
  91. Age difference
  92. Restitution
  93. ETG help
  94. Urine test w results in office
  95. Punishment and statute of limitation for using a fake passport
  96. Sexual Offense?
  97. Will tn exttadite me from Alaska
  98. Is it OK to not call 911 when a person is having heart failure?
  99. Child abandonment or not
  100. Caught stealing from work
  101. Statute of limitation for cheque fraud
  102. Felony d.w.I 1st offense
  103. If you get found guilty with a midemeanor assault and battery can u get it expunge
  104. Theft under 5000, 18 years old.
  105. How long does it take for a detainer to be lifted in PA?
  106. After drinking non alcoholic beer 12 or more night before random urine test. Will y
  107. My husband violated probation. He had an expired tag, and a FTA.
  108. My boyfriend had violated
  109. Is there a statute of limitations on DUI's in Alberta
  110. What is the State of Florida restrictions on travel of felons on probation
  111. Felony Restitution
  112. Any one familiar with Marion County In Probation
  113. Early felony probation possible ?
  114. How to make a defensive letter to Subordinate Court?
  115. Probation
  116. Probation?
  117. Misdemeanor violation of felony probation jail time?
  118. Counter criminal charges
  119. Probation violation.
  120. Last two meetings with PO in TX
  121. Am I screwed
  122. Probation question
  123. I need to know the dates I was on Remand in 2007
  124. Wanted for questioning
  125. Shoplifiing
  126. Probation violation jail time for domestic violence
  127. I live in Ct. I have a warrant in Fl. I need a state ID.
  128. Legal advice
  129. EtG Urine Testing
  130. Will my probation officer violate me
  131. How can I get a copy of my son's discovery file?
  132. Solicitor To Talk To On Line Now Live
  133. Expunge
  134. Was I raped
  135. I got a offer of a 60 day cap or 3 years probation I violated my probation
  136. Theft Under $5000
  137. Pressing assault, child endangerment, and breaking and entering charges .
  138. Caught shoplifting in Quebec
  139. I have been disabiled all my life and on probation do I have to pay my fines and fee
  140. Vop?
  141. Theft Under $5,000 charges - Canada
  142. I plan to apply for government security clearance but have pending charges
  143. Sample letter of transfer of probation to a judge
  144. My funds were stolen
  145. My wife was ordered to pay a restitution of $10,000 and put on probation for 5 yrs
  146. Blue warrant
  147. Car accident tickets question...
  148. Help: My Brother Fractured my face in 6 places
  149. Statute of limitations on rape in alberta
  150. Pa. Ard expungment
  151. ETG testing
  152. Entry into canada with a felony
  153. Is there an endpoint to the payment of federally court ordered restitution
  154. Parole
  155. Is it illegal to use spy camera to record someone without their permission? In there
  156. Motion to discover
  157. How long after you are arrested can they hold you Belmont County Ohio?
  158. Is 60 hours enough time to pass an ETG
  159. Can we leave the state, with our son, while he is on probation?
  160. Misdeamenaor probation violation in Michigan
  161. Got pulled over - (Illinois)
  162. Theft under $5000 over 25 years ago does it have a criminal record
  163. Expungement in California ,Jobs, applications,live scan,department of justice
  164. Wisconsin Probation Laws
  165. Dishonorably discharged from probation
  166. I had 7 beers at 3.2% on Saturday, will I pass an EtG today(monday)
  167. Bonded labour
  168. Atascosa County probation violation, 2nd degree theft.
  169. Criminal background check fubar
  170. Had two drinks between 7-8:30pm and asked for urine test today, should I be worried?
  171. Does conviction in Illinois affect sentencing in Va?
  172. Drop permanent no contact order
  173. Will I be charged for failing drug test post accident
  174. Statute of Limitations
  175. Felony probation violation
  176. 809 area scam
  177. What can a probation officer do legally
  178. Arson
  179. I drank one mini bottle of wine and had an EtG 132 hours later, any possibility of fa
  180. Is four months county jail time sufficient to be release don a revocation charge
  181. Where in the law says you have to go straight to sign up for the pro goibation before
  182. Travelling with a criminal record.
  183. PowPow
  184. My friend is on felony probation. She was recently arrested for misdemeanor shoplif
  185. How long does it takes to transfer your parole from Georgia to Alabama.
  186. Got caught stealing from work
  187. Can Nassau County probation charge a probationer for finding a gun and marijuana?
  188. How to request a bond reduction by Georgia law
  189. What are the laws about where a rehabilitated child rapist can or cant go?
  190. Ghana gold inheritance scam contact authorities
  191. Should my parents pursue this matter of mistreatment by police?
  192. Can 39 year old shoplifting conviction be appealed?
  193. What am I looking at legally?
  194. State Fleony and Mexican Border Crossing
  195. No warrant arrest. Poss w intent
  196. Can my probation officer ban me from the town that my house is in?
  197. To help my son get the help for charges he didn't do
  198. Need help with sort of shoplifting...
  199. How to pass a urine test for alcohol
  200. Can they put someone on sex offender rules
  201. Transfer of Probation from FL to NV with some strange issues
  202. Re: Finding a good lawyer
  203. Is a false statement considered a felony in Maryland
  204. Shoplifting
  205. Should I still ask about early release from probation?
  206. Theft under 500 first charge
  207. Theft Under 5000 From Employer. Breach of Trust. Under 18. Alberta.
  208. Charged with theft under, possession of property by crime, and assault x 2 in GTA Ont
  209. Privacy Violation
  210. I believe illegal search
  211. Probation law Indiana
  212. No jail order
  213. Probation officer said no to a transfer to another county.
  214. Will they be able to tell I haven't been drinking?
  215. Probation in Texas, missed two report dates.
  216. Criminal law in Ontario HELP! Theft under $5000 x2 and possession of stolen property.
  217. Can my probation officer leagally keep me from seeing my mother
  218. Is it possible to get a loan or card again after a criminal case
  219. 6th Amendment--Right to a Speedy Trial
  220. Court records say sealed violation of probation
  221. Fraud under $5000
  222. Weird failed test, interlock in Colorado
  223. Can a convicted felon work in the medical field in Illinois
  224. Is it legal/ethical for a lawyer to help me go after an ex for various offenses?
  225. Restitution
  226. I had a drug case 10 yrs ago, can I still get my class A?
  227. Crb issues
  228. Probation violation on a 4th degree felony - deferred adjudication
  229. First Offender Cobb County GA
  230. Probation hearing
  231. Will I pass my EtG if I had drinks 65 hours ago?
  232. I was charged in ontario 5 yearstolen property
  233. Daughter pregnant by a 39 year old man.
  234. Violation Of Probation
  235. Violating parole.
  236. Section 8 housing
  237. Probation transfer from state to state
  238. Can I work as a healthcare administrator with a prior felony
  239. Theft from Emplyer under 5000
  240. Blew 0.26 on breathalizer because of cough meds and had to do EtG
  241. bought a stolen car
  242. Shoplifting, Theft under $5000.00
  243. Disorderly conduct
  244. Its my first offense, what will happen?
  245. Uae immigration blacklist check
  246. What is arrest charge 1343185
  247. Walmart employee spent my gift card balance...
  248. Motion to Adjudicate Guilt
  249. Theft under 5000 with an absolute discharge
  250. Stealing keys and driving someone's car with no licence