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  1. Marquise custom setting
  2. Jewelry technique
  3. Picasso's Brooch?
  4. Esk jewelry mark
  5. Where can I buy necklace of silver from northspain? l
  6. 18kt Gold ring
  7. How much is my white sapphire ring worth
  8. Does anyone know what the symbols on this ring mean?
  9. Programmable Music Box?
  10. Sterling silver Indian jewelry from jimmie nezzie
  11. Looking for maker's mark name for 0.925 piece of jewelry?
  12. I have a pair of gold tone earrings with FISTER marking on them.
  13. M over W ZUNI Hallmark anyone know who this artist is?
  14. Which necklace do you like better? (Pics included)
  15. M thomas jr hallmark
  16. Jewelry
  17. Jewelry Purchase
  18. questions about silver marks
  19. Real Gold Marking
  20. Information on a company that made bangles stamped jfss pat
  21. Native American silversmith Kaysu
  22. Jewelry
  23. Who's the jeweller for this mark '1950 Agnes'?
  24. What does it mean if S&Y is stamped on a pair of earings
  25. Watch
  26. Does K G E on something that is 10 K gold mean that it is fake or what ?
  27. Does anyone know which Native American artist signs earrings A H and Sterling?
  28. Jewelry markings
  29. When was IHMSS mark first used by Navajo silversmiths?
  30. Mark "M" or "W" with a line through middle represent?
  31. Need help!
  32. Trying to find out the meaning of this necklace
  33. What does it mean when a gold chain has a k k stamped on it
  34. Gold Stamp "ITALI"
  35. Radiant diamond cut grade?
  36. Sterling silver tennis bracelet
  37. Native American turquoise bracelet
  38. What does 751 stamp mean on jewelry?
  39. Roche (Science Products) Cuff Links
  40. Timex Expedition Indigo Watch
  41. Silver hallmark CCT?
  42. Gold Jewelry Marks, symbols, shapes
  43. Zuni artisan initials NAP on coral pendant
  44. Hi I really want to know if I have a keloid on my cartilage piercing.
  45. Jewrelly
  46. Hallmarked '9k' and a stamp that says 'ESK
  47. Zuni Jewelry artists with a E
  48. Ring marking - triangle with one dot
  49. Gold brooch
  50. 0g flesh tunnel in tongue
  51. How to diffrentiate the diver watches from other watches?
  52. Anyone every see an A L Q hallmark
  53. Navajo jewelry hallmark JS
  54. Identify Jewelry Marks
  55. Navajo silvercuff hallmark m or w 1972 era
  56. Piercing with Gun
  57. Zuni jewelry cuff bracelet
  58. Identify signature navajo
  59. Can you tell me something about a silversmith Nathan Frank Jr?
  60. Who used the hallmark of tsc?
  61. What does SW stand for in jewelry?
  62. CID 14K HDS Emerald cut emerald solitaire with 12 diamond accents
  63. Do you think this diamond appraisal is accurate?
  64. HUBLOT BIG BANG? LIMITED Edition? Looking to buy need help on information!
  65. Any good websites for buying jewellery online?
  66. How to get GIA certification?
  67. What is the symbol on my claddagh ring?
  68. Jewelry identification marks
  69. Jewelry Identification Marks
  70. GOLDSMITHS makers mark
  71. Gem that changes color in different light
  72. American goldsmith mark
  73. How can I tell if a saffire n diamond ring is genuine
  74. Autom stamped on jewelry
  75. Silver jewlery hallmark
  76. what is the value of l8 carat gold
  77. I have a really old ring I think
  78. Markings
  79. Pacifica Rock Band Belt Buckle Repair...
  80. Sterling and turquoise necklace id
  81. Help with ring size for large knuckle
  82. Markings on inside band of gold ring
  83. I have a ring with a diamond shape 10k in it wondering what the diamond stamp means
  84. What does a mark inside ring 14k pg mean
  85. Lost stone
  86. American Indian Silversmith Goldsmith Hallmark, stampings
  87. Tongue Ring
  88. I have a rectangular shaped brooch and the only marking is the number 11.
  89. Synthetic diamond?
  90. I have a dry bump on my belly button
  91. Jeweler damage? Cracked diamond?
  92. No hallmark
  93. I have a ring with the hallmark c in a triangle & c in a triangle, what does this mea
  94. Ring maker
  95. Concho belts made by c.m. yazzie
  96. Name of the Native American artisan that uses the hallmark LY?
  97. Identification and information
  98. Ring hallmark and artist
  99. Ring designer and hallmark
  100. Silver native jewery what's it worth
  101. Indian silver owl hallmarks
  102. 333 43 marks in a diamond ring
  103. Zuni hallmarks of the southwest
  104. M " star symbol" p
  105. Does tongue piercing hurt ?
  106. South Dakota native silversmith hallmark
  107. Ring hallmark&artist
  108. alexandrite gemstone value
  109. Navajo Silversmith
  110. Hallmark on my Ring
  111. I can't get my ring off my finger and I have a mammogram this week. Can I wear it?
  112. Ring hallmarks
  113. Jewelry hallmark
  114. Brooches
  115. Ring
  116. Bennett native american jewelry
  117. Mans indian turquoise ring
  118. Where can I find body jewelry that no one else would have?
  119. What the symbols in my ring mean?
  120. Dennison star pocket watch
  121. Hallmark Y southwestern hallmark
  122. Indian turquoise ring hallmarks
  123. Hallmark query
  124. What is hallmark VJ on 10k yellow gold multi stone ring?
  125. Gold ring makers mark stamp symbol
  126. Gold Identification Marks
  127. Tomahawk Mark
  128. Sunrise mark on jewelry
  129. 10kp white gold am-g
  130. Hallmark on Thimble - 1 C - meaning?
  131. Star Dennison pocket watch models
  132. Zuni silversmith+tw
  133. Identifying true rhinestone?
  134. Silversmith gecko/lizard hallmark
  135. Navajo Squash Blossom initials JW
  136. Is my belly button piercing infected
  137. I have a 24 karat gold electroplated pendant lightly antiqued and decorated with enam
  138. Gold watch with stones
  139. My cartilage piercings are red and hurting
  140. Hms madeira creations
  141. LDP makers mark
  142. Who is the navajo silversmith that hallmarks with the letter P?
  143. O c zuni hallmark
  144. Is it true that Kay jewlery made the diamond cut?
  145. Lucky hallmark
  146. Does cartilage piercing hurt more with needle or gun?
  147. Silver ring 14K gold overlay
  148. Ear cartilage piercings.
  149. Is this a genuine brooch or fake?
  150. Diamond is a symbol of I A S
  151. Alexanderite (Natural) - Bought in 1978
  152. What do the letters RSO mean inside my ring?
  153. Gold Anniversary Pin marked 10k GHB
  154. I bought a sterling ring with an onyx stone, RG was stamped on the back, Who is the a
  155. What is 585 on my gold chain necklace?
  156. Silversmith hallmark with bear
  157. Gold
  158. Turquoise Ring, 2, 4-leafed clovers & flower in a diamond shape, inside of the band.
  159. Vmb on a squash blossom necklace, the initials are done at an angle with the v on top
  160. Unusual hallmark
  161. What native American silversmith artist signed AD
  162. Native American Bracelet - Hallmark LL
  163. Navajo Silver/Turqouise Bracelet Hallmark MT
  164. Lost diamond
  165. Ring
  166. Where can you buy a CRAY ring
  167. A silver bracee at decÚ has a "g" a crescentmoon and a "k", anyone knows s`thing?
  168. 9ct gold free masons ring,is it worth much money?
  169. Diamond real?
  170. Jewelry
  171. White gold or silver?
  172. So, Ive been told I could use the salt water , pyrex or glass dish...
  173. Vintage Bolero
  174. White gold
  175. Cartilage piercing help!
  176. B in a circle inside 14kt gold ring with diamonds
  177. Longines 3 jewels wrist watch
  178. What does the marking d oro 18k mean on jewelry
  179. What does ROMAN mean when stamped on inside of ring band
  180. What does 14kgogd mean?
  181. Native American Hallmark question
  182. In navajo jewelry who signs lb?
  183. Diamond shape marking
  184. Will jeweler cut off ring
  185. Native american artist with initials krb
  186. 10k ring with superman mark
  187. Gold mtl 259644 mtl 10gr 999.9 bar
  188. Sporrong and co
  189. What does 300 inside a ring mean
  190. Has anyone heard of m.e. jewelry?
  191. Gold makers mark D with arrow
  192. A circle L bottom of glass with two gold bands at the top
  193. How much is Comfort Wedder ring in AUD?
  194. Meaning of symbols stamped inside my gold ring
  195. Zuni inlay
  196. CHARLIE SINGER Navajo Silversmith
  197. Antiques
  198. Best place to sell scrap gold
  199. s&y stamped jewelry real?
  200. My piercing won't go back in ? Please help.
  201. Is my cartilage piercing infected
  202. Custom Rings
  203. Gold jewelry marks
  204. Who is L.Lasiloo?
  205. Identifying maker
  206. Daniel Mink Older Watch
  207. Native american hallmarks
  208. What diamond is better quality
  209. My grandmothers ring has wxxx inscribed on the inside band who
  210. Gold Identification Markings ADM 14K on masonic ring
  211. What kind if ring have I ?
  212. Jewelry hallmarks
  213. Platero hallmark
  214. Bs navajo hallmark
  215. Southwestern Silver Hallmark
  216. Jewelry Mark
  217. W&G 375 9kt gold ring
  218. Native american maker marks
  219. How to turn mud to gold
  220. Native american silver marks
  221. Ear cartilage piercing
  222. I was just wondering what to look for in markings in white gold
  223. I was just wondering what bhj means on white gold
  224. What does gdh 0.20 mean on jewelry
  225. Chester hallmark date letters gold
  226. Who is Emer Thompson?
  227. Jewellery by Fred Baca
  228. Who is native amer jewelry sterling maker na
  229. Navajo artist hallmarks
  230. Ring
  231. Clasp Identification
  232. I want to get my cartilage pierced again but the first one got really infected
  233. Hallmarks of the southwest ask
  234. Will I be able to take my cartilage piercing out after 4 weeks?
  235. I have a 14k Italy Figaro Necklace,How Do I know if its real ?
  236. Navajo hallmarks
  237. What is this hallmark all about: mb co 18ct 181 55 36
  238. Verify Markings on Hopi bracelet
  239. Zuni silversmith
  240. Jewelry from german us zone
  241. Jewelry markings
  242. Experts in zuni jewelry identification
  243. American indian hallmarks
  244. Native american jewelry artist Althea Latome information
  245. Ct 18750 gold
  246. My Belly Button Piercing..
  247. How old do you have to be to get your tragus pierced?
  248. What does gm22 mean
  249. Native American Hallmark
  250. GDH marking on ring