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  1. Breakup or not?
  2. My girlfriend doesn't want to talk to me
  3. What to do?
  4. My girlfriend brings up the past
  5. My aunt hate us.
  6. Relationship advice...
  7. Dating a married man
  8. Please pray for my relation!
  9. My past
  10. My boyfriend says I am rude.
  11. A Little Help?
  12. How to convince girlfriend
  13. How long until I can hang out with him?
  14. Friends
  15. Will I lose him now that I've told him the truth?
  16. Boyfriend invited friends along on our trip!
  17. Just looking for some advice and conversation.
  18. How do I regain trust in my boyfriend after his drug addiction?
  19. Is he controlling or is it just me? HELLPP!!
  20. I'm pregnant but my boyfriend wants me to get an abortion
  21. I can't stop thinking about my ex
  22. Respectful break up
  23. Dumped by my girlfriend at 44 years old
  24. I'm 14 and my boyfriend is 15 we have been together for a year and two months
  25. Why does it hurt so bad to love?
  26. Boyfriend troubles
  27. I've been with him 13 yrs, four kids, and now I'm his mistress.
  28. An old boyfriend has offered me a place to stay after 5yrs of being broken up
  29. I love him but he just wants fun
  30. Why did going on vacation make me feel less in love with my boyfriend?
  31. I called it quits... am I wrong for not wanting a life like this anymore?
  32. I love my best friend, she knows it but she says she's not interested, can I change?
  33. Guy flirts with you but has a girlfriend
  34. She broke up with me and I want her back
  35. My schizophrenic brother has always wanted to kill me-now he
  36. Why do I get so upset when my boyfriend leaves?
  37. Is my relationship healthy?
  38. Boyfriend
  39. How do I get a boy on stage to like me
  40. International love
  41. Been broken up with. Need help.
  42. Why is he mad?
  43. Boyfriend doesn't know if he has feelings?.
  44. Break up, after birth?
  45. How do I deal with this
  46. How can I get back with my ex girlfriend?
  47. Dream & boyfriend problems
  48. Why is he mad that I went on a date?
  49. Respect
  50. Ex still loves me but is with someone else
  51. Want my ex back but need help?
  52. I am lost
  53. My boyfriend died overdose
  54. How can I earn my boyfriend's trust?
  55. I betrayed him.. but I love him,only him?
  56. I loved him first!
  57. Convince to marry
  58. Am I being dumb to still want to be her friend again?
  59. Relationships Jealousy Insecurity and understanding
  60. How to get over your Boyfriend
  61. Not sure if its me?
  62. In love with a wrong girl? Am I being used? Please help
  63. Relationship
  64. Movie title... help ?
  65. Help! Boyfriend ignoring me!
  66. What in the world is wrong with my boyfriend?!
  67. I feel like my boyfriend is losing feelings
  68. Goodbye present for boyfriend
  69. BROKE on his birthday! Is this good enough?
  70. Skypeing and then meeting, advice?
  71. She says she can only be friends but wants to travel with me
  72. If a gorgous chick in GHANA wants money - Romance Scams, READ THIS
  73. Ex-husband met an attractive woman separated from her husband but living with him
  74. I fell in love with a girl who is already falling for her straight best friend.
  75. Relationship & trust/friends
  76. My boyfriend is talking to a girl I don't like
  77. How is a kiss supposed to feel
  78. Why does my boyfriend still keep pics of ex's on his everyday electronics like cell & laptop
  79. I love my girlfriend but I'm crazy about my best friend too, what to do?
  80. Relationship advice for a man in love with a married woman
  81. The "in-law" blues. How do I deal with it?
  82. My boyfriend was going to cheat on me but didn't. Can I trust him again?
  83. I don't know where my girlfriends heads at?
  84. Can't get over over my wife's past physical affair wth somebody else
  85. How can I persuade my girlfriend to show me more affection?
  86. How to convince parents for love marriage.
  87. Long distance dating
  88. I am not virgin. How to hide this on my wedding night?
  89. What do you do If your Boyfriend is mad/avoiding you?
  90. Advice about a relationship with my fiancÚ in prison?
  91. I like my friend and he likes me, but he has a girlfriend.
  92. Faithfulness?
  93. How do I get a girl that doesn't like me? (Friend Zone)
  94. I miss her
  95. He loves me? And his girlfriend?
  96. Stay or Go
  97. My girlfriend and I have split, is there still a chance we can get back?
  98. What should I do if my ex GF won't come back after being jerk to her, she has new BF 3
  99. My boyfriend watching porn..
  100. I want my ex girlfriend back
  101. I want to get my girlfriend back
  102. Untrustworthy boyfriend or paranoid?
  103. I think my boyfriend is bipolar? Help please.
  104. My best friend and I want to have sex, but we're both in a relationship.
  105. Someone please help e to get FULLY over my ex girlfriend!
  106. Does my boyfriend use me for SEX?
  107. Boyfriend of 5yrs
  108. Married and in love with a married man
  109. Y does my baby daddy lie to me about him being with his 1st babymother
  110. What do you do if your do sexual things with a friend
  111. Confused? (Girls opinions very welcome)
  112. My boyfriend of 2 years has gone back to his ex girlfriend
  113. Girl said she wants to move out
  114. My husband cheated when I'm on vacation
  115. Is he in love with me?
  116. Why does my ex messages me on Facebook?
  117. What's my boyfriend problem with his car?
  118. Should I tell a woman how I feel if she has a boyfriend?
  119. My boyfriend has a 3 gay friends is he down low or secretly gay?
  120. 3 days into NC so tough
  121. Is he scared?
  122. Should I ask her out?
  123. Have got a problem in love life.
  124. Is it normal
  125. Should I talk to him again?
  126. Where I work
  127. Should I break up with him?
  128. Boyfriend problems
  129. I'm falling for my friend's boyfriend. What should I do?
  130. Can I sue my ex partner for emotional abuse?
  131. Is 7 years with some one down the tubes?
  132. Girl friend broke up with me.
  133. How do I move on?
  134. How to seduce a straight older woman?
  135. Asking a girl out on Facebook
  136. Should I break up with my long time boyfriend
  137. He is so confusing!
  138. The guy I'm with likes me more than I like him...
  139. I'm insecure about my girlfriend
  140. He is so confusing!
  141. Second chance or was it bad enough already?
  142. Girlfriend lost feelings
  143. Years later & nothings changed
  144. Multiple affairs
  145. Confused??
  146. I really like this girl but she has a boyfriend. We kissed. What do I do?
  147. My boyfriend's cheating on me with his ex.
  148. My girlfriend doesn't know what to do?
  149. I pushed my boyfriend away. Is it ever too late to get him back?
  150. Boyfriend stealer? Or am I just jealous
  151. So heartbroken to the point where I cry everyday which is not good because am pregs
  152. Strict daddy issues!
  153. How to get her back?
  154. How do I talk to this guy? Is he worth my time?
  155. In love with a straight guy
  156. I don't have any answers
  157. My boyfriend is ignoring me and we didn't even have a fight?
  158. Is it wrong for a 20 year old girl to date a 16 year old boy
  159. I am 22 years old and never had a girlfriend. Please help.
  160. What do you think of this situation?
  161. Married with two kids but in love with my ex.
  162. Boyfriend Watching Porn In A Long Term Relationship.
  163. What should I do if he wants more, but I don't?
  164. I am having lots of troubles at home. I need advice.
  165. Age Dating Laws
  166. Should I contact my ex
  167. She says we need to talk after studying abroad.
  168. What should I do?
  169. Controlling parents trying to ruin our relationship.
  170. Weird relationship.. Lost?
  171. What do I need to do?
  172. Did I make the wrong decision?
  173. Is there something wrong with me?
  174. I caught my boyfriend looking at porn what should I do?
  175. Does he really like me?
  176. Not sure what love is anymore
  177. Do I stay with my boyfriend who cheated on me with his best friends ex?
  178. One night stands.
  179. Just a quick question
  180. Should I just completely break it off with my boyfriend for good?
  181. My boyfriend hardly wants sex, but says its not me. What could it be?
  182. Girlfriend wants a break, but doesn't want us to see other people.
  183. Does true love exist anymore?
  184. Lovestruck dilemma
  185. She has a boyfriend, but what's the deal?
  186. I'm in love with my best friend who thinks of me as his sister. What do I do?
  187. Married 23 yrs in love with my girlfriend.
  188. From hot sex to nothing?? Is he cheating?
  189. My boyfriend has asked me for space
  190. How to end a 3 year relationship?
  191. Why cant I get in the mood for sex?
  192. My boyfriend advised me to lose a few pounds, but he feels guilty
  193. Is my bfs ex trying to steal him from me?
  194. I don't trust her.
  195. I got played
  196. Should I dump him, or not?
  197. My ex and I still live together with our kids.
  198. My son's father has pulled away. I NEED HELP!
  199. What should I do when relationship has trust and personal issues?
  200. How to know if my boyfriend really wants a divorce?
  201. Help getting over an ex I still love
  202. A Virgin At 23
  203. Do my ex and I have a chance? Please help
  204. Why won't my 16 year old son talk to me any more?
  205. I begged my ex and don't know what to do now?
  206. One sided love.
  207. How do you tell your best friend you like her even though she has a boyfriend?
  208. Am I a fool?
  209. How do you tell a sensitive guy you aren't happy?
  210. Falling in love with the wrong person.
  211. I'm stumped
  212. Caught boyfriend sending inappropriate texts to another girl
  213. I have this obssession over my ex
  214. Jealous of boyfriends other child.
  215. My boyfriend addicted to hashish, I love him but he broke up with me.
  216. Need help getting out of the depression phase.
  217. What to do when you're in love with two brothers?
  218. My boyfriend won't give up his "lesbian" friend so I had to leave
  219. My girlfriend broke up and says she has moved on and she doesn't love me.
  220. She says she doesn't love me anymore.
  221. Why do I say things that annoy my boyfriend?
  222. My boyfriend cheated before and lied. What should I do?
  223. Is He Cheating?
  224. Girlfriend wants time to think?
  225. Ex wanted to get lunch and be friends... no contact after lunch?
  226. My 18 year old boyfriend promises he doesn't masturbate--should I believe him?
  227. Why don't I love my girlfriend anymore?
  228. Why is this guy hurting me so much? Please help
  229. What should I do when my girlfriend is proposed to someone else?
  230. Back together?
  231. Is it wrong to marry Muslim boy?
  232. Boyfriend troubles
  233. My ex thinks I lied to him how do I get his trust back?
  234. Nearly 2 years since break up and still not fully there!
  235. Love?
  236. Girlfriend not ready for physical relationship not even romance over video chat>>?
  237. What todo when due to miss understanding loose your boy friend
  238. Troubled
  239. Confused love situation
  240. We broke up and he's still in my mind
  241. What to do about my boyfriend?
  242. Should I contact him?
  243. How to deal with gay partners best friends
  244. I don't know how I feel about my boyfriend
  245. How to move on when my fiancÚ has another baby
  246. We both love each other but things don't work between us.
  247. Why won
  248. Who to like / family relationships
  249. How do I get my boyfriend to take me out and do more things with me?
  250. Finding an old friend in uk