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  1. Male dog peeing in house
  2. Why is my 14 year old rat terrier pooping in the house by the doggie door
  3. Peeing dachshund only in bed!
  4. How to stop siberian husky from barking at a family member
  5. Allergies and skin
  6. 3-year-old Cavalier King Charles
  7. My puppy ate tinsel
  8. My dog won't eat tonight and wants to sleep. This is unusual for him.
  9. Are Prawns poisonous to dogs?
  10. My golden is not feeling well
  11. 7 week old chihuahua with worms
  12. New puppy not eating?
  13. Owners anxiety
  14. Bathing newborn puppies
  15. Why does she get food off the counter?
  16. My dog lost weight what can I do?he sometimes eats the grass in our back yard
  17. My 7 week old puppy is coughing slightly and won't drink water. Why?
  18. My dog shakes, loss of appetite, isolates him .
  19. Question about ADVANTAGE?
  20. Pitbulls and their health
  21. My dog is crying in pain?
  22. House broken puppy peeing in house again
  23. Don't know what to do ,My shih tzu can't stop crying at night.. need help please..
  24. How to get my dad to get me a dog!
  25. My puppy has been sick for three days
  26. Urine problem?
  27. Can I leave my dog and cat alone for 1 night
  28. My dog was hit by a car and will not eat.
  29. My puppy not drink what do I do?
  30. Puppy not eating
  31. Dog killed a cat
  32. Why does my dog keep gagging?
  33. 2 year old chihuahua pooping problem!
  34. Constipation remedy for dogs
  35. Dog won't drink
  36. How to get my girlfriends dog to stop weeing in the house?
  37. One sick dog and one healthy dog, Healthy dog quit eating
  38. Potty training failure
  39. Dog having trouble walking with his two rear legs
  40. Our 3-year-old Shar Pei has turned into a nightmare at night!
  41. How can I stop my ten year old dog peeing on kitchen floor?
  42. Chihuahua won't eat and it's making his colitis worse.
  43. Boarding my 11 month old shih-tzu.
  44. Vomiting bile but not pooping
  45. My 4 month old Pomeranian won't eat?
  46. Coughing dog.
  47. Dog ripped open heat patch, advice please.
  48. How long does it take for a pork bone to pass through a dog?
  49. Timing to get Dalmatian pregnant again
  50. 10 week old puppy
  51. Puppy that might have a fever
  52. Puppies and Parvo
  53. ACL surgery
  54. I have a 10month old purebred GSD?
  55. My small dog ate 2 small chicken bones
  56. Our new puppy won't walk around house
  57. My dachshund ate a pork rib, he's vomitting, unresponsive and with blood in his stool
  58. 3 year old lab losing weight as if he never ate but eats everyday and swollens paws
  59. How to stop biting?
  60. What could little specks on my puppies pupils? Vet saw this and says it's cataracts
  61. My Cairn Terrier won't eat
  62. Golden Retriever Canine Acne?
  63. 2 year old Pomeranian
  64. Dog losing weight and thinning hair
  65. My rescue husky won't eat her dog food
  66. What to do ? The vet wants to do a hysterectomy?
  67. Is my dog sick?
  68. I am lost
  69. Do dogs separate smells ?
  70. My toy poodle is peeing all over my house!
  71. Please help my puppy what Does he have
  72. Is it okay to let my puppy sleep in a dog house outside?
  73. Help me Please... What can I give my female dog to gain weight?
  74. My dog ate thc chocolates? He is a silky terrier
  75. I am gettinga a dog ( 3 months old Jack rusell)
  76. Puppy whining and whimpering
  77. Puppie won't eat or drink and is still being sick?
  78. My male neutered 2 yr old starting marking in the house
  79. How to house train a 8 week old pom without crate
  80. Crying mom
  81. Why won't my dog eat his new dog food
  82. Puppy eating everything in sight, inside and outside
  83. How do I get my dog to stay still when I cut his claws
  84. How long can you leave a lab puppy alone?
  85. Dog dry skin?
  86. How to stop our Lab crying at night?
  87. Potty training toy poodle
  88. Puppy excessive biting and nipping
  89. My puppy ate a rib bone whole
  90. My trained to use puppy pads puppy 8wks old is not using them now .help
  91. What is wrong with my dog?
  92. House trained dog pooping in specific room suddenly.
  93. What is my dog depress and won't eat his food
  94. Dog peeing in sleep
  95. Chrisy's ear is bothering her.
  96. Eye problems
  97. Pancreatitis
  98. My puppy caught parvo on Monday, and unfortunately I had to try home treatment
  99. What's wrong with my puppy?
  100. 6 month old poodle puppy pooing and peeing in my bed
  101. How to get a sick dog to eat
  102. How to make rottweiler puppy eat dry food?
  103. Help fast my puppies are dying
  104. My dog has a pink bump on her lip, what is it?
  105. Parvo questions and answers?
  106. Uncontrollable dog?
  107. My 3 year old labrador won't gain any weight! HELP PLEASE!
  108. My dog just had puppies and one teat seems to be clogged what could it be?
  109. All of the sudden my female dog is growling and attacking. What is wrong with her?
  110. My dog swallowed a 2 inch section of a tbone steak bone
  111. Fleas on puppies
  112. Past owner wants dog back
  113. Need advice taking care of a 4-week-old Pitbull
  114. I have a cocker spaniel and I want to know when is the best age to breed him
  115. My puppy has some kind of bug and don't know what it could be.
  116. How to know when your mini dashund is pregnant
  117. What happens if my dog bleeds from the penis w?
  118. What to do when the vet can't help my dog?
  119. My female dog pees at the slightest raised voice
  120. My dog cut the inside of his lip
  121. Is raw fennel safe for dogs?
  122. What is a normal Heat Cycle for Mini Daschund?
  123. How to get my 5 month old pit bull puppy to stop pooping in the kennel
  124. Why is my dogs head twitching?
  125. My dog has fleas. HELP
  126. My Dog ate a bone!
  127. Mange or fleas?
  128. My dog has had a stroke and is refusing food, what can I tempt her with?
  129. Dog waking during the night
  130. MY puppy won't poop on the pee pad but is already peeing on it all the time? WHY?
  131. My dog have acute leg injury pain
  132. Dog in labor
  133. My dog ate something she shouldn't have
  134. When is it OK to make eye contact with my new dog?
  135. Dog sneezing and itching?
  136. 4.5 week old puppy hops
  137. Dogs poop in house despite doggy door
  138. My dog won't eat when I am present
  139. My puppy is sick what can I do?
  140. Why is my dog losing weight at her back end?
  141. Sick yorkie
  142. Cut around dog's penis area.
  143. What & how much food can we feed our recovering puppy?
  144. Why doesn't my dog poop or pee when I walk him?
  145. Aggressive Dachshund
  146. Working at home with a puppy
  147. Any job for dog sitting
  148. My dogs on day 64 of her pregnancy?
  149. Shih tzu House Training
  150. My dog seems to be losing his nails
  151. My puppy won't walk on a leash.
  152. 7 months old black german shepherd
  153. If your dog cant walk and loss weight what do I do
  154. How to get a 3 week old puppy to poop
  155. My 3 year old dog has started peeing in the house
  156. My seven month old chiauaua won't eat or drink water what is wrong?
  157. Min pin behavior questions?
  158. Kennel Cough Questions?
  159. My dog keeps pooping everywhere (in the house) after having surgery.
  160. Why do some puppies not drinking?
  161. 2 and one half year on mini dauchand
  162. Dog food to add weight to dog?
  163. Dogs will not poop outside in the cold weather... any tips?
  164. How do I stop my 6 month old collie poohing in the house.
  165. Why is my dog peeing AFTER we let him out?
  166. Parvovirus
  167. My rat terrier is 1-1/2 years old. He pees every where. I punish him but he continues
  168. Skinny German shepherd
  169. Do pitbulls have detachment and are seizures related to this?
  170. What is wrong with my puppy?
  171. High cost to get our dogs spayed and neutered
  172. Dog peeing in the house?
  173. Help me with my itchy dog please
  174. Dog wakes earlier and earlier... DESPERATE FOR HELP!
  175. French bulldog puppy throwing up, what is the problem?
  176. My dog is not eating, is lying around
  177. Growling puppy
  178. Gsd 1 yr old does not eat a lot
  179. Why is the pugs dark circle always at opposite ends of the white part of the eye.
  180. What could be the reason for my puppy not eating?
  181. Tell me what is wrong with my puppy?
  182. Best dog food for dogs to gain weight?
  183. My dog has a wound that won t heal?
  184. 9 year old Greyhound won't eat
  185. What should I do next?
  186. Diabetic dog help
  187. Our dog is battling cancer and will not eat
  188. Why doesn't my 7 week old puppy play with me?
  189. My bullmastiff dog has eat a sock what will happen
  190. I took my dog to get grooms and when he came back home he started scratching a lot
  191. My dog's penis is bleeding
  192. 4 month puppy feeding and crate training
  193. Kennel cough
  194. We have just rescued a acd who is three years old. She is extremley aggressive toward
  195. 6 year old Rottweiler urinated in our bed.
  196. My dog won't eat and rubs her nose on the ground
  197. Think Momma
  198. What's the best way to train a 10 week old puppy?
  199. My dog keps being sick and won't eat
  200. Fox terrier excessive drinking puppy?
  201. How can I stop my 1 year old staffy from messing on a night
  202. Potty Training
  203. Beagle Pregnancy
  204. What is wrong with my puppy?
  205. What is wrong with my dog?
  206. Changing dog food
  207. 6 month old puppy started to think that peeing and pooping is OK on the couch, why?
  208. How can I stop my dogs messing in the house?
  209. What is wrong with my dog?
  210. HELP! Sick puppy!
  211. I just adopted a Shih Tzu with a barking issue.
  212. Puppies weight
  213. What to do if my dog won't eat and when she does she throws it back up?
  214. My dog ate a pork bone three days ago and am a bit worried.
  215. My dogs eyes & mouth have swelled up?
  216. Concerned with my 9 day old puppy
  217. My shih tzu's first winter in western New York
  218. English bull terrier skin
  219. Adult Dog pooping/peeing in house because of puppy? HELP!
  220. Off her food
  221. Yellow Lab Excessive Panting, Etc
  222. Dog rescue under my 501c3
  223. My dog will not eat, drink or play! No fever!
  224. HELP... Super Picky Eater
  225. Why does puppy goes into crate to urinate?
  226. Dog's sore itchy ear
  227. Dog scratching floor new house?
  228. 4-week labrador puppy won't eat!
  229. Sitting due to discomfort
  230. My puppy 22 weeks old and still pees and poops around my house help?
  231. 8 week old pup not eating or drinking,spewing after every drink and pooing blood now
  232. I have a 1yr old french bulldog he was eating out of his dish fine,
  233. Can a dog's skin open on its own?
  234. My four-week-old puppy can't nurse and refuses to eat anything I give it. Help!
  235. I need your help in rehoming an aggressive dog
  236. Popcorn and dogs
  237. Blue heeler to stop biting?
  238. What's wong with my dog?
  239. 8 mo old dog testicles haven't dropped, can he impregnate an 8 mo female in heat?
  240. My 2 yr old dog has started pooping in the house since I brought a new puppy home
  241. Dog suddenly messing in house?
  242. Puppy not eating and sleeping all day
  243. Peeing in the house
  244. My little weiner dog!
  245. What is wrong with my dog?
  246. Pitbull haemophilia?
  247. Why does my dog whine until I scratch her butt
  248. My golden retriever won't look at my german shepherd puppy.
  249. Is it possible for dogs to sleep walk
  250. My dog won't drink water