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  1. Travel to British Isle
  2. Expunged juvenile show in fbi database
  3. How much would a shoplifting ticket for a minor be?
  4. Convicted felon trying to go to college
  5. Help! I'm being blackmailed
  6. How long does law enforcement have to charge someone for possession?
  7. Need an answer
  8. If a 18 yr old touches a 14yr girl but does not have sex, is it still consider rape
  9. Convicted of buglary
  10. If someone forges your name what can I do
  11. Can you be arrested when charged with fraud
  12. Shoplifting
  13. Cab / revenue
  14. Can a rape sentence dropped if it is in doubt a year later?
  15. Probation Violation and the sentence
  16. HIt and Run
  17. Can I be convicted of a dui charge
  18. Do I need to disclose my conviction of a "prayer for Judgment" for the nclex in Ohio
  19. Fraudulant Checks Written...
  20. Violation of probation
  21. How long do the feds have to come and get you from a county jail after being convicte
  22. Please help
  23. Parole Violation
  24. Appealing to civil court to get license back after 2 DUIs
  25. Do I have a felony?
  26. I have to see my probation officer in 3 days for dui in orlando Florida
  27. Filing a Criminal Complaint against someone without probable cause??
  28. How much time in jail do you get for B&E in Mississippi
  29. Law Enforcement Potential
  30. Felons and hunting
  31. Felon travel rights
  32. Backing up car accident fault
  33. My ex husband is accusing me of stealing his S. S. Number from three years ago.
  34. Illegal ex leaves for Mexico with kids?
  35. Is it possible to get assigned to a new Parole Officer in the State of Tennessee?
  36. Caught shoplifting at Zellers in Manitoba
  37. Checks
  38. Probation violation
  39. Driving on revoked
  40. Traveling without permission on parole
  41. How do they prove that my wife and are separated food stamps
  42. Can wife commit fraud on credit cards without permission?
  43. Is it a misdemeanor or felony?
  44. Needing advice in MN
  45. Drug Tests PTI program
  46. How can I obtain legal representation?
  47. In Michigan can the wife get a copy of the discovery package
  48. Interlock device Texas
  49. Auto repossession/fraud on loan application
  50. Guns and Felons
  51. Live scan background check
  52. Will OAS charge violate my DUI probaTION?
  53. Probation violations
  54. Traveling with theft under $5000
  55. Shoplifting and Citizenship in Canada
  56. How long does it take to get approval for early release of parole
  57. Statute of limitation of single marijuana use
  58. Misdemeanor probation
  59. Felony probation
  60. Shoplifting help/advice.
  61. 1st time felony law
  62. violations of probations
  63. Baby daddy a sex offender
  64. List of Trucking Companies hiring felons with felon less then 5 years
  65. How much time in jail for a violation of probation
  66. Can I sue a bouncer for fracturing my arm
  67. Can a store press shoplifting charges for past videos?
  68. Can I be convicted of dui case with out any fax or evidence
  69. Can I get a security job when got caught for stealing for my second time
  70. I need help with my huband we have a prejuduce judge
  71. Minor theft under 5000 Alberta Canada.
  72. What will the penalty be for a juvenile who has stolen an item over $300?
  73. Conditional Discharge in Canada in 2007
  74. Needed information
  75. Shoplifting by mistake
  76. Theft under 5000 second offence
  77. I'm a painter and inhale paint/solvent fumes regularly. Will I fail an EtG test?
  78. Why does no criminal record show up after a person has convictions?
  79. Can a person convicted of child abuse and neglect get any type of custody?
  80. Can I get my verbally abusive husband charged
  81. UAE Dubai fraud or unpaid?
  82. Can I take someone to court for slander?
  83. Where's the Justice?
  84. Talk to a solicitor online for free
  85. How much jail time for violating probation with theft by taking
  86. Can I become a paralegal if I have a misdemeanor
  87. I was suppose to do my hours. I still have time but wonderment how I'm suppose action
  88. Probation transfer
  89. Sex with minor
  90. Felony probation violation for under the influence
  91. Capias warrant in another state
  92. Can I become a parole officer if I have a domestic violence
  93. Defendant is being harassed by so called witnesses
  94. Fraud from an employer
  95. Can I get released from probation early?
  96. Is it possible that I get reinstated?
  97. Can the fbi still see a juv. Criminal recored with no arrest or fingerprints ?
  98. How to charge someone for invasion of privacy in canada
  99. Probation Q about Refrain from possession of Weapons
  100. Odouls while having the ignition interlock system on my car?
  101. Husband was told by PO to file for early termination. What form does he file?
  102. Can you get a nursing job in Ohio or Indiana with a misdemeanor assault?
  103. Probation officer won't contact me with vacation approval. What to do?
  104. Regarding 'theft under $5000' committed under 18 in Canada
  105. Criminal/legal advice needed
  106. I'm on unsupervised probation. Can I get through airport security w/o travel permit?
  107. What are my rights as a wife with a husband on probation?
  108. Ignition interlock state transfer
  109. Court appearance
  110. Expungments
  111. No insurance Indiana
  112. How do I start to file against parole office?
  113. My neighbor got my subpoena and will not give it to me
  114. How can a man prove a woman raped him?
  115. Marriage and probation
  116. Date of warrant issued.
  117. Juvenile case--will it affect me as an adult?
  118. Help.. scared, anxious, worried
  119. State holds
  120. Lab results
  121. Defamation of character on Facebook
  122. No contact order by probation officer
  123. Can I move from UK to France for a criminal record of harassment without violence?
  124. Both on probation
  125. I had a faint negative on home test
  126. Character witness
  127. When you turn 18 does your juvenille record get cleared?
  128. What will happen to my fiancÚ for a first time probation violation?
  129. How I can remove a police report on my husband for vandalism
  130. Can a sex offender live with his family
  131. What type of background check do airlines use
  132. Restitution
  133. Live Scan Results
  134. In mexico with a us warrant but have to travel to costa rica...
  135. Boyfriend charged with domestic mischief but I did not press charges
  136. Court appearance date
  137. Court appearance
  138. Statue of limitations in drug charges in pa
  139. Why is some drunk testimony legal, while some would not be considered?
  140. Court Date
  141. Probation violation
  142. First time offence for theft in dwelling - what's the charge?
  143. Driving on revoked,on misdemeaner probation
  144. Criminal record check
  145. Theft by taking ,enter a vehicle, and terroristic threats
  146. I stay in fulton but have probation in cobb county I am in Georgia I want a transfer
  147. Knowingly filing a false police report
  148. How much time can I get when being indicted on a drug charge
  149. Background check... help please!
  150. How much time would someone need to serve for a probation violation?
  151. Background check... help please!
  152. Probation interstate transfer
  153. Nexus lexus
  154. Do you get put on house arrest for first offense of stealing ?
  155. German law convicted felon immigrating
  156. First offense violation of probation fl
  157. Juvenile Warrant
  158. Theft under $5000
  159. How to get off federal probation early
  160. First violation of probation penalty
  161. Interpol
  162. Should I report sex offender for lying on dating website
  163. Do they post all warrants online
  164. Misdemeanor theft Texas
  165. Ex and new wife are harassing
  166. Charged with child grooming can I reside in a public house
  167. Child identity theft
  168. Can a felony be expunged in CA?
  169. What is the date rape drug used on men
  170. Ask a criminal law question free
  171. Leaving the country before trial?
  172. VOP in Texas
  173. 2nd time probation violent
  174. 20 yr old having sex with a 17yr old in the state of Florida
  175. Travelling with to the states with theft under 5000
  176. Victim of fraud
  177. Procedures needed to change a probation officer?
  178. Probation violation
  179. Alcohol urine test
  180. Shoplifting
  181. 1st probation violation sentence- CA
  182. I have a pending charge for lewdness, will I be able to get promoted at wells fargo
  183. Interstate agreement
  184. Fingerprint
  185. I have 2 bench warrant but they are in different courts. Is there a way to avoid
  186. Theft by taking (auto)
  187. How do I get papers for a felon to go to canada
  188. Can security search handbag in department store
  189. Can someone get parole and probation at the same time?
  190. Can police officers legally come into your home if nobody is there?
  191. Legal Question for Ontario I am Confused
  192. Is it possible to enter US during diversion period?
  193. Will a 12 year old domestic violence charge stop you from a police job?
  194. What is likely to happen to a minor facing class 6 felony arson charges in virginia
  195. Expunge records
  196. Only one month of probation left, then got violated, what can happen?
  197. Can a cop ask you to help them in exchange for something?
  198. Taking pictures from inside your home of your backyard
  199. International criminal law
  200. Third dui
  201. Course adviser for ex-felon
  202. Getting probation reinstated after being violated
  203. n.c. advanced supervisory release
  204. Extradition and early release
  205. Failure to show to a U.A
  206. Interprovincial charges
  207. Shoplifting-do they need to post the picture of the shoflifter here edmonton,ab
  208. Theft under 5000 first time offender alberta
  209. Where do I find a form to file for indict or release
  210. Question about info in the prosecutor's office on a disposed/sealed case
  211. Probation
  212. What States have shown leniency reinstating physician medical licenses to ex-felons
  213. Probation violation
  214. Yuma felony probation transfer rental requirements form
  215. Early Termination in Leon County
  216. Are there conjugal visits at Georgia Diagnostics and Classification prison?
  217. Never received summons
  218. If I am a lawyer in California and convicted of Grand Theft Auto Felony, am debared?
  219. 3 years felony probation picked up new charge... misdemeanor
  220. Probation violation
  221. How to obtain who has done criminal record on myself
  222. How much time can u get for not reporting to your probation officer
  223. I'm now 18 and was raped at age 9 I want to know if he's in jail.. But how?
  224. Divorced
  225. Can I Move to Another State If on court Probation?
  226. Is it conflict of interest if public defender is friends with prosecutions witness
  227. Arrested for shoplifting... Still haven't received citation
  228. Difference in rape between a 12 year old and a 60 year old
  229. Arrested for a controlled substance in San Diego County. What type of drug arrest wi
  230. Sister in law sent photos of my daughter to her molester
  231. Theft under 5000 twice but under 18
  232. Does three strikes only apply in baseball?
  233. Probation violation
  234. I was on probation for 3 years and did the 3 then my p.o extended it for another year
  235. How long will I have to do in jail for a probation violation in Cincinnati Ohio
  236. Ask to go to station for an interview/meeting
  237. Does a juvenile misdemeaner follow you to another state?
  238. What does an employer need to charge you with theft
  239. What is a Probation Review
  240. Do I have a right to know I'm being tried and for what?
  241. Felony probation
  242. Can I fly if I may or may not be on probation or have a warrant inmy state
  243. Procedure to get bail surety back
  244. Felony violation of probation
  245. Violating Restraining Order?
  246. Violation of probation
  247. Extradition laws from California to virginia?
  248. What are my rights while on probation?
  249. Receiving money from South Africa
  250. Theft under, unclear