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  1. My dog is up all night shaking
  2. Our dog is driving us mad.
  3. I have a type 1 diabetic dog who became diabetic due to steroids and needs to gain
  4. Sick Beagle Signs?
  5. Dog has no appetite
  6. Jack Russell Terrier Potty Train SOMEONE HELP!
  7. I got a new pup
  8. Puppy's sicknesses?
  9. Shorkie 6th month old barking
  10. 3 month old shih throwing up white foam
  11. What is wrong with my dog?
  12. 8 yr old house broken dachshund has started peeing in the house
  13. Why is my dog messing in the house?
  14. My dog isn't eating and always thirsty
  15. What is HGE?
  16. My puppy pees and poops all over the house, even where he sleeps
  17. My puppy had parvo. How long before I can go around other animals?
  18. Sudden onset of car sickness?
  19. Crating your Dog
  20. Seizures and white gums
  21. My dog will not eat?
  22. How do I care for puppy after Dew Claw removal
  23. Can recovering from acl surgery have anything to do with urinating while my dog sleep
  24. Pooping in crate
  25. My scooting pup.
  26. ?7 month old still peeing in the house
  27. Chihuahua pooping behavior
  28. Won't eat or drink
  29. House trained dog pooping and peeing at night,
  30. Can I just feed my puppy dried food? He doesn't eat meat.
  31. 7 month old chihuahua
  32. Small Chihuahua and she is scratching and giving herself very bad sores.
  33. My Dobi will not eat on a regular basis
  34. Why does my dog do this
  35. Something's wrong with my dog?
  36. How to stop biting puppie
  37. The New Puppy
  38. My Westie is Near the End of Time with us.
  39. Tail chasing & tail biting
  40. My dog accidentally cut his penis, what should I do?
  41. My black lab rotty cross
  42. Shihzu and part rat terrier
  43. How to train them not pee or do potty inside?
  44. My 9 week old puppy is throwing up
  45. Dog anxiety
  46. Pooping puppy
  47. What is wrong with my dog (unexplained blood)?
  48. What is wrong with my dog?
  49. Giving CPR, thought this might be helpful.
  50. How do you get a sick dog to eat or drink?
  51. My dachshund is throwing up white foam and liquid? 3 times yesterday and 5 tonight
  52. My toy poodle rings the doorbell to be let outside to go to the bathroom but...
  53. Feed the dog three days and he's loyal for life, is it true ?
  54. Pet feeding...
  55. Why is my dog pooping and peeing in my house
  56. Feeding time
  57. Will my rottweiler puppy stop biting when he is older ?
  58. How to help my dog get bone stuck inside him?
  59. My dog has parvo please help
  60. My dog refuse to eat his dry food what is good to give him?
  61. Puppy pooping in cage again
  62. My 2 year old pittbull won't eat or drink he was fine earler
  63. Bathing age
  64. Throwing up
  65. Hair loss on labs
  66. Peeing in the kennel
  67. Kidney disease HELP
  68. Adopted older dog with separation anxiety, please help.
  69. Potty Training a 4 month old Saint Bernard puppy.
  70. Puppy Fell
  71. Why is my 9 month old dog pooping and peeing in the house?
  72. Adopting dog of the same gender is bad?
  73. My dog has lost lots of weight very fast, he has gone down hill in the past 24 hour,
  74. New Dog - doesn't want to go out
  75. What medicine will I give my Mini Pin if he don't poop anymore?
  76. Strange lump
  77. At what age do I give my puppy his first bath?
  78. My husky won't drink or eat
  79. How old are puppies before they become a dog?
  80. My 11 pound chihuahua ate 5 bite size packs of m&m's last night...
  81. I think my Lab ate one of my diuretic pills. What should I watch for?
  82. How do I get my dog to gain weight?
  83. My 5 yr old Boston Terrier/French Bull Dog ate pork rib bones and now can't poop.
  84. My 10 week small puggle mix is not eating, drinking and lethargic
  85. Puppy won't eat anything for a week?
  86. We got a kitten about 2 months ago and now my 2 yr old dog is peeing in the house!
  87. Is my 11wk old great dane ill?
  88. How to stop my new dog from attacking my other dog?
  89. Is it aggression?
  90. My dog is 10 years old. He has trouble urinating and has begun to dribble everywhere
  91. Parvo?
  92. Why does my dog suddenly start messing in the house and family houses.
  93. Dog harelip?
  94. Won't eat or drink breathing heavy
  95. How to diagnos my puppys sickness
  96. Antibiotics
  97. What breed is my puppy?
  98. When is euthanasia the right thing to do?
  99. My 12 week old goldendoodle poops in her crate, why?
  100. How to get a 8 week old rottweiler to sleep?
  101. Dog ate dewormer
  102. Why is my dog sick every night and fine all day
  103. Not eating
  104. My dog won't eat and she weak and sleepy
  105. Puppy sick, I think. Eye discharge and sniffly nose... already had his first shots.
  106. I have a 2 year old male lab and a 2 1/2 year old female pit bull
  107. I have a 3 yr old mini schnauzer that eats poop and also will poop/pee in the house
  108. One puppy showing signs of parvo/ help for others
  109. Can small dogs be alone and use pee pads?
  110. What do I need to do for my pregnant Dachshund?
  111. My puppy is four weeks old and she won't eat?
  112. My 5 month old puppy won't stop jumping and pulling and biting her leash, Help?
  113. Dog bites (doesnt like) certain men..
  114. Dog chronically licking "undercarriage" (penis and genital area)!
  115. Orijen large puppy food
  116. My dog doesn't seem to sleep much.
  117. Dog pooping in new home?
  118. 8 Week old Husky x Lab left alone?
  119. My staffy dog use to eat out his bowl.but now he refuses..
  120. Poor old border collie
  121. Sick Dog Pomeranian terroir mix
  122. My 5 week old puppy won't eat
  123. What's wrong with my dogs eye?
  124. 2 day old pup to eating as much as litter mates I am bottle feeding
  125. My puppy is dying
  126. Nursing dog
  127. New puppy-older dog pissed off
  128. How to get my sheperd to gain weight?
  129. German Shepherd won't eat
  130. Kennel cough
  131. How can I help my dog gain weight?
  132. My dog sounds like she is chooking on something and he wants to trow up but she can't
  133. What's the best way to add weight to my american pitt
  134. Dogs don't get on
  135. Benadryl for dogs
  136. I want to sell my great dane?
  137. Puppie not eating
  138. Dogs sleeping through the night?
  139. Dog peeing inside
  140. Open sores on my dogs skin
  141. What to do when a dog attacks another dog in the same household?
  142. 4yr old german shepard started pooping in the house
  143. How to train 4 month old toy poodle?
  144. What's wrong with my dog
  145. ?both of my dogs suddenly don't like their food, could it be the food
  146. Ear surgery - GSD
  147. We got our Cairn at 13 weeks... he has the toileting backwards...
  148. My dog is escaping, but I don't know how
  149. Help! My male 3 years old Chihuahua won't stop peeing. Don't know what to do?
  150. I have a 3 week old pup that won't poop
  151. How to change my dogs poop time?
  152. My dog will eat anything but dog food?
  153. My dog is bleeding?
  154. Do worms stay in stomach
  155. Should my 5 mth old pup still be peeing in the house?
  156. Adult female boxer too thin
  157. Why is my bulldog urinating in my house
  158. My dog is not herself
  159. Dog not feeling well?
  160. My pitbull
  161. My dog appears to be having respiratory problems
  162. Diabetic dog won't eat,
  163. My dog hasn't pooped in 3 days. What should I do?
  164. My 5 month old puggle won't pee or poo outside!
  165. My lab is not eating
  166. Bloodlines
  167. Parvo--is it my fault or theirs?
  168. My dog is losing weight!
  169. Medical insurance
  170. Sick golden retriever?
  171. My dog is retching, and white liquid is coming up.
  172. Is my chihuahua pregnant?
  173. Bullmastiff dangerous to other dogs
  174. ?no appetite with lymes
  175. New Dane not eating... HELP
  176. How to stop a dog from peeing in the house?
  177. Can I crate two very small 6 month female Chihuahua sisters together ?
  178. My 3-year-old Jack Russell has started weeing in the house
  179. What to do when my dog won't eat or drink water,and is bleeding from her mouth?
  180. Why does my dog always leave my shoes on the bed
  181. Why is dog pooping in specific place in house?
  182. What is a home remedy for dogs with arthritis?
  183. Dog wheelchair for 65 lb dog
  184. Dog crate training help! 15 month old male boxer...
  185. How can I train my roommate's dog... because she isn't doing it.
  186. Why is my dog suddenly messing on the floor?
  187. Why has my puppy been vomiting a white foam-like substance?
  188. Dog inflammation in throat?
  189. I would like to know about my female
  190. My unaltered male boxer is peeing everywhere!
  191. 11 Month old puppy eating but not drinking
  192. Crying puppy when showering or using the bathroom!
  193. My dog stomach is really sentive and she in a lot of pain what can I do?
  194. What side-affects to tell how a dog has stomach flu?
  195. Constipation remedy for a six-week-old chihuahua puppy?
  196. Why does my 9-wk-old puppy have blood in her poop
  197. My dog has a cough
  198. What is wrong with my dog?
  199. Female dog humping
  200. How do you make a dog not scared anymore?
  201. 5 year old Yorkie pees in crate
  202. What is good food
  203. Dog will not gain weigh?
  204. Wound in dog that won't heal.
  205. My American Spaniel keeps coughing and gagging.
  206. Questions relating to collitis dogs?
  207. Can my dog swallow benadryl itch gel
  208. All of a sudden Dog pees and poops in house
  209. My boxer is sick with a cough
  210. Dog Wound Infected, Not Healing
  211. I have just got a 6 week old pup and noticed a flea. What is the best thing to do?
  212. My dog is rotty/shepherd she is very large but won't gain weight please help
  213. My dog is sleeping a lot and he has lost a lot of weight
  214. Cough/gag
  215. My dog wakes up gagging or gasping for air
  216. Frenchie constantly peeing and pooping in the house!
  217. What is wrong with my dog?
  218. Very depressed puppy
  219. How can I get my dog to gain weight.
  220. Puppy pooping schedule?
  221. Dog peeing in the house
  222. 4 week old puppy refuses to eat
  223. Puppy peeing on my bed
  224. Peeing in the house
  225. My dog already gave birth to one
  226. Already gave birth to one.
  227. My dog refuses to eat away from home
  228. Small dog giving birth
  229. What can I give my dog for congestion
  230. I need to find out why my pups keep dying. Is it the cold?
  231. Itchy butt
  232. My dogs elbow pads?
  233. Dog is urinating a lot because of our new cat?
  234. Why does my dog keep pooping in the house as soon as he comes inside?
  235. Dog crying at night
  236. Dog smells on carpet?
  237. What wrong with my puppy?
  238. When should I get another puppy?
  239. Behavior for beagle puppies
  240. Male dog peeing in house
  241. Why is my 14 year old rat terrier pooping in the house by the doggie door
  242. Peeing dachshund only in bed!
  243. How to stop siberian husky from barking at a family member
  244. Allergies and skin
  245. 3-year-old Cavalier King Charles
  246. My puppy ate tinsel
  247. My dog won't eat tonight and wants to sleep. This is unusual for him.
  248. Are Prawns poisonous to dogs?
  249. My golden is not feeling well
  250. 7 week old chihuahua with worms