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  1. White discharge
  2. Cold, Flu, Fever?
  3. Is it normal to pass out after you get 4 shots?
  4. How to teach a child to talk
  5. Lump found on 13 months old back on lower left skull Extremely worried.
  6. I'm 10 days late and took 3 pregnancy test all came negative could I still be pregnant
  7. Back pain, feeling feverish
  8. After taking emergency contraception 4 weeks ago, my period is late by a few days?
  9. Red dots on skin (itchy) age 19 not on face but on head also
  10. Give any insight here.extremely scared an
  11. Molluscum contagiousum
  12. Swollen Lymph Node in left side of the neck. Could this be a sign of Thyroid cancer?
  13. Yellow semen for two weeks. Never had sex. What could this mean?
  14. Just turned 16 when I had sex
  15. Why am I crying for no reason?
  16. Do you think it is natural for a 14 year old to have lots of hair on his leggs?
  17. Pea sized lump on penis
  18. Why trees and other things are running while we sitting in a moving bus?
  19. This is awkward... but..
  20. I have black discharge and I think is just started my period
  21. A Noise Piercing .
  22. White discharge throghout a day except periods
  23. Is it likely a 16 year old could have Brain Cancer? What age group does is likely?
  24. Could I be pregnant?
  25. I have a lot of problems with my penis I think
  26. How to remove a mark on forehead
  27. Puss filled bumps on scalp
  28. Is it bad to force a child to use nitrous oxide
  29. How can I cure my red meatus?
  30. Why does my child vomit over her food
  31. Toddler symptoms. Doctors passing it off.
  32. Is it possible I have FFI? Fatal familial insomnia?
  33. Confused about Pregnant?
  34. Operational Definition of television viewing causes changes in BMI among children.
  35. Early period a sign of pregnancy ?
  36. Toddler washroom
  37. A swelling on my daughters head reasons
  38. Bump on penis
  39. Is this something to worry about?
  40. Getting a bra
  41. I'm bleeding when I pee
  42. I haven't had my period in 3 months and I'm not pregnant
  43. I have a lump on the back of my lower head, it doesn't hurt. I'm worried though.
  44. Itchy throat and ears and stuffy nose and constant sneezing
  45. Girl problems
  46. Can you masturbate with fordcye spots ?
  47. Should I see a doctor for a sprained ankle?
  48. Weird sensations in head and ears
  49. Horifing halucinations that are extremely vivid
  50. When should I get a bra
  51. Pee?
  52. White blisters in mouth
  53. Is it normal for my 3 yr old to act bizarre since having her adnoids and tonsils 1 week
  54. Your opinion on whether I am pregnant
  55. Brown mucos like discharge/ bleeding
  56. 7 month baby portion sizes
  57. Is it good to smoke cigaretts instead of cutting?
  58. I haven't had my period yet and I have this discharge its white and is it good or bad
  59. Type you've taken tons of urine tests and they all came out negative.
  60. Could I be pregnant
  61. No signs of bleeding after morning after pill
  62. Irregular Periods
  63. I need a bra
  64. I'm 13, a virgin ,no period but for a couple of months I've had brown discharge.
  65. What stresses a liver in a 3 yr old
  66. I'm 12 and I haven't gotten my second period in 58 days!
  67. Sleep urine
  68. Young child masturbation-normal?
  69. Red and white dots on the head of penis after sex without condom
  70. Pink soft lump on foreskin
  71. How long before I can sleep my baby in a newly painted room
  72. Late peroid
  73. Crayons is harmful to health
  74. Abdominal Pain- 15 year Old female
  75. What should I do with a child's ear piercing gone wrong?
  76. 2 yr.old will NOT aswer questions
  77. Sore stomach after using antibioics
  78. I am 12 and I want to lose weight
  79. What does it mean when a 6 year old tells you their heart hurts
  80. Hi I am 10 and I'm too embarrassed to ask my mom to buy me a bra what should I say?
  81. Lump on the baby's neck, below the left ear
  82. Is safed musli
  83. If I bled while having sex am I a virgin?
  84. I have 3 year old son hi don't walk and don't talk
  85. Is it normal for stress to make you dizzy?
  86. Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  87. What makes my 16 year old grandson not talk to me
  88. Really sore stomach
  89. Sticky white stuff coming from my vagina
  90. Pubic hair
  91. What does it mean when your tongue ring turns green?
  92. What is the lump behind my daughters ear?
  93. Red skin around head of penis
  94. How to make my 14month old son gain weight
  95. My baby having rsv
  96. Cancer from a hickey?
  97. Too Much Peanut Butter?
  98. Red skin around head of penis
  99. Female puffy in between the leg's? What does that mean?
  100. Does caffeine REALLY stunt your growth?
  101. Congenital heart disease
  102. Ugh, I need to get rid of this fast!
  103. Red skin around head of penis.
  104. How am I alive with BAC of 1.09?
  105. I'm 11 years old and I shaved my pubic are and I didn't tell my mom what can I do about
  106. Teenager blacking out with slow heartrate and low bp, any ideas?
  107. Is 12 too young for boobs
  108. Can anyone help me?
  109. Sweaty Hands
  110. Swollen eyess and lips
  111. How to become fat
  112. My 11 month old had small lump on side of penis(uncircumsized)
  113. I'm going trough puberty an I'm 12 when will I need to shave
  114. When will he get taller?
  115. I need to lose weight off my legs
  116. My daughter is 14 and has had her period for 3 months straight . Is this normal ?
  117. 2 yr. Old boy holding food in the mouth
  118. Kid of three old not speaking
  119. Why does my child vomit during dinner time when she doesn't like what were having
  120. Can I be pregnant. I'm a teen please help
  121. Growth Rate !
  122. Sweets in Elementary School Parties
  123. Abnormall blood results with my 2 year old son
  124. No peroid
  125. Proper way to care for private area?
  126. Extreme Sadness and Then Happiness?
  127. Giving blood (iron levels)
  128. I need to no how much I should weigh
  129. 3 years old had foam at the mouth while sleeping. It was white and frothy.
  130. Ten year old wirh discharge in breast
  131. Why does my 13-year old daughter still pee in the bed?
  132. Is my baby underweight?
  133. Itching "down there"
  134. My period is late and I have brown disharge. What can that mean?
  135. My 2 year old son vomits when he is just on the brink of falling asleep.
  136. I have a small lumb on my bottom right earlobe, what could this mean?
  137. I had brown discharge for 3-4 days and then a periods for 2-3 days, is that normal?
  138. Baby's poop...
  139. Am I at a healthy weight because I'm 12 and worried about it
  140. Not being taken seriously by doctors or parents anymore.
  141. Can you become a virgin again
  142. My two and a half month old baby is congested and has bubbles in her saliva?
  143. There's a bump on my penis
  144. Sex with own minordaughter
  145. Menstrual Cycle
  146. Why does my daughter swim in her clothes
  147. I haven't had a period since the hpv vaccine
  148. Help With My OCD
  149. One of my boobs is A lot bigger than the other..
  150. My wife had two miscarriages. How to bear a child
  151. What does masturbation mean
  152. Swine Flu Shot?
  153. 17 days late for period
  154. Yellow dry virginia discharge
  155. So lost, in this world.I hate my life!
  156. How nagative thinking wiil effect during pregnancy
  157. What should I do
  158. I haven't had my period for 3 months
  159. Any one got any tips on how I can get my 3yr old out of nappies
  160. What can babies at 9 weeks old take for a chesty cough
  161. Can you get pregnant a week before your period?
  162. How to stay awake
  163. I have begun not to eat and avoid it when possible, I don't know what to do!
  164. 2 months baby coughing
  165. I get an orgasm with my teddy... Why?
  166. My daughter is 7and won't eat she can go a full day with out anything
  167. How can you check that you lost your virginity
  168. How do I tell my mum that I might be depressed
  169. Haven't had period in 2 months, 16 virgin
  170. Piercing the cartilage
  171. How to not get boners
  172. Hunch back
  173. I can't orgasm anymore
  174. Early period
  175. Scared about my body
  176. Puberty
  177. Np period in 3 months
  178. Pimples,pimples,pimples did I say pimples?
  179. Small lump on babies head
  180. Why does my child vomit during the night?
  181. Pubitery strikes my problem
  182. Breat cancer
  183. How can I become healthy without excircising?
  184. Sick 1 month old
  185. I have a Rash
  186. Can a high volume of blood loss stunt growth?
  187. Drinking too much water?
  188. It started with head shaking
  189. Hives or bites?
  190. My 7 year old swallowed a quarter.
  191. Breast feeding
  192. When will my body stop growth
  193. Milk and boobs
  194. Baby sitting
  195. Vaccines and Flu shot
  196. 4 yr old with vomiting and diarrhea
  197. Dangers of holding a child upside down
  198. Bad Biting Habit
  199. Concern for Nephew
  200. Blue at inner corner of eye and over bridge of nose 2month baby
  201. Is there pimples on your too
  202. I have boils that hurt so bad when I walk.
  203. My dad the alcoholic
  204. I have a round lump on my penis
  205. What's going on with me?
  206. Reaccuring strep throat
  207. Stuffy nose
  208. What is this?
  209. What are the bony protrusions on sides of my son's feet?
  210. How much tylenol and motrin
  211. Should we go back?
  212. Why do I always have to go to the bathroom?
  213. Confused about sexuality?
  214. Lose weight
  215. Grow taller
  216. Chils health
  217. Why is my 4 year old son complaining about his genital area?
  218. How do I lower my liver enzyme and cholesterol levels?
  219. Keep missing my period and getting it and then missing again
  220. Bumps on hands, between fingers and on buttocks
  221. Don't know what it is
  222. Cough and cold for 13 month old
  223. I am worried about my 2 year olds teeth
  224. Bumps on baby boy's penis
  225. Large nipple
  226. Plastic water bottles for boys
  227. Menstrual cycle?
  228. Little 'girly' irritations
  229. Walking on side of feet to loosen ankle muscles
  230. Is it an STD?
  231. Newborns- 3 years
  232. My mom is making me go to school when I feel sick as a dog!
  233. 10 year old boy with hot flashes
  234. I think I am pregnant but I am bleeding
  235. Copper orange menstrual blood
  236. Is this kind of bleeding normal?
  237. Is there something wrong with me?
  238. Help
  239. Menstrual period
  240. Bed wetting
  241. 3.5 year old Not Speak but only sings poems with 2 words
  242. Child menstruation
  243. I found a small brown dot on my scrotum. I'm 15, is this normal or bad?
  244. Is there something wrong?
  245. Rash followed by fever
  246. Child's and teen health
  247. 8 month baby having fever from 2 days
  248. Someone remind me
  249. Loose some pounds
  250. Hi I'm a first time mom