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  1. Assault and battery
  2. Worst thing that can happen to me
  3. If u are charged an proven should u be allowed to live with kids
  4. Off probation but incarsirated on probation violation?
  5. Florida ignition interlock violation
  6. Dirty urine
  7. Child support
  8. Probation
  9. My husband has a MOTION TO PROCEED WITH ADJ OF GUILT what does that mean?
  10. Technical felony violation in Georgia
  11. Will I be criminally charged
  12. Can a form protect me if my roommate is prescribed a controlled substance?
  13. What will happen. my husband got arrested last week on parole violation
  14. Warrants
  15. Parole and pending investigation
  16. I'm desperate for help
  17. Felony probation violation
  18. Federal probation
  19. Does county time count if also doing state time?
  20. What can you get on a 3rd dui on house arrest
  21. I have warrents in ontario Alberta and Edmonton. How do I find out my exact charges
  22. True or false answers
  23. Permanent Resident with US Infraction
  24. Misdemeanor child abuse
  25. Probation
  26. True or false answers
  27. Caught stealing at work. What will happen?
  28. In arrears of my probation fines
  29. Do you know what type of urine test is given for tarrant county tx probation
  30. Probation
  31. Probation
  32. Probation violation
  33. Criminal Probation
  34. Need a new state ID
  35. Probation drug/alcohol tests
  36. How to get a prisoner moved from one prison to another if in danger
  37. Getting my ID
  38. Traveling probation
  39. Boyfriend was on felony probation, got violated with another felony
  40. Detainor:probation and parole
  41. Check charges
  42. Desperately need a job
  43. Failed first ua after being on papers for two years
  44. Can the Washington state department of corrections have jurisdiction in Florida state
  45. A minor charged with theft under 5000?
  46. Arrested and released misdemeanor drug possession Florida
  47. I'm on court montoring probation and have a PV can I ask to continue my case to get a
  48. Shoplifting on a military base
  49. State probation technical violation
  50. Violating probation jail time
  51. Alcohol testing
  52. False accusation
  53. Incriminating statement while under the influence of Fentanyl and Vicodin
  54. State assistance scam
  55. Military arrests pertaining to civilians
  56. Mo. State I.D.
  57. Theft under $5000, first offence. Lawyer or not?
  58. Fingerprinted, arrested record in Canada, no criminal record
  59. EtG hair test alcohol court probation
  60. Can a probation Officer threaten to take a child and put in foster care?
  61. Can I get hired with a First Offender
  62. Breaking and entering? In Suwanee, GA
  63. If you violate probation on a misdemeanor charge
  64. Concerned parent
  65. I violated my felony probation how much time I'm I looking at in Florida
  66. Federal inmate requesting a tranfer to new address
  67. Theft under 5000 (high value) first offence experience
  68. When charged with fraud, should I just plead guilty?
  69. I have no papers and I got caught
  70. Ghanna scammers
  71. What will happen to me for shoplifting
  72. Drug charges
  73. Theft Under $5,000 - First Offence, What Will Happen?
  74. Theft Under $5,000 - First Offence, What Will Happen?
  75. Misdemeanor in a different state
  76. Can I fight a failed UA if it was a non drug related crime
  77. Protective order
  78. Lab test
  79. Is it illegal in canada for an 18 year old and a 14 year old to have sex
  80. Lab test on alcohol
  81. Probation violation
  82. If a judge revokes your bond do you have to continue to pay on that bond?
  83. About Felon Jobseekers
  84. Statutory rape in ontario Canada
  85. 30+year juvenile grand theft
  86. Will my fingerprints on file show up if fingerprinted in nv
  87. Can a convicted felon obtain a career in administrative/clerical
  88. Attending party where people use marijuana
  89. Travel without permit
  90. Can I get time served?
  91. Parole officer refuses move.
  92. Excon with a firearm
  93. UN supervised probation
  94. Brother in trouble because of weed
  95. Need an OR ID
  96. Felons getting married while still on probation
  97. Convicted of statutory rape in North Carolina
  98. Annoyed
  99. Harassment
  100. How to report immigrants
  101. Urine alcohol screens
  102. My boyfriend got in trouble for violating probation, he's 17 we live in Virginia beach
  103. First failed drug test for alcohol
  104. Parole officer conflict of interest with my brother
  105. Restitution
  106. Escaped
  107. Multiple fraud charges
  108. How do I get dental and medical treatment while in court ordered class with the sting
  109. I was convicted in 1979 of theft under $200 249 (B) cc is this a summary conviction?
  110. What does rockdale Georgia probation drug test for?
  111. Can a person be deported after being in jail 23 years ago for selling drugs
  112. Been on probation 3 yrs 1 month to go and I fail drug test this is the first
  113. Will pure peppermint extract come up positive on an EtG test?
  114. How do I find out if restitution has been paid?
  115. Victim of a mystery shoppers scam
  116. How long does Illinois have to indict me from Indiana were I'm setting in jail
  117. Time served
  118. How long can a Prisoner be held in Federal Prison without being indicted ?
  119. Minor with a gun
  120. Probation
  121. Statute of limitations
  122. First time violation of probation
  123. Conflict of Interest? (Legal)
  124. My cousin was sentenced to 1 year in jail
  125. Violated probation, help!
  126. Criminal Code of Canada Section 334(b)
  127. What happens if I have a warrant in montreal and I live in edmonton now
  128. What to expect at court tomorrow
  129. Smart start in-hom monitoring device unit have an internal clock
  130. Will I violate my misdemeanor domestic violence probation by stealing?
  131. violation of probation
  132. Florida statute of limitations larceny
  133. Failure to pay child support
  134. Felony probation violation assault on a police officer class d felony
  135. Can an accused in USA be punished by Indian Police?
  136. Police harassment getting old, how to get them to stop.
  137. What is the outcome?
  138. What is the outcome of a 1st time violation?
  139. My husband was on paper
  140. Background check
  141. Tennessee laws and sentence for vop class a,and e felony .dui, and drug parap
  142. Theft under 5000, second offence.
  143. Caught Shoplifting - section 334(b) ccc Theft under $5000
  144. First offense for theft by taking 5,000 in Georgia
  145. Is fine paying for drunk and driving offence a criminal record?
  146. Gps
  147. Probation
  148. Employee theft under $1500
  149. First time felony probation violation? NYS
  150. In WA RCW 10.14.120 how much time allowed to bring back case dismiss w/out prejudice?
  151. Plea hearing
  152. Which theoretical framework I can use for Police - Community Relations Study?
  153. Showers
  154. How long can they hold you on a writ of bodily attachment for court costs
  155. Parole complaints
  156. What happen if you fail your first drug test
  157. I am on probation in Cleveland Ohio in violated
  158. If I got a citation while on probation will my probation officer come arrest me
  159. Multiple fraud charges
  160. Mississippi state laws on indictments for incarcerated person
  161. Probation laws
  162. Sex Offender Probation Violation in CT
  163. Live Scan What's automatic denial
  164. Registered sex offender
  165. Third violation of probation
  166. Probation violation
  167. First offender
  168. Why would a doctor in a workmens comp case try to get me to use my medicare insurance
  169. What happens Violating Felony probation with a misdeameanor?
  170. Resignation
  171. Am I allowed to see statement made by victim in crime and how do I request it?
  172. Privacy vs Cameras with sound, and video recording, without my permission.
  173. Fired from my job
  174. Is asking for a restitution hearing a bad idea?
  175. On supervised probation with three other charges pending, currently in prison
  176. How time in jail and time in prison calculate in California
  177. Ask true false questions
  178. Violation of probation
  179. What is the Statute of limitations in PA for drug charges
  180. Restitution
  181. Flying to US after diversion - issues?
  182. On unsupervised probation and got a new charge but still pending
  183. Traveling with a conditional discharge to the US
  184. Convictions canada
  185. Violation of Probation Failed Drug Test
  186. Obstruction of justice charge. What will likely happen?
  187. I feel I was wrongfully searched in Solano county cadoor
  188. Parole Violation in NJ
  189. How do I make sure a dwi arrest ( no conviction ) does not appear whe I do fingerprin
  190. Caught shoplifting
  191. Blackmail
  192. Does the state have to give me benefits for my kids if I am disabled?
  193. County to county transfer
  194. How much jail time will I receive if I violated my probation?
  195. Probation violation
  196. What do we do if we suspect corporate employer surveilance of home computer and email
  197. Help UA lab test
  198. Tpo needs dropped before trial family emergency
  199. Felony charge in New York
  200. I received demand for payment from US Dept of Justice collections
  201. Disorderly conduct 2 in one night
  202. My husband is a GYSGT I have a misdemeanor will his top secret clearance change?
  203. Probation violation
  204. Probation moving out of state nj
  205. Go back uae
  206. ETG testing in Palm Beach County, FL
  207. Pay pal fraud
  208. Drug test after pti?
  209. Sample letter for earlier from probation
  210. What does f-pcs 1st mean
  211. Underage sex?
  212. Do traffic tickets get expunged after you go to jail
  213. Can a Juv felony record stop me from joining the army
  214. Is it legal
  215. Third degree theft. How likely is it that I will receive jail time?
  216. In love with older man
  217. Shoplifting
  218. Trying to get an id with a warrant in il
  219. Does a warrant block stop you from getting a state ID or just a driver license
  220. Credit card misuse
  221. EtG test 40 hours
  222. Entering an hour
  223. Probation violation sentencing
  224. Clemency
  225. Felon in Tn working all over the US needs bonding to keep current employment
  226. EtG testing
  227. Can my dad press charges against my 19 year old boyfriend if the age consent is 16?
  228. Will I go to jail if I don't bring the money I'm supposed to?
  229. First offender pardon
  230. 892 days for parol violation would be how many days?
  231. Blondemaneyme
  232. What will happen?
  233. I owe 4100 dollars for probation and my probation is up can I go to jail I live in pa
  234. What kind of job can I get if I plead guilty to embezzelment
  235. Parole violations
  236. Miss use off drugs acttact possiones
  237. First degree attempted murder
  238. Can a father get custody if he violated his probation
  239. My son is a convicted felon,Washington state. His sentence was drug rehab 90 days and
  240. Ask questions for criminal law
  241. I have a probation in CA can I get a license in other state? Help!
  242. Felony Probation violation with a misdemeanor ! 100 percent innocent !
  243. Can I sue a bailbonds company?
  244. My daughter was charged with receiving stolen property.
  245. Parole officer doesn't return calls
  246. Does arrest show up on your background check
  247. Parole officer remove from making contact with parolee at his home what can I do
  248. How long can a person be incarcerated without being indicted
  249. Loss prevention
  250. violation of probation hearing pinellas county, Florida