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  1. First timer
  2. Theft over 5 thousand in canada ontario?
  3. Sealed felony-gun permit
  4. Addendum to time for probation violation?
  5. Is it a robbery if someone go into a store and run out with a case of beer than drop
  6. I got a ticket since I violated TPA
  7. Time counting on sentence for probation violation
  8. Can a convicted canadian felon go to mexico
  9. Worried
  10. Who was the first person in witness protection
  11. Traffic Ticket on Red Light Camera while Driving on Suspended License.. Jail time?
  12. Extradition from another state for a felony probation violation.
  13. Right to bear arms.
  14. 7 year background check on felony record or from release date
  15. Alabama how long before release hear from parole violation
  16. What happens in az when I fail on my interlock ignition
  17. Charged with theft and fraud under $5,000, will I be arrested?
  18. Probation violation in another state
  19. Statutory rape in Canada.
  20. violation of probation F1 means
  21. Canada. Stole from my company.
  22. Dui car seizures
  23. Can I get married to a Canadian girl with a felony record?
  24. Will adult expunged arrest record show up on an FBI fingerprint check?
  25. Medical records request
  26. First breach of probation, Ontario Canada
  27. Violation of probation for not reporting in on felony drug charge
  28. Violation of Probation
  29. Is probation violation considered another offense in the state of Michigan
  30. What could happen if you violate probation for the 1st time
  31. violation of probation
  32. I Need to Talk to a Solicitor Online Free Now
  33. How long
  34. First Violation of Probation grayson county
  35. Can juvenile records be used in court as an adult?
  36. Are you allowed to take your prescription drugs in VASAP
  37. First probation meeting drug test
  38. What happen if you face a felony probation violation
  39. Depositing large amount of cash
  40. I think I got caught stealing from my employer! HELP!
  41. Bail Bond Requirements
  42. Violation of probation
  43. If u had an offence 16years ago and u are a schedule 1 offender what jobs can u apply
  44. Right to a speedy trial
  45. I stole from work and haven't been caught yet HELP
  46. Please help what should I do?
  47. How long do juvenile convictions last in south australia
  48. Paroled to a different state
  49. Statute of limitations nova scotia for dwi
  50. Probation violation
  51. Please help -- probation violation
  52. Travel to mexico
  53. Bench warrant
  54. Nursing law in Illinois
  55. Can you help?
  56. How long can they keep you in jail in Georgia for violation of probation
  57. Which states have staue of limitations on background checks
  58. Are police officers suspose to harrass people
  59. Joint suspension and violated
  60. Mail in probation
  61. Alcohol
  62. Can my Juvenile Underage drinking charges be used against me as an 18yr old underage?
  63. I cant pay my probation off in time how long will I serve in jail
  64. Help me. College student with a state felony. What will happen next?
  65. Probation Violation - Drunk in Public Lycoming County PA
  66. Frist violater
  67. Punishment for violating probation due to violating a protective order.
  68. Accused of stealing
  69. What is the time I could serve for a probation violation.
  70. What are the rules for witness protection program
  71. Shoplifting
  72. Parole
  73. Inmate goes off agenda from prerelease center gets caught 12 hrs later is that escape
  74. Staute of limitations on federal drug charge
  75. If I was found not guilty for a charge
  76. How much time do you get for violation of parole
  77. Retail Recovery Services INC. and shoplifting
  78. Will my no-charges-filed assault 4 be on an FBI fingerprint background check?
  79. Theft under $5000 as a second offence, What are the consequences?
  80. Stealing
  81. Why do they arrest Domestic Violence victim?
  82. Bondable
  83. Broward County Flordia
  84. Shoplifting at Kohls... need help
  85. Ex felons, guns
  86. I had a few beers on Wednesday and had a random drug test Thursday
  87. My Pool Was Acid Washed
  88. Can probation be reinstated a second time with no new charge
  89. Stealing
  90. Probation violation
  91. Successful expungements/employment
  92. Employment with expungements
  93. I have a vop in Florida for an arrest for a misdeamenor charge
  94. Can you get charged for shopliffting if you are still in the store
  95. What is the punishment for violation of probation in camden, New Jersey
  96. How to pass EtG alcohol test in less than 24 hours
  97. Mother is sex offender can she see her children
  98. Early release from parole from okc.
  99. Wrongly Convicted Sex Offender
  100. Wondering...
  101. Jewelry theft
  102. Warrant for arrest.
  103. How to pass breath alizer test
  104. Felony
  105. Signing documents under duress
  106. Limitations on possession and intent to sell marijuana in Pennsylvania
  107. What is the Indiana State law on probation?
  108. Will I pass a urine test by EtG after 120 hours
  109. Probation vilation
  110. Pay stubs
  111. Youth record in BC, Canada
  112. Can you get probation for strong arm robbery
  113. To date my 16 year old girlfriend
  114. Stolen car
  115. Probation Questions
  116. Are convicted felons allowed to live with children that are not theirs?
  117. Changing PDs
  118. Louisiana probation violation
  119. Can a person ask for charge to be dismissed to the judge
  120. Can a person teach in Florida with grand theft charges
  121. Should I disclose a felony conviction from 9 years ago during as interview
  122. Not right
  123. At the wrong place at the wrong time
  124. Extradition question
  125. How to get Search Warrant in Ontario, Canada
  126. Accused of fraud And I am innocent
  127. I was caught shoplifting under $5,000. Do we need a criminal lawyer?
  128. Adult diversion program in canada
  129. Probation violation and new charges with sealed records
  130. Can he reopen a case that has been dismissed
  131. violation felony probation with bogus charges
  132. Will the Ohio bmv notify the probation officer
  133. On parole and probation and I got 2 citations
  134. Failed 1st drug test
  135. Georgia probation laws
  136. Fraudulent check
  137. Sibling rape
  138. Wrote Check on Closed Account
  139. Theft from Employer under $5000.00
  140. Lying to the police
  141. Will my withdrawn charge of possession show up at the US/Canada border?
  142. Criminal restitution
  143. Financial institutional background checks
  144. Will Juvenile expunged records show up on an FBI fingerprint check?
  145. I want to tranfer my us probation/supervised release from district of Arizona to dist
  146. Is it possible to be put back on probation if you break probation
  147. Help I Failed My Last Drug Test
  148. Louisiana parole violations
  149. What happens to first dwi offenders
  150. What is on my criminal record
  151. Need to know if a crime has been committed?
  152. Retail theft
  153. Can she live with her mom
  154. Legal punishment for holding fake identity passport?
  155. Theft by friend in your home british columbia
  156. Assault charges
  157. Arrested and given summons for court but found out I have no record
  158. Shoplift from Walmart didn't stop us before leaving but our photos wre seen @local station
  159. If they give u a ticket and arrested, while on probation
  160. 4th violation of probation what happen next?
  161. I drank 3 mixed drinks and 2 twisted teas on Monday. Can I pass an EtG test on thursd
  162. Fishing without a license in Arizona
  163. Adult probation
  164. False imformation to police
  165. Can I sue for libel using legal aid and Negligent Misstatement
  166. Charges pending
  167. How much time of first probation violation charge?
  168. My friend is in juvi we are both 17 can I call andget information to write to him?
  169. Arrest record shows up? Please help me!
  170. Arrest warrant
  171. Theft
  172. Return of bond
  173. Probation transfer
  174. Retail theft
  175. Family member pick up charges on credit card misuse
  176. Sentencing for a first time felony
  177. Need some answers
  178. Will I pass my urinalysis?
  179. What constitutes a nj probation violation
  180. If I have tresspass to property it can be affected in police clearance
  181. In the state of Indiana can a business demand a post dated check
  182. State magistrate court Chain of Command Chart
  183. Probation
  184. The say I was selling drugs but I never seen a warrant and I haven't been indicted
  185. If a tenant receiving welfare is in jail for long time what can a landlord do
  186. California extradite from virginia
  187. Could I be arrested
  188. Misdemeanor
  189. Employment and Expunged Record on background check
  190. Landlords daughter harassing my senior citzen mother and myself
  191. Protecting evidence
  192. Theft Under 5000 Alberta
  193. If I'm on probation can I transfer with no family members
  194. Dwight, violating parole
  195. Theft Under 5000, First Offence, Criminal Summons - (Walmart - Ontario, CA)
  196. Can a person be arrested on a crime that was expunged
  197. I am 32 year old I get charged theft under 5000 and possion of stolen preoprt
  198. A movie about two lawyers that try to prove a man's innocence
  199. 18 yr old petty theft before boot camp what are the most likely sentences?
  200. Will I get jail time if I show up to court for violating my work release program?
  201. If I have a warrant in another state what do I do
  202. Husbands probation officer
  203. How hard is it to get a Class H Felony dropped to a Misdemeanor
  204. What Does it mean if I was never convicted?
  205. Statutes of limitations for theft in canada
  206. Pending felony charge in North Dakota.
  207. Parole on second time dirty urine
  208. Unsupervised probation
  209. Fingerprinted, but NOT CHARGED. What will the border guards see?
  210. If I have a warrant for not going to court and go to the dmv to get a driver license
  211. Making an appeal criminal conviction
  212. Accused of stealing!!
  213. Parole question
  214. What statue limitations employee background ckeck for Wisconsin
  215. How do I transfer my formal probation from California to Colorado
  216. Transfer probation from n.y to n.carolina
  217. First Offender Sentence and Background Check
  218. Can we move?
  219. Penalty/charge first arrest on 3rd degree theft, fraulent use of credit card
  220. Violation of Probation after it's supposed to be over?
  221. Retail theft
  222. How long is it transfer probation from ny to pa?
  223. Typical jail time sentenced for probation violation
  224. Typical jail time sentenced for probation violation
  225. Early release
  226. Probation Officer lifting a hold?
  227. Question about police call
  228. Probation anf medication in Virginia
  229. What classifies as misdemeanor class 1 in Georgia
  230. Utilizing Beccaria
  231. Prison?
  232. What is the penalty on being caught for theft under $5000?
  233. Bailiff called
  234. My husband violated his probation
  235. /criminal-law/early-termination-probation-state-indiana
  236. What is the maximum jail time for probation violation in tn
  237. Probation Questions
  238. How do you report underage dating
  239. Travel warrant
  240. First Violation of Probation/ drug problem
  241. How long does it take to get alcohol out of your system for felony probation
  242. I wrote a check to an individual who demanded 2000.00 while we were gambling had
  243. What happens to victims of assault charges that live on the same property
  244. Need help
  245. Is there a Statute of Limitations on charging someone with child molestation?
  246. Theft Over $5000
  247. $150 theft in Texas
  248. Has that new law been passed about sex offenders and their children?
  249. Probation
  250. violation of probation rights in Idaho