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  1. Hi, Help me please x
  2. Falling asleep in class
  3. Body acne
  4. Severe rash n five year ld
  5. How to get sick?
  6. I'm 13 but haven't started my period is there something wrong ? All my friends have sta
  7. Motrin-iibuprofen
  8. Bladder problems!
  9. Unprotected and worried
  10. Crying for no reason
  11. So stressed with the leaving cert!
  12. Thumb sucking preteen
  13. Hey I'm 13 year old boy and I have some flesh coloured fungus on my foreskin.
  14. When will my first period come?
  15. Will the scair be hidden if I get a tattoo over a cutters scair?
  16. Crying
  17. 4 week old son, eating too frequently and always straining.
  18. I have been feeling pain in my joints.
  19. Chronic Constipation
  20. How to go on a Hunger Strike without hurting Myself?
  21. Premaxillary fractures
  22. 2 year old boy at home very sick
  23. 15 years old and pregnant! HELP!
  24. Help?
  25. I just got brown discharge for the first time in 4 months . Is it my period ?
  26. Brown discharge no period
  27. I'm 13 and I haven't started my period yet . But I have brown dishcharge .
  28. How many weeks do I have to wait to take a pregnancy test?
  29. Bubble like surface inside lips of vagina
  30. HPT negative
  31. Please answer
  32. Please answer!
  33. My children's eye color and features. Please leave your input.
  34. Pinkish red discharges
  35. Need help!
  36. Should I be worried about this brown discharge?
  37. I have a speech disorder.
  38. Extreme Happiness and sadness, what's wrong?
  39. Is it me? Why won't he just ask?
  40. Am I fat.
  41. I am 15 and I haven't had a period for about a month and a half. Why is this?
  42. Is my daughter overweight?
  43. Confussed
  44. Brown discharge? My first period?
  45. Nappy rash remidies
  46. Slimey discahrge
  47. Why do I keep shaking?
  48. Could I be pregnant.
  49. Getting periods earlier than have expected
  50. What's going on?
  51. Please Help...
  52. Why do boys like to experiment or compare
  53. Red Bull side affects
  54. I have swollen red bumps on my foot what could it be
  55. Bullying
  56. My mum said she's going to buy me my first bra!
  57. Bleeding after Sex
  58. Knot in cheek
  59. How long does a swollen ankle take to heal?
  60. Music or Sinus?
  61. 1 year old don't wants to eat
  62. Why do I have a random blister on my leg?
  63. My 16 month old daughter has a fever, diarrhea and vomiting... Help!
  64. High temperature
  65. Help
  66. Dark green vomit, headache
  67. Severe depression and anxiety
  68. Hernia
  69. What is this!
  70. Help!
  71. Pregnancy at early age
  72. I can't tell if I'm pregnant or stressed.
  73. Is it common for a 10 year old to have cyst on her vagina?
  74. Masturbating unknown to family
  75. Could I have croup
  76. I'm young and I want to be pregnant. Is this normal?
  77. I haven't had my period in 3 months
  78. Help bedwetting!
  79. Am I pregnant?
  80. Is it weird for a 14year old boy to be a late bloomer, and masterbate every night?
  81. Bleeding a week after your period?
  82. Periods
  83. Greenish discharge
  84. What should I do?
  85. Could my elbow be broken?
  86. I am 16 I still don't have beard but I have some moustache.How can I get beard
  87. How long could a pause between the first day and rest of the period be?
  88. I am ten I have hard white stuff in underware.but mostly yellow.
  89. I randomly start crying for no reason and I don't know why
  90. I'm 15 & still I don't get my periods regularly... what 2 do?
  91. Brown period
  92. Should I get my 12 year old circumcised?
  93. What happens at a 15 year old check up at Advocare Main Line Pediatrics for a girl?
  94. I'm a 11 year old girl and there is sticky white stuff comeing out of my vagina
  95. I have trouble falling asleep. Is there anything wrong with me?
  96. I recently got the flu shot but is taken amoxicillin for my tooth can that hurt me
  97. Teen pregnancy
  98. My child is telling the individual phonic sound correctly .
  99. My 5 years old is confused in phonic sounds of alphabets
  100. Pimple that hurts on my penis I am 14?
  101. What's wrong with me? Sometimes I REALLY have to pee, but I can't.
  102. Is your second perioud after giving birth different then your first
  103. I don't know if my breast size is normal?
  104. Constipation
  105. Super Hernia and scared
  106. Depo, dangerous?
  107. New undies
  108. 28 Month old Vomiting and Diarrhea for 24 days
  109. Teen Masturbation
  110. Little itchy bumps on arm
  111. If you eat something that the baby doesn't like will you throw it back up?
  112. When will I grow more?
  113. Is it OK to kiss now?
  114. I have a 8 yr. Old who masturbates on the edge of his desk 6 to 8 times a day.
  115. Period 10 days late what should I do I used protection but I'm nly 17
  116. Are my breasts normal
  117. My baby has lumps on his softspot any 1 seen this before?
  118. I Can Barley Taste
  119. I need help with my septate hymen
  120. When do you think I'm going to have my baby
  121. Help !
  122. Having Irregular Periods
  123. My son is 3 and his willy is swollon and there is a hard lump ump
  124. Will I get any taller? I'm afraid I'm done growing! I'm almost 17, and about 97-100lb
  125. I had a bump on the lower part of my penis, what is it?
  126. I don't know what this is.
  127. Tiny red itchy bumps on my sons neck some on the back fand shoulder areas.
  128. My Panty Line Burns..
  129. Sweaty underarms.
  130. 3 year old punched by 7 year old cousin
  131. My seven year rubs his pennis
  132. Am I gaining muscle or fat?
  133. Chest burns what should I do?
  134. I'm 14 and my boobs sag!HELP
  135. Jerking off causes stunts growth and acne?
  136. I need help identifying bumps on my son's feet and legs
  137. I'm 14 years old and I think I'm pregnant someone help me? Am I ?
  138. How long does a growth spurt last
  139. My period is 16 days late
  140. What could be causing my 6 year old to masturbate at school?
  141. Accommodative esotropia
  142. Masturbation: Hurts when pee
  143. My period
  144. Do I have a sleeping disorder?
  145. 10 Year old Shakes her head...
  146. Having a huge urge to urniate during sex
  147. My daughter is 10 months old and she has a throat infection.
  148. What to feed 2 years to gain wait
  149. Is there something wrong with the bones in my left arm?
  150. Why is my period light after losing my virginity?
  151. Ear infections after tubes??
  152. What can you do to stop pain cramps that is caused by Precordial Catch Syndrome?
  153. Is there anything else besides antibiotics that can make depo ineffective
  154. Tubes in my 10 month olds ears
  155. My doughter doesn't poop normal
  156. I am 17 y/o and during my period I get these puss filled bumps around my vagina (nev
  157. Ear pericing
  158. Is this abnormal or normal for 13 year old boy?
  159. Please Help!
  160. What is this?
  161. Uncircumzied and urge to pee
  162. Why baby throws up and poops sametime
  163. Regarding my baby daughter
  164. Baby has a sore and puss under his penis
  165. My period is 10 days late, I have never had sex
  166. Cartilage piercing red and swollen?
  167. Can I get pregnant on the birth control shot
  168. I had sex 4 days ago. I should be getting my period today or tomorrow but I have an ir
  169. My period is late but I am, 12 ?
  170. What would happen if I ran away with my older boyfriend at 17 years old
  171. Is it bad if I have white, thick discharge EVERYDAY?
  172. My son has a swollen lower eyelid with a bump on the inside
  173. I just need someone to talk to...
  174. How long do I need to wait before I take a pregnancy test with irregular periods?
  175. I have many small pimples on my penis
  176. My period is brown and longer than normal
  177. I'm 14 and have not yet had my period
  178. Circumcision is it the best thing to have done
  179. Sore vagina
  180. Should we wait?
  181. Odd things going on w/ my period?
  182. Why my 8 year old daughter woke up w discoloration around her mouth?
  183. Why do I have big feet
  184. How to grow?
  185. Help me please
  186. 3 year old constipation
  187. I haven't had my period in two months
  188. Help.
  189. My cheek is swolen and I don't know why
  190. Discharge + periods.
  191. What do I have?? Please help??
  192. Why has my period been brown for the last 6 months?
  193. I need help !
  194. Period problems
  195. I cut myself not deep enough to shed blood,just to feel the pain and leave a scar.. why?
  196. Help!
  197. Why does dark chocolate make me dizzy?
  198. Bumps on my pennis
  199. Do I need a vaginal examination to get birth control?
  200. Hi, I recently went to the hospital because I had a period that lasted two weeks. I h
  201. Health problem with less than 3%ile weight
  202. Underwear for menstrual flow
  203. Want to be at a healthier weight
  204. Boys yeast infection
  205. How can I tell that I am pregnant if I feel having a period?
  206. Anxiety or stomach bug?
  207. My child is 7 but cannot speak well
  208. How do you get your tampon applicator to go in all the way
  209. Can I still have kids in the future if I get an abortion at 15 ?
  210. Very little period blood
  211. White discharge
  212. Cold, Flu, Fever?
  213. Is it normal to pass out after you get 4 shots?
  214. How to teach a child to talk
  215. Lump found on 13 months old back on lower left skull Extremely worried.
  216. I'm 10 days late and took 3 pregnancy test all came negative could I still be pregnant
  217. Back pain, feeling feverish
  218. After taking emergency contraception 4 weeks ago, my period is late by a few days?
  219. Red dots on skin (itchy) age 19 not on face but on head also
  220. Give any insight here.extremely scared an
  221. Molluscum contagiousum
  222. Swollen Lymph Node in left side of the neck. Could this be a sign of Thyroid cancer?
  223. Yellow semen for two weeks. Never had sex. What could this mean?
  224. Just turned 16 when I had sex
  225. Why am I crying for no reason?
  226. Do you think it is natural for a 14 year old to have lots of hair on his leggs?
  227. Pea sized lump on penis
  228. Why trees and other things are running while we sitting in a moving bus?
  229. This is awkward... but..
  230. I have black discharge and I think is just started my period
  231. A Noise Piercing .
  232. White discharge throghout a day except periods
  233. Is it likely a 16 year old could have Brain Cancer? What age group does is likely?
  234. Could I be pregnant?
  235. I have a lot of problems with my penis I think
  236. How to remove a mark on forehead
  237. Puss filled bumps on scalp
  238. Is it bad to force a child to use nitrous oxide
  239. How can I cure my red meatus?
  240. Why does my child vomit over her food
  241. Toddler symptoms. Doctors passing it off.
  242. Is it possible I have FFI? Fatal familial insomnia?
  243. Confused about Pregnant?
  244. Operational Definition of television viewing causes changes in BMI among children.
  245. Early period a sign of pregnancy ?
  246. Toddler washroom
  247. A swelling on my daughters head reasons
  248. Bump on penis
  249. Is this something to worry about?
  250. Getting a bra