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  1. How to get rid of boyfriend?
  2. I cant live without her
  3. Not so affectionate
  4. It's been six years and questioning...
  5. A girl says me that she loves me but at the same time she loves another person also
  6. What should I do
  7. My girlfriend wants a 2 week break WHAT DO I DO
  8. What to do when your ex says
  9. What does this mean,does he miss me or not?
  10. Does my friend like my boyfriend?
  11. Boyfriend Issue! Need Help!
  12. First Kiss
  13. Do I really know him
  14. This Girl is abviously trying to get me jelous
  15. Recently broke up with my boyfriend.
  16. My Ex has a new girl.
  17. To stay or leave relationship?
  18. Can I get her back? We have a 6 year old boy.
  19. What to do when the affection has gone?
  20. Thinking hard.
  21. I fell in love with a lesbian.
  22. It hurts to think that she's my ex girlfriend now.
  23. My boyfriend told my friend he likes her
  24. My ex boyfriend is back
  25. Want her back, but she wants to be friends.
  26. My boyfriend has feelings for another girl.
  27. Confused about a girl I'm not with (but am with someone else)
  28. I Need Help! I Love Too Much!!
  29. Not sure if he loves me
  30. Will he forgive me?
  31. Love or respect
  32. I told her I like her. Now she isn't ready?
  33. Jealousy
  34. Please just help me, tell me what to do.
  35. I want a Girlfriend
  36. Rough break up turned bad. NEED HELP!
  37. Do I wait?
  38. My ex cheated on me.
  39. How to get my boyfriend to forgive me.
  40. Does my ex still want me?
  41. My girlfriend holding back on her feelings toward me
  42. Affair with a married woman problem
  43. I want a boyfriend
  44. I think my mother is lying about who my real father is
  45. Online Chatting
  46. Love marriage
  47. Starting Problem due to communication
  48. Is it really over?
  49. Should I just get over him?
  50. Does my boyfriend want me to lose weight?
  51. My ex girlfriend wants space, does that mean to move on?
  52. How can I show her that I still like her? (Girls please answer)?
  53. My boyfriend is not telling me why he is mad at me,
  54. What's going on?
  55. Girlfriend doesn't want to be with me...
  56. Hurting and need advice
  57. Ask for help relationships
  58. Would she find it if I talked to her about it?
  59. New Relationship - Time Frame For Sex?
  60. Advice and strategies needed.
  61. Difficult communication
  62. I can't break up with my boyfriend
  63. Is this rebound Love?
  64. Why my boyfriend thinks I'm cheating on him
  65. Do I get over his negative comments or leave?
  66. Boyfriend Jealous of my Ex
  67. Ex Girlfriend severely ticked off and won't speak to me
  68. I need help with my relationship
  69. My girlfriend is boring with me, but comes alive with family.
  70. I want a solution to my problem - Islamic friends.
  71. Am in love with someone, but she has a boyfriend
  72. My girlfriend says we might break up... Please help!
  73. My girlfriend says we might break
  74. He won't hug me!!
  75. Depressed or mentally insane?
  76. What should I do? I'm a guy who loves another guy.
  77. Good gift for boyfriend?
  78. What can be done after so much has happened with us?
  79. Help, hurting
  80. Girl Problems
  81. Ex girlfriend?
  82. Emotional Long Distance Pain
  83. What should I get my boyfriend for a present?
  84. In love with ex after 3 years
  85. Why is my boyfriend scared?
  86. Arguing with Fiancé
  87. He Broke It Off After 8+ Years - Feel Lost
  88. Why lesbian people change toward straight girl?
  89. What if you found out your girlfriend is not a virgin?
  90. Girl says she is disturbed without any reason
  91. Confussed And Hurt
  92. What should I do when my boyfriend ignores me?
  93. I hurt my girlfriend's emotions...
  94. What's the difference between Love and In Love?
  95. Lack of trust... ending it or staying?
  96. Present for boyfriend
  97. In love...
  98. Girlfriend asking for space - Read others, just want to be sure
  99. Confusing breakup! Advice
  100. Is it wrong to ask your boyfriend if he had sex with his ex girlfriend before we met?
  101. How do I get over my ex boyfriend?
  102. My boyfriend keeps cheating.
  103. Just a wee bit of help...
  104. What to do if your boyfriend loves you but finds your body unattractive?
  105. My girlfriend broke up on me. Should I fight for my 6 year relationship back?
  106. My good friend and fiancé hate each other, can it work?
  107. I'm attracted to my housemate, what do I do?
  108. Sex with a friend- now what?
  109. Why is she doing this to me? Is she playing hard to get or not?
  110. Is my boyfriend gay?
  111. Should I go to her birthday party?
  112. Who can I reach to and talk to about this?
  113. Best friend trying to steal boyfriend
  114. How do I get her back?
  115. My best friend is going out with my ex boyfriend that I still like
  116. Advice required
  117. I cannot stand my boyfriend's insufferable (girl) friend.
  118. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years now, so will he ever propose?
  119. New crush, How to tell if its mutual?
  120. How can I prove to my boyfriend that I love him?
  121. Does my best friend miss me?
  122. I love my boyfriend and can't live without him
  123. Should I watch my back?
  124. Its hurting me.
  125. Should I break no contact to say happy birthday to my ex?
  126. My boyfriend is always working help!!
  127. My girlfriend dumped me 2 years back and now she calls me how should I behave?
  128. My boyfriend says he cant have sex with me?
  129. What should I do so he will trust me again?
  130. My boyfriend want to take a break because of school, but I'm confused!
  131. My boyfriend watches porn... they all do right? But this feels different
  132. Is my relationship set to fail?
  133. Is my relationship set to fail?
  134. Why is she ignoring me?
  135. How do I get this girl out of my mind?
  136. Is my relationship set to fail?
  137. I'm feeling alone... I need him as a friend but he's gone...
  138. My girlfriend is depressed.. a walking wreck.. and she has just broke up.
  139. Being presured into something..
  140. My ex doesn't remember me!
  141. Confused girlfriend
  142. Long Distance Relationship Help
  143. Minor Dating
  144. She wanted space...
  145. Is it wrong to ask my boyfriend to delete nude photos of old web cam friends
  146. How do I get my boyfriend back who needs a break from fighting?
  147. My girlfriend 'broke up' with me and I cannot describe the loneliness I am feeling.
  148. I'm gay and I've fallen for my friend who is straight
  149. I can't take living like this anymore
  150. Sex with my male friend
  151. Does she really want to break up with me?
  152. My boyfriend has a midlife crisis?
  153. Girl has no idea what she wants
  154. Why is he acting like this?
  155. Ex girlfriend is pregnant!
  156. My boyfriend doesn't talk to me like he use to.
  157. I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend last night. Help!
  158. What am I supposed to do?
  159. Ex2 system?
  160. Found a letter in our room from another girl.
  161. Cheating best friend.
  162. So depressed
  163. I don't know about him at all, can anyone please help me out?
  164. I'm in love with him, but I have a different boyfriend?
  165. Gf of 3 years cheated a year ago, and still talking to the guy.
  166. I think I'm starting to resent my boyfriend.
  167. Going nowhere relationship
  168. Where does it go from here? (quite long, but no other way of explaining this)
  169. I love this guy since college but now we are both in different universities.Now what?
  170. I'm watching my relationship fall apart.
  171. Why won't he propose?
  172. Ex - Girlfriend help
  173. I still love my ex
  174. What to do when your girlfriend breaks up with you?
  175. Girlfriend broke up with me after 3 years. I'm scared of her starting dating this guy
  176. My boy is not talking to me.
  177. She told me she has a boyfriend so...
  178. Should I forgive my Chinese girl friend?
  179. I don't know whether to contact my ex boyfriend?
  180. Problem getting friendly with someone I found on the internet.
  181. Said he wants a break
  182. Lost girlfriend and all my friends.
  183. Girlfriend says she needs space for a second time in the relationship
  184. In Need of Some Words of Wisdom
  185. I Hate My Partner
  186. Girlfriend troubles.
  187. Family (brother) being a pain in my relationship
  188. Boyfriend watches and masturbates to porn..
  189. Why doesn't she want me any longer?
  190. My girlfriend wants me to make her have sex with me but we've never had sex before
  191. I feel used and confused from ex- husband.
  192. Don't know what to do
  193. Very very confused!
  194. I love her but don't want to be with her?
  195. How to prove to my girlfriend that I truly love her
  196. My boyfriend has changed a lot!
  197. The girl who loves me also has another boyfriend
  198. Is she still interested
  199. How do I ever go on?
  200. How to get her back ? I still like her and don't want to lose her
  201. Finally confessing crush, now confused
  202. Girlfriend says she needs some time, has to focus on her kids etc.
  203. I broke her trust, she wants to leave me
  204. I think my husband likes my sister
  205. Am I Wrong?
  206. Did he love her, or was she a rebound?
  207. Did I lose my boyfriend?
  208. Bottled up emotions
  209. 3 year difference?
  210. Worth A 2nd Chance?
  211. I've been split with my girlfriend 3 months, but she comes to me for help.
  212. Can we fall in real love by just online chatting?
  213. Best friend's boyfriend?
  214. Love
  215. Do I still have a chance?
  216. My fiancée told me that she feels like its nearly over
  217. Soon-to-be mother wondering how soon-to-be father could ignore me at such a time
  218. Has feelings for me, but doesn't want to lose me...
  219. Girl says she likes me, but needs time.
  220. How can I not contact/stay away from my ex-boyfriend?
  221. He went back to his ex
  222. What can I do?
  223. My Girlfriend needs some time for herself
  224. Why won't he propose?
  225. How do I get my girlfriends trust?
  226. I cheated on my boyfriend & it gets complicated
  227. Do you think my girlfreinds cheating?
  228. My ex don't want nothing to do with me why? As its complicated
  229. Unstable mind
  230. How do I deal with this horrible feeling?
  231. Me and my ex, I'm male, I was the dumpee, I love her with all my heart
  232. He told me he want to have sex with me one day per week after marriage
  233. How will I come to know that my girlfriend also love me
  234. Women I need your advice!!
  235. Fiancé has fun with friends/family but not me..
  236. Dead sex life
  237. Why has my ex contacted me after ten months?
  238. How do I get over the feeling that my boyfriend has cheated on me?
  239. Relationship...
  240. Advice needed on ex boyfriend!
  241. Jealous or over protective
  242. I want her so bad..
  243. It's been 5 months and I can't seem to move on, what is wrong with me?
  244. Girlfriend told me she is moving out
  245. Can anyone help me understand?
  246. A messed up situation...
  247. Why does my baby mamma act mean to me?
  248. Can't tell if my 'boyfriend' is abusive or I'm being over dramatic. Please help!
  249. My boyfriend has a child to someone else and I don't like it and now I am pregnant!
  250. I love her but still I am unsure of what to do