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  1. Looking for movies in mid 90's?
  2. Cave horror films?
  3. Need a name of a old movie it had some teens that changed into monsters one had 3 eye
  4. Truck with grappling hook
  5. Find a movie title by question?
  6. How to find movies without knowing the title?
  7. Looking for the title to a movie!
  8. Men in woods wolves and a casket- what movie is it?
  9. A movie I saw years ago only thing I remember is a car being chased lorry
  10. Movie jewish dance
  11. A Stephan Baldwin Movie
  12. Dying to remember this movie from early 90's or late 80's! Please help?
  13. Finding movies by description?
  14. Movie's name
  15. I have a scenes from a film but I can not remember the name?
  16. Talking dog christian children's movie
  17. Couple gets in car wreck and are tortured in vineyard after seeking help?
  18. An 80s animated movie about the forest and a fire?
  19. Anime cgi movie
  20. Fairy tale thriller
  21. Find a films name?
  22. Movie name?
  23. Alien probe movie
  24. Find a black and white movie?
  25. Movie about a bot who grows up with shark
  26. Help me find a film name?
  27. 80s kids fantasy movie
  28. Find a movie by description?
  29. Identify this old movie
  30. Amphibious Man Clone or Remake?
  31. Old murder movie
  32. Can you help me name this film?
  33. 70'-80' s martial art movie with blind woman
  34. Find out the title of a old movie...
  35. Movie search by description?
  36. ?what's the name of thie movie
  37. What is the music plyed throughout "Isle Of Missing Men" 1942?
  38. Find movie by description?
  39. Sci fi / Fantasy movie
  40. Softcore movie
  41. A holocaust movie
  42. Unknown title of movie, with description of some of the storyline
  43. Movie that came out on lifetime in late 1990's where this married couple living in
  44. I forgot this movie?
  45. Once I saw a movie the hero went to meet the head of gang , the head showed him a toy
  46. 70s 80s 90s CARTOON MOVIE about animal Friends?
  47. ?I need help!
  48. Ask movie expert?
  49. 1950's-1960's B/W movie, witch on a bus, then crashes into lake or river
  50. Movie Expert
  51. Plain clothes women
  52. Help! Need help with find this movie
  53. Can't remember this movie...
  54. Help, awnser to cinmax movie question.
  55. Help finding a movie
  56. What movie is this? Christian kids show/movie, main character is a puppet
  57. Help find a movie by description?
  58. Horror flim
  59. Horror flim
  60. A girl is taken and killed?
  61. What is this movie?
  62. I'm trying to figure out an old mid to late 70's movie where a little girl is dying.
  63. Looking for title of movie watched many years ago.
  64. I need a movie title
  65. Need help figuring out the name of a movie; I think it's from the 90's
  66. A disfigured man befriends young girl.
  67. What's this movie?
  68. Looking for an older movie, probably from 1980 or 1990?
  69. Looking for a movie
  70. Movies from the late 80s?
  71. Looking for Name of Movie
  72. Ask the movie expert?
  73. Cinemax After Dark Movie Name
  74. Late 80's early 90's movie
  75. Super-obscure children's movie? Does anyone know what this is?
  76. Looking for the title of a movie
  77. An old film from the 90's about high school kids
  78. What is the name of this 1980's movie?
  79. Lg TV movie not working after watching a movie
  80. Short subjects
  81. Title of old black & white movie could be 40's or 50's
  82. A film with 3 people on a ski lift
  83. Dead man walking because of music?
  84. Coral Reef Legend Elfie Of The Blue Sea subs
  85. Its an angeleina jolie movie
  86. I need to know the name of this movie
  87. Help me find this film
  88. I need help finding this movie?
  89. Name of film
  90. 80's - 90's Underwater animated movie
  91. What movie is this? Christian kids show/movie, main character is a puppet
  92. Find old movies by description?
  93. Do you know this film?
  94. Bad boy turning good
  95. What is the most mind-blowing movie you have ever seen?
  96. What are some good movies?
  97. Looking for a thriller movie about a radio DJ.
  98. I need help finding this movie.
  99. Searching for a movie where a Real boy gets a car and with it travels into a cartoon
  100. Old secret agent movie
  101. Film about death in a bathtub filled with acid
  102. Find a movie by description?
  103. Need help finding a movie title?
  104. Which movie is small pieces of aliens' spaceship were being carried by train ?
  105. Help me find name of a movie?
  106. I forgot this movie title
  107. Trying to find a film?
  108. Movies about angels from the 90s?
  109. Old movie a man creates a robot son?
  110. What is this movie title?
  111. Need help with a name of a movie
  112. Animated movie
  113. 80's war movie
  114. About a Relic
  115. ?Deranged--this is the title
  116. Descriptive search for TV movies?
  117. Fairy movie with real people name please?
  118. Movie About a Mirror?
  119. The name of an 80s/90s Sci-Fi movie with a blatant R2-D2 rip-off
  120. 80's or 90's Tv - series/Movie with a Superhero in a shinny blue cape
  121. Help me please it's bugging me lol
  122. Aliens on earth in the winter
  123. I remember watching an ancient fairy film in colour prob from 60s
  124. What is this movie title?
  125. I Can't Remember the Name of a Movie?
  126. I only remember the end of the movie
  127. Can anyone help find the name of the movie with the following scenes?
  128. Trying to find the name of a anime movie?
  129. What's the name of the movie?
  130. Help me find name of a movie?
  131. What is the title for the anime movie with this description.
  132. What is the name of this movie? From the 80's/90's
  133. Help me find this movie please
  134. Please help - trying to find title of this TV movie
  135. What's this movie called?
  136. World war 2 movie
  137. Ask a question about a movie
  138. British TV series (70's)
  139. I need the title of a movie
  140. Can't remember the name of a movie
  141. Movie Title?
  142. 80's or 90's movie
  143. Animated penguin movie?
  144. Another movie I cant remember
  145. Does anyone remember the name of this movie?
  146. Trying to find a film?
  147. Ask black humor movie expert?
  148. Looking for a movie title
  149. Children fantasy movie from the eighties
  150. What's that film called?
  151. Find old movies by description?
  152. Care Bears movie from 90's
  153. Animated movie form the 90's...
  154. Find movies by description?
  155. Animated japanese
  156. Can't remember this movie title...
  157. 90s robot movie
  158. I'm trying to remember the name of a western film I watched when I was younger.
  159. Movie, can't remember the name - please help!
  160. Looking for a late 80s possibly 90s mo i.e.
  161. I think it's an after dark cinemax movie made between 1988 and 1991. Where a girl dj
  162. Can anyone help me figure out what movie this was?
  163. Help with a movie title
  164. Tryning to find a movie
  165. Find movies by description?
  166. Movie description finder?
  167. Looking for a late night movie title from hbo/cinemax
  168. Help me find the name of an old science fiction movie.
  169. Cinemax movie a guy having sex with a girl in the bathroom?
  170. Search movies by description?
  171. Kid Vampire movie
  172. Help me to name the film please!
  173. JFK Assassination
  174. I want to find out the name of the film
  175. I saw an old (30,40s,50s) movie, I think black and white...
  176. How do you think Women are perceived in Modern Day American Romantic Comedies?
  177. Find a movie about an old opera composer
  178. What movie? One of the golfers cheats on the last hole to win girl.
  179. Movie from the 60's
  180. 80's movie on HBO
  181. Find a movie title by description?
  182. Military scientist captue a black cloud in deserted town
  183. What's the name of this movie?
  184. British Murder Mystery with Cloaks?
  185. Movie search by description?
  186. Escaped killer
  187. I am looking for a TV or movie title.
  188. Find a movie by description?
  189. Any one please I need help
  190. What is this movie? Its driving me crazy!
  191. Romantic french movie about a man that packs peoples memorys away
  192. I'm looking for the brady bunch movie about bobby brady has a race car accident.
  193. What's that movie when 2 golfers have a bet, with the girlfriend being the payoff?
  194. Trying to find 1960s musical
  195. Can't remember movie title
  196. Cartoon movie with trolls?
  197. Black and white movie title
  198. Kids movie about tree frogs?
  199. 80s movie set in a small desert town
  200. Old uk movie how to find title?
  201. Ask a movie expert?
  202. I Watched a Horror movie a few weeks ago about a boy with problems at home and school
  203. Ask a movie expert?
  204. Does anyone knows the film?
  205. Find old movies by description?
  206. What is the name of this film
  207. Have no clue what this movie is
  208. Looking for a movies title from my childhood.
  209. Late 80's horror movie?
  210. Title of a T.V Movie?
  211. Finding a movie with description
  212. How to find a movie by description?
  213. 80's movie about a kid angel
  214. Movie description finder?
  215. How can I find out the name of an old movie I watched?
  216. Vietnam War Movie
  217. Movie experts?
  218. Movie experts - What is the movie I saw playing on a TV at a club a while back?
  219. Black and White Sci Fi 1962-1967
  220. Movie experts?
  221. I am looking for a movie where they have a wake or funeral before the person dies
  222. 80S Punk Girl Movie
  223. Looking for a 90s HBO Late night movie
  224. Are these a Saga?
  225. Teen cancer movies?
  226. I forgot the name of a MOVIE!
  227. Find this movie title?
  228. 80's movies about races and revange?
  229. A woman inherits her crazy friend/mother/aunts wilderness home and retreat.
  230. Name of Movie
  231. Movie about password that has to be entered each day
  232. Disaster movie
  233. Ask about movie?
  234. About Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes
  235. Find a old movie title?
  236. Looking for a movie about kid or guy who travels back in time and meets his grandpa
  237. Movie about a boy who pushes a girl's friends down stairs and she pushes him
  238. It' about a little boy, a single mother and he goes to the theater almost everyday an
  239. I wathwhat's that film called?
  240. Older movie, only saw part of it
  241. Help me find a movie by description?
  242. Find a movie title?
  243. Searching for title of an Old Movie
  244. Find movies by describing it?
  245. Can't remember the title
  246. Cross with jesus blood and barries
  247. Trying to recall a movie
  248. What's the movie called?
  249. Movie title
  250. Where can I download haute tension the movie for free