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  1. If a = b, then a - c = b - c is it true or false
  2. I need to calculate the expected value of each row of an array! Do you know an algor
  3. Math Answers Ratios
  4. If you travel 156miles at 80mph but have a 30min layover how long will it take you?
  5. Pounds per sq. inch at 60 mph.
  6. Need help with physics 11 work. Please help.
  7. Physics help grade 11?
  8. Pounds per sq. inch
  9. Factorials by inductive definition
  10. Help me with this problem please.
  11. Please Check my science work!
  12. Math class
  13. Science questions grade 10
  14. Algebra II substitution problems?
  15. How will you know if the solution is saturated
  16. Calculate year ago sales from current sales and percent change
  17. Tempreture and precipitation of global biomes
  18. Physics--average speed
  19. Please ask me,at this reaction NiSO4 be converted to?
  20. Operations with functions
  21. Sequence and series
  22. When di anion disulphide tetra oxide will be oxidized,what material will be produce
  23. How many hunters need to be included in a survey
  24. Maths average speed formula?
  25. Solve the following system of equations and show all of your work.
  26. My homework
  27. SPSS analysis
  28. solve x=|1/2| |-5/2|
  29. Statistics help please!
  30. Help distance rate time problems?
  31. Solving business math problems?
  32. Physical science action and reaction
  33. 4cos theta 5sin theta=6
  34. Please answer my question in hydraulics
  35. Need help with math -- fractions.
  36. Cheating on a math exam
  37. You have 30 customers week 1, 55 week 2,and 80 week 3, what would you project for wee
  38. Hardest identity problem EVER!
  39. How to work sine
  40. Proving trigonometric identities?
  41. Indicated Values
  42. Please help with this word problem.
  43. What is the name of MnO4?
  44. Average speed and average velocity
  45. Solve by elimination?
  46. how do you prove that sinx/(1-c0sx) (1-cosx)/sinx=2cscx(1 c0sx)?
  47. Trigonometric identities
  48. if the square of a positve integer is added to 2 times the integer, the result is 120
  49. Clark Paints: The production department has been investigating possible ways to trim
  50. Stats homework problem -- percentage
  51. Please help round to hundredth
  52. Quadratic Equations
  53. When both variables are categorical, the t-test should be used for hypothesis test
  54. About Circuits (Clock signals)
  55. how do you find indicated values within a function?
  56. Pre-algebra
  57. Statistics and Probability
  58. Finding third force of equilibrium object
  59. finding the indicated value function?
  60. Solving time
  61. Solve the inequality: x 14 < -11
  62. Math word problems help
  63. Get instant free math word problem answers?
  64. 2/9 to the power of 2 over 5/3 to the pwer of 4?
  65. Solve by elimination, how do I solve this?
  66. A graduating high school seniors,14% said that their generation will be remembered for
  67. Canadian Income per Capita. In 2008, the mean income per capita measured in US$ was
  68. Statistics question please help!
  69. Word math problem
  70. Help working out a number sequence?
  71. Averaging fractions
  72. How do we find answer if 4 is 2/5 of the set
  73. determining the value of the gas constant, r, using Mg and a baby bottle
  74. determining the value of the gas constant, r, using Mg and a baby bottle
  75. How many yards in .12 mile?
  76. How to Calculate Deviation of Pump Performance from the Duty Point
  77. cos(x/5) find the period of the function?
  78. Order of operations
  79. Physics help
  80. How can the volume of a gas be measured in liters?
  81. No Y intercept
  82. Free Math Word Problems Answers?
  83. If 12 counters are 3/4 of a set, how many counters are there in a whole set?
  84. Math - algebra - help needed asap
  85. What is the probability that a random person from 400 will chose sharkies?
  86. What instructions could I give?
  87. How much help am I supposed to give?
  88. Find an equation of the line having the given slope and containing the given point m=
  89. what is the cost function c(x)7.8 9600 a=200,b=2000,c=5000
  90. Question about limit..
  91. Equations- addition
  92. Flip a coin and toss a 1-6 number cube. Probability of: (4 and tails)
  93. Word problem: swimming and acceleration
  94. Standard entropy
  95. Physics problem
  96. Are these polynomials irreducible over Z ?
  97. Trigonometry bearing word problems?
  98. Word problem to determine length of one side of a triangle.
  99. Word problem to determine square footage and price of carpet.
  100. Forensic Science Homework Help
  101. Milo bought pounds of red apples and pounds of green apples to make applesauce.
  102. Half -life
  103. A 0.25 kg rubber stopper attached to a 1.5 m string is moving in a circular path.
  104. Need help with statistics project?
  105. Math Probability HELP?
  106. Substitution method algebra?
  107. Pre-calculus
  108. Confidence Intervals
  109. Pre-cal question.
  110. Confidence Intervals
  111. Heat moving by convection will always rise upwards first.
  112. |1-a^2| / 5a > 3
  113. A sample of helium gas occupies 1445 mL at 721 mmHg. For a gas sample at constant te
  114. Are these polynomials irreducible over Z ?
  115. Are these polynomials irreducible over integers ?
  116. Statistics
  117. word problem quadratic equation?
  118. All about Physics
  119. Bungee jumper
  120. How is it possible to take DNA from one organism and express it in another?
  121. Have a significant r,
  122. 2/3+1 1/3*21/8
  123. Rate-time distance problems help?
  124. find the value of y for the indicated value of x?
  125. Physics question
  126. How do you subtract mixed number problems?
  127. I need help with my Statistics homework
  128. A person weighing 500 N climbs on a rope. What is the tension on the rope?
  129. What's the name of the ionic compound Cu (MnO4)2?
  130. Assuming a steady speed of 50 miles per hour,how long will it take to go 350 miles?
  131. From 6 biologists and 7 chemists a committee of 3 biologists and 3 chemists are to be
  132. If a land speed record car travels 5 miles in 73 seconds. Average speed? MPH
  133. In how many ways can 9 people be seated at a round table
  134. Ap chemistry labs Mole ratios copper and silver nitrate?
  135. Equation required for comparative greyhound times
  136. So, what are the odds that the third card dealt is an ace?
  137. Proof the equation (Boolean algebra)
  138. probability math
  139. rate x distance time problems mcdougal little?
  140. Point bi serial correlation coefficient
  141. What shows both endocrine and exocrine activity?
  142. Tension formulas?
  143. Optimization precalculus?
  144. How do I find the average speed
  145. The functions of the parts of poultry like the crop?
  146. Kinematics help?
  147. Questions about drawing Graphs..
  148. Word Problem: Create supply kits that include one package of colored pencils, one glu
  149. Statistics - portion of population above 1 standard deviation from the mean
  150. Standard deviation
  151. Homework is due moday evening, need help!
  152. probability practice work
  153. 2 sample test
  154. True or false
  155. Struggling with chemistry problems
  156. Need help with a problem involving the calculation of ammonia gas
  157. Sampling Distribution
  158. Probabililty
  159. How do I calculate the work done by applied force?
  160. Help understanding how to construct a nonlinear function
  161. I have a question about probabilities with dice rolls
  162. Need help with math homework for swim categories
  163. 4,5,13,40,104,
  164. Please help!
  165. Statistics homework question on probability, please help.
  166. I have a word problem involving lengths of rope
  167. What are some similarities between comets, asteroids, and meteors?
  168. How to find a vertical asymptote of denominator (2x^2-x-6)?
  169. Word problem involving dividing and multiplying fractions?
  170. Please help me solve this qustion
  171. Please help me solve this qustion
  172. Math homework problem.
  173. Analyze strategies.
  174. A company assumes that 0.5% of the paychecks for a month were calculated incorrectly.
  175. Answers of statistics of 10th
  176. I have a homework problem involving velocity
  177. Statistics
  178. 1 5/9x n for n=18
  179. Distributive property answers?
  180. verify the equation (1/secant)-tan=secant + tan
  181. probability z1
  182. Find car's velocity given the skid mark lengths and coefficient of friction
  183. Force and work
  184. Solve these three proofs?
  185. how to find the equation of a parabola
  186. Interior Angle relative to weight
  187. Finding the zeros of a polynomial function
  188. Statistics
  189. many equations
  190. Matrix Help
  191. Functions
  192. What is three times the number N less 1/2 the number M?
  193. 12=24(0.84)t
  194. College statistics
  195. Question about continuity of a function..
  196. How to convert ethyne to 3-hexene?
  197. Newton's laws of motions
  198. (nh4)3po4 ba(c2h3o2)
  199. Algebra 1-- 9th grade
  200. What people in there profession use mixed numbers 3 different sceniores
  201. How do doctors use the immune response to protect you from disease?
  202. Show an example how to solve problem rounding 5/6 to the nearest half inch
  203. Two trains leave a railway station at the same time - Geometry
  204. "Most of the functions use global data in java."
  205. If you put tin foil on a shoe box then glue on can lids can it make a solar oven?
  206. Don't understand it can someone show me how to transpose this please
  207. Need help in physical geology?
  208. equation of circle
  209. Please help! I have 2 questions I'm stuck on!
  210. Math homework word problem help needed.
  211. Chemistry Bronsted Lowry
  212. given the following function, find the indicated values?
  213. Having problem with physics coursework regarding magnetic flux density, I'm stuck
  214. How would I go about answering this homework question regarding reusable grocery bags
  215. Probability problem involving drawing a specific card from a deck
  216. Example graph of resistor versus current?
  217. Find the equation normal to y=e^(-x^2)
  218. how do you show that dT/dt=k(T-5)
  219. Help me please solve this
  220. Can you help us find out how to solve the problem ?
  221. How do I solve and graph y= cosx-1/2cos2x?
  222. Physical science homework question about work and force.
  223. Physical science homework question about work and joules.
  224. What happens to the reading on the scale when the elevator stops moving?
  225. I need this question answered, I'm not good with math, can anyone help?
  226. Production possibility frontier about deferred consumption?
  227. Math word problem
  228. what are the inputs and outputs of photosystem 1 and 2 (the sum of both, not each in
  229. What is the total amount of 17% out of 1,288 ?
  230. How do I solve this?
  231. Is there a website that helps with physical science?
  232. How do you find the perimeter of an isosceles triangle?
  233. Statistics help - 95% Confidence Interval
  234. Were those years outliers/
  235. Empirical formula
  236. Using scientific method
  237. sin x tan x /sin x = 1 sec
  238. How many atomic events are there in the joint probability distribution?Dealing 5-card
  239. I need help with average speed research
  240. Help with biology? Thanks.
  241. Help with maths word problems?
  242. I have a study question using Probability.
  243. What the conditional steatement of
  244. Math mixture problems?
  245. Question on gravitational law
  246. Probability and Statistics homework problem - help?
  247. Physics 101
  248. Standard deviation
  249. how to solve equation
  250. Probability