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  1. Adoption?.
  2. Looking for my biological father
  3. I want to find my real family
  4. How can I find out if my biological father is searching for me
  5. Adopting a 16 year old step child do I need biological fathers concent
  6. Would appriciate information about how to get adopted (family already found)
  7. Adopting a child in germany if the mother has full custody
  8. Can my daughters bio fathers rights be terminated against his will?
  9. Looking for biological father
  10. Should I Put My Child Up For Adoption?
  11. Abandoned act in the phils
  12. Friends sister wants to adopt me?
  13. My sisters kids were adopted out and now they recently have contacted me
  14. Looking for Brother
  15. Any hope?
  16. I feel like a burden to everyone.
  17. Do I have real siblings
  18. Adoption in south africa
  19. How do I know for sure if I'm adopted?
  20. Find my half sister
  21. My father was adopted and I would like to find his parents
  22. How do I find my birth parents?
  23. When can closed adoptions be opened
  24. How to go about adopting my 14 year old brother?
  25. Adopt my stepchild if the father won
  26. Born out of wedlock name changed later on
  27. Mother seeking child given up for adoption in 1986
  28. Help me find my sister
  29. Could I have been adopted?
  30. About adoption
  31. I need help finding my biological family (Karolyi)
  32. Help me find my adopted brother
  33. Find adopted grandparents
  34. How can I find my birth mom
  35. Find my parents
  36. Find my half brother
  37. Wanting To Find My Children's Birth Parents
  38. Want to find my grandparents--how do I start?
  39. Help to find friend's mother
  40. Adoption of Older Half Sister
  41. Searching for birthparents
  42. Think she's my "mother"
  43. I have no info on my parents
  44. My sons father died before he was born. Can my husband adopt?
  45. How do I find my biological parents without knowing any information on them, not even
  46. Am I adopted?
  47. Can my mom adopt my best friend?
  48. How would we go about putting our four year old up for adoption?
  49. I was adopted. How can I find my birth mom?
  50. Searching
  51. Should I keep my baby or put him up for adoption?
  52. How I can get myself adopted
  53. If my son is in prison for a sex offence can his ex girl friends husband adopt my son
  54. Confused and struggling--conflicting information
  55. Biological mother does not want contact
  56. If I gave my kids up for adoption, can I get them back?
  57. The address, phone number of the courthouse in morristown New Jersey
  58. I want my birth mother to adopt me--how?
  59. Closed adoption court record, can I view any information in it?
  60. I'm getting married, want my fiancÚ to legally adopt my daughter?
  61. How do I go about getting my husband to adopt my children from another father?
  62. How to obtain Closed Adoption Records in Camden, NJ
  63. I'm trying to help my girlfriend find her real parents..
  64. Me and my husband want to adopt a little girl
  65. Search adults that grew up in foster homes?
  66. I was adopted. Who is my father?
  67. How can I find out my birth parents
  68. Can my husband adopt my daughter?
  69. 18 Years Old -- How to get self adopted?
  70. How can I find my sister who was in a closed adoption
  71. How does my husband adopt my children
  72. I want to put myself up on adoption. Can anyone adopt me?
  73. Finding Birth Mother
  74. Need help finding my real parents?
  75. Am I adopted?
  76. How to find out information on a closed adoption?
  77. I want to find my birth mother
  78. Terminating grandparents' visitation after adoption?
  79. I'm menjia zhou. Born 22/12/74
  80. How can I find my adopted brother philippines?
  81. I am 18, a girl, and I need to be adopted! Can I ?
  82. Is it a bad thing to be afraid of your Adoptive parents ?
  83. Looking for person
  84. 28y back I adope a girl as a adopted girl now she claims my property
  85. How Can I Convince My Parent To Foster?
  86. Findind adopted brother in another country
  87. Finding my birth mother?
  88. Looking for my birth Daugther
  89. Looking for mother
  90. Can my best friends father adopt me?
  91. Why doesn't someone adopt me?
  92. Is there anything I can do?
  93. Trying to open closed 1973 adoption records in Michigan
  94. Tell daughter who her dad is?
  95. I'M Adopted How Do I Find My Birth Parents?
  96. Trying to find my daughters
  97. Trying to find my birth mother and or father
  98. When I die who will keep my children
  99. Q and A on the adoption process in NY?
  100. Closed Adoption Records?
  101. How does my partner adopt my daughter?
  102. Can I have my sons bio fathers parental rights taken away without his consent.
  103. How to open a sealed adoption record?
  104. Child name search in putative father registry
  105. Why don't people want to adopt teens?
  106. I recovered from my horrible foster parents but should I go back?
  107. Find my birthmother
  108. Can I adopt?
  109. Can my boyfriend adopt my daughter?
  110. Adoption in TN 1929
  111. How to find my birth parents
  112. Help please I really need this question answered ?
  113. What site do I find my adopted at she is 20 years old now
  114. I am wondering if I was adopted?
  115. Can my husband and I adopt?
  116. How can I find my biological grandparents if my father was adopted?
  117. I want be adopted?
  118. Adopted son
  119. I want to find my biological grandparents. But I don't know where to start
  120. Biological Father Search
  121. Finding my half brother?
  122. I want to find my real mother?
  123. Looking for aunt adopted in 1970s
  124. Closed adoption
  125. I don't have any idea who is my mother
  126. Infant Adoption Process In NYS
  127. How to find my grandparents?
  128. I'm 14 can I go to court to adopt?
  129. How do you reverse adoption
  130. My Boyfreind Wants Too Adopt My Daughter
  131. Can my boyfriend adopt my son?
  132. I want to be put up for adoption?
  133. Find my biological father?
  134. Closed Adoption, and bloodwork
  135. Closed Adoption Records?
  136. How can I find my birth child if there was a closed adobtion?
  137. I want to find my birthfather but I have no first or last name.
  138. Looking for my biological brother
  139. My brother was giving up for adoption at birth?
  140. Searching for Osborne Biological Siblings in Indiana
  141. LEGALLY adopted?
  142. Looking for Domonique
  143. Opening closed adoption records from 1960
  144. My twin sister was adopted out at birth is their anyone who can help?
  145. Can you split up faternal twins, is it right?
  146. Wanting to adopt
  147. Finding info about if the adoption was closed or open
  148. Looking for birthparents
  149. Adopting when the father won't acknowledge the child
  150. HELP! I think I am adopted!
  151. My sister what's to have a baby for me.
  152. Can someone help me to find my biological father
  153. Looking for my Niece?
  154. Am I adopted?
  155. How do I learn about my biological parents ?
  156. How can my husband adopt my daughter in a different state then the father?
  157. My mother threatened to put me up for adoption and I'm 16 years old
  158. Step parent Adoption
  159. Private adoption
  160. I don't know what to do anymore - meeting my biological parents?
  161. Help find my biological parent?
  162. Looking for daughter given up for adoption
  163. Opening Closed adoption records from 1927
  164. Looking for my father?
  165. How do I adopt my best friend to be my sister?
  166. How too find info on my mothers biological mother?
  167. Is Lorraine Melanie Cutler's birth family out there?
  168. How to adopt a child if other parent says no?
  169. Grandmother in adoption
  170. Looking for children
  171. Unsealing records
  172. How can I put myself up for adoption I'm 12 and I live in the Uk
  173. Looking for new parents to adopt my child
  174. How can I convince my guardians too put me up for adoption
  175. How to locate an absent parent with very little info to go by?
  176. How do I find my biological parents?
  177. Is anyone familiar with the area of Seoul, South Korea (specifically Yang-Cheon Gu)?
  178. How do I find my parents when I have no information on them and I have an adoptedname
  179. Adoption
  180. How can I be adopted
  181. How do I go about finding my birth parents when I have no names to go on?
  182. Closed adoption
  183. Willing to give our child for adoption
  184. Life kill's
  185. My husband wants to adopt my 8 year old son.
  186. Biological father's inheritance with no will in Ohio?
  187. Am I adopted?
  188. Finding my biogolical mother?
  189. How do I find my biological mother?
  190. Adoption.
  191. Adoption Story
  192. I gave up my parental rights do I have any chance to change that?
  193. How to find adopted children
  194. Closed adoption, some information, ideas! Help!
  195. My stepfather never adopted me. Is he still considered my stepfather?
  196. How can my partner adopt my child?
  197. Should I want to be adopted?
  198. Mother Adopted
  199. How to find out if you are adopted?
  200. Could I have my parental rights back
  201. How do I find my birthmother inga
  202. Removing both parents names from birth certificate?
  203. Can bio family sue for visitation?
  204. Signed adoption papers and now he is being abused
  205. Is there a site
  206. Looking for my sister who was born July 4th 1966 or 1967 in West Palm Beach, Florida
  207. How do I go about finding my older sister who was given up for adoption?
  208. I want to get adopted?
  209. Adoption-several question I need answered
  210. I want to get adopted
  211. How do I find the daughter I gave up 20 years ago?
  212. How can I found out if I am adopted?
  213. Filipinos living in Hawaii in 1959 that placed child for adoption
  214. Adoptee (through closed adoption) seeking birth parents... need help
  215. What age can I find my real parents?
  216. They put my adopted Fathers name on my new issued birth certificate is that legal?
  217. How can I be adopted?
  218. I want to find my real mom n dad
  219. Closed adoption (half brother)
  220. In a NYS Open Adoption, Birth parents want the baby back.
  221. Trying to find niece and nephews that were adopted out in1993 or 1994
  222. Find adopted sister?
  223. My brother has been trying to find his birth certificate for years.
  224. Adoption dilema
  225. Adopted without the daddy's consent.
  226. Step parent adoption
  227. I want to be adopted because I'm an a abused child what do I do?
  228. I want to get adopted?
  229. How do I go by adopting a child I know?
  230. A Question for Fr. Chuck
  231. Looking for birthmother
  232. How will I know if your american citizen if you're adopted by americans?
  233. Help me find my birth mom
  234. Can my step dad adopt me without biological aprents signature
  235. My husband was adopted.
  236. My Name Is Catherine
  237. Trying to locate an adopted child
  238. My daughter is 19 but my husband wants to adopt her.
  239. Is a mother seeking a boy born 7/19/70 giving up for adoption in Nebraska?
  240. My stepdaughter is 40, her mother is dead,I'm 65 we both want adoption
  241. Is there anyway to find about adoptions cases in the 90's
  242. Get info from a closed adoption
  243. Find my biological parents
  244. I'm adopted and I want to find the names of my birth parents, but not contact them?
  245. In Ne is it possible to get around finding a bio father, for my husband to adopt?
  246. I am trying to find my birth mother and father
  247. If my husband adopts my son, would my son have to take his last name?
  248. Can a stepparent adoption be undone after only a month
  249. Who is my real mother
  250. How do I find out who my bioligical parents are if I don't know anything about them?