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  1. 10 year old shih tzu that has started acting paranoid
  2. Why has my dog become so skittish?
  3. Female Dog Constantly Licking Genitals
  4. My dog is acting weird
  5. Chihuahua likes pads but won't go outside
  6. Parvo
  7. Loss of appetite
  8. Huskie with anxiety.
  9. My 3 yr old dog has started peeing and pooping in the house
  10. Tremoring
  11. 8 week old sick puppy
  12. Dog leaning to the left
  13. Dog vomiting and not eating
  14. My 3 year old am staff pees in the house when you play with her
  15. My dogs won't stop peeing in the house
  16. Dog sleeps a lot at night. He sleeps at least 1 hours! Is this normal?
  17. 5month old shelter puppy
  18. Worming puppies
  19. Dog sleeping all the time
  20. My jack russell will not pee outside
  21. My dog sammy
  22. Pitbull emotional problem
  23. Owen has kennel cough
  24. My poor baby girl Dashound
  25. My 3 year old pug goes outside then comes in and poops
  26. Problem with Yorkshire Terrier Gagging
  27. Sick pup
  28. Small dog
  29. 3 year old dog all of a sudden peeing in house and whining a lot. NEED HELP!
  30. Ask a dog question
  31. Yorkie / Shih Tzu
  32. Dog pooping and peeing in home while we are at home...
  33. Dog having seizures?
  34. Dog not eating only drinking water. She is 11 / dachsie / saw the vet Friday
  35. Can u give a dog benadryl tablet for possible phenmonia
  36. Puppy poop
  37. Spaying my 2 year old shih tzu
  38. Dog pees on my bed
  39. Doxie back problem, help!
  40. British bulldog
  41. Pregnant dog
  42. How to feed your sick dog
  43. What's wrong with my dog
  44. My lab does not want to eat
  45. What is wrong with my dog
  46. Great dane dog heat
  47. My 3 yr old dog has been hiking his leg inside and he has been potty-trained. Help!
  48. Dog pees in the house
  49. Why would my dog of 10 yrs all of a sudden use my house for a bathroom?
  50. Wormy looking
  51. My Ferret got distemper from my puppys distemper shot, can it infect the other dogs?
  52. Young dog peeing on older dog
  53. Sudden drug-induced deafness
  54. White pus bumps on stomach
  55. My dog swallowed a plastic bag
  56. Blood in puppys poop
  57. Daisy won't eat her food?
  58. Why is my 1.5 year old dog all of a sudden attacking my 7 month old dog?
  59. Cats and dogs complications
  60. My dog won't eat and keeps being sick
  61. How to mix 21st century milk replacer for puppies
  62. Dog not eating
  63. Dog house training
  64. Dogs
  65. Why is my dog so naughty upstairs?
  66. 2 New 10 Week Old Male Beagle Puppies
  67. Dog acting terrified for no reason since this AM (like he does to thunder)
  68. 2 month old pitbull sick and won't eat or drink.
  69. Dog questions free
  70. Beagle puppy help
  71. My Puppy Died in Parvo
  72. New pup and older dog don't get along
  73. Dog cold medicines
  74. Discharge in male puppy
  75. My dog threw up a worm an now won't eat or drink water
  76. Defiant peeing
  77. How do you potty train a puppy mill dog?
  78. Why is my dog not eating and throwing up
  79. My usually active dog is lathargic
  80. Rottweiler Puppy Biting
  81. My staffordshire bull terrier is 5 months old and peeing everywhere.
  82. Goldendoodle 2-yr old jumping problem
  83. Dog with Cushings - loss of appetite during Lysodren treatment
  84. My dog is barely eating or drinking for last 2 days and been sick afew times
  85. Not eating
  86. Anyone have a Lab/Schnauzer mix?
  87. What do I do when my pitbull is not eating or drinking
  88. Puppy whit vomitingand diarrhea
  89. Grieving dog keeps me awake all night. What can I do
  90. 5 year old rottweiler peeing and pooing
  91. 4 year old Shih Tzu now refuses to walk on leash after we came home with him from a o
  92. I have a 5week old puppy that is sick. What should I do
  93. My dog
  94. Why is this dog needy and how do I fix him?
  95. Owen and his food
  96. Limping Great Dane
  97. Puppy impossible to housebreak
  98. Dogs
  99. My dog has been throwing up & diarrhea & get weak legs
  100. My dog won't eat or drink
  101. Help in getting my dog to take his antibiotics and his loss of taste for his food
  102. How to feed a rescue dog
  103. Just neutered dog fish smell
  104. Mother dog letting a puppy go
  105. Pooping when Separated
  106. Dog running away to die
  107. Free dog questions
  108. Help skeeter
  109. 8 week old puppy won't eat
  110. My dog is acting weird
  111. Neutered dog peeing in house
  112. 10 Week Old Pitbull Puppy Not Eating-
  113. There's something wrong with my dog please help!
  114. My dog is house trained but still poops in the house
  115. Should I or shouldn't I fix my Corgi
  116. Can dogs wee in there sleep
  117. Dog
  118. How to check for worms in a dog
  119. How do I stop my neutered dog from mating
  120. Dog peeing on people
  121. Dogs
  122. Dog wee when with my boyfriend
  123. 3 days old puppy has eggs in the stool
  124. Out of control dog
  125. My pitbull black lab mix won't eat food but will drink a little bit of water
  126. 6 mo old Yorkie
  127. I want to walk my dog without chain
  128. I am trying to find the right kind of dog to buy.
  129. I Need to Ask a Vet a Question
  130. Dachshunds and back problems
  131. Dog not sleeping, shaking and disturbed at night
  132. What breed is this dog?
  133. 14 week old puppy does not care where she poops or pees
  134. Distemper?
  135. Stray dogs
  136. How do I stop my dog from raiding the bin?
  137. Hello All. Looking forward to a helpful exchange
  138. Can I train my dog to stop chasing cats?
  139. My dog coughing up blood indicate
  140. Are there any hypoallergenic dog similar to border collies?
  141. What to do about my dog he pees every time I call him he's 4 years old
  142. Help with suddenly aggressive Jack Russell Terrier Pup?
  143. Food for Lhasa
  144. My dog looks sick all of a sudden I need help?
  145. How can I stop my dogs from peeing and pooing in the house?
  146. Why is my puppy throwing up clear liquid
  147. How to leave puppy home alone
  148. New puppy very subdued
  149. Puppy to small won't eat what do I do
  150. Puppy not eating
  151. Dewormer overdose?
  152. 7 month old black german shepherd
  153. 12 year old Yorkie Relieving in the House
  154. Muzzle for malamute?
  155. First heat dachshund
  156. Getting rid of maggotts in a sore on a dog
  157. How do I teach my staffy not to go for my kittens?
  158. When I take my dog outside to go potty,all she does is lay down
  159. Does a 4 week old puppy need some kind of milk
  160. Dog refuses dry food
  161. Dog bleeding after dental work
  162. When is a puppy not contagious anymore with parvo?
  163. Barking
  164. What does it mean when your puppy is bleeding from her rectum but does not have diarr
  165. My dog ate rice with hot sauce
  166. How long should I make food available to my diabetic dog before I take it away.
  167. What could be wrong with my dog
  168. Puppy problems
  169. Do labs get along with cats
  170. My 15 year old chihuahua stopped eating
  171. Puppy poops in crate
  172. My puppy quit eating
  173. Need answers about a sick puppy
  174. How to make my dog eat
  175. Dachshund back problems
  176. why would my dog randomly cry out?
  177. My dog won't eat
  178. My dog pee when I hit him
  179. Why is my dog not eating
  180. New cat causing old trained dog now peeing and pooping in house
  181. 6 month puppy afraid of the dark and pees indoors
  182. I just got my puppy yesterday and it won't eat...
  183. My dog has labored breathing
  184. What is my stffie crossed with
  185. VERY puzzled
  186. Why dog won't stay
  187. Rescued Yorkie has Quiet Bark and Sneezing
  188. My dog only goes to the bathroom inside when I am home...
  189. Hair loss red area and lifeless itching and shaking
  190. What classifies a breed of dog
  191. Jealous of Boyfriend
  192. My dog has cut his penis how long will it take to heal
  193. Worm in dog poop?
  194. Perivulvar dermititis
  195. Puppy's front leg twitching?
  196. American Bulldog
  197. Crate train my 2 year old chocolate lab
  198. My dog doesn't move out of the street
  199. 1.5 year old boxer pooping and peeing in house because he is mad?
  200. Dog not eating n throwing up
  201. How can I get my dog to eat
  202. My dog won't eat
  203. Dog pooping In house
  204. Puppy accidentally dropped by my daughter and is now limping
  205. My dog is throwing up and not eating
  206. Night behaviour
  207. German shepherd too small for her age?
  208. How to make a1 year old itailan greyhound poop outside
  209. What is wrong with my dog?
  210. Sick lab
  211. My dog's eye is pink and swollen, what could this be?
  212. Rottweiler dogs are losing weight
  213. I'm nervous, do I need an X-ray for my pregnant mini dachshund?
  214. My puppy does not want to separate from my kids
  215. Shepherd pup holding her pee for crate
  216. Sick dog symptom checker
  217. My dog has had no appetitie for over a week now
  218. Dogs and bunnies
  219. My dog won't eat
  220. Adult dog food.
  221. My dog is throwing up and not eating, is only drinking
  222. My dog refuses to eat,and she is starting to look sick.Help please
  223. Dog keeps gagging but not throwing up eating and drinking fine
  224. Fast heart rate
  225. Training my 5 month pomeranian to poop outdoors
  226. How to save my pups for fading away
  227. Is popcorn OK for dogs
  228. My dog was stung by bumble bee?
  229. Friend is having a puppy problem
  230. Beagles! Oi!
  231. Peekapoo Problems
  232. My dog is sick
  233. Adverse reaction to Frontline Plus?
  234. Parvo recovery in German Shepherds.
  235. My puppy is sick what can I do
  236. Advice please.. My puppy is sick I'm worried
  237. Dog's strange behavior
  238. How old do dogs have to be so they don't get parvo
  239. My dog was throwing up foam and now will not eat or drink
  240. Dog has trouble walking and using back legs
  241. My dog had puppies 3 days ago, now she won
  242. 9 yr beagle hind legs not working then later seems okay
  243. Is there bleeding when a dog has pyometra
  244. What's wrong with my dog
  245. Should I keep my puppy that keeps biting?
  246. Sick chihuahua
  247. How to stop dog weeing in the house
  248. What's wrong with my dog
  249. Dog won't use cat door to go out
  250. Dogs homemade diet