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  1. Can I combine two fish tanks into one single tank?
  2. Fish question
  3. Fish tank size
  4. Which species of Tilapia fish is used for mosquito control?
  5. My tank is somewhat cloudy.
  6. Cloudy tank
  7. First time fish owner
  8. What kind of cichlids do I have?
  9. Sick goldfish
  10. Goldfish has white spot.
  11. Fish died
  12. Fish tank has been cloudy for 8 months...
  13. Transporting fish
  14. Huge lump on fan tail goldfish
  15. Do goldfish really eat their eggs?
  16. Will my two goldfish be OK while tank cycles and nitrates are high?
  17. I can't tell if my fish has swimbladder
  18. Goldfish from the fair
  19. Brand new fish tank smells
  20. Fish tank filter
  21. Can I put a stick of bamboo in with my Betta?
  22. Green aquarium
  23. Fish
  24. Is Betta OK?
  25. Is it OK to turn the air pump off in a fish tank with a Betta?
  26. Fish poop snails?
  27. Medicine
  28. Can a goldfish live in a Betta bowl?
  29. My gold fish have white spots on tails
  30. Bumps on my goldfish
  31. Betta Fungus
  32. Black fungus on comet fish.
  33. Can anyone identify what this is on my shubunkin fish?
  34. My goldfish keep dying
  35. Can I keep common goldfish and black moors in 1 tank
  36. Fish tank snail problems
  37. Fish Tank Problems
  38. Parrot fish breeding
  39. Fish help
  40. Worms in saltwater tank
  41. Cloudy fish tank water
  42. How big should my fish tank fitter be
  43. Red bump on goldfish
  44. Parrot fish
  45. Fish that can live in fishbowls
  46. What's wrong with my goldfish? Description
  47. My fish are dying since the pump
  48. Dream of big cat fish biting my hand
  49. My catfish "jaws"
  50. Golden dojo loaches
  51. I wanted to know if I could place a shrimp in my goldfish tank to clean the fish?
  52. Fish dying and water test OK
  53. Code Name Skippy.
  54. Can't lower ammonia!
  55. Blue liquid is necessary to add tank while parrot fish are breeding..
  56. How do you bring nitrite levels down in brackish water
  57. Ammonia is a little high
  58. Red parrot fish
  59. Can I feed excel red for severum fish
  60. Pond goldfish has a cyst that ruptured
  61. Fancy gold fish can't float upright.
  62. What is wrong with my fish
  63. In a saltwater tank, tiny tentacles growing off coral/rock with two silver looking ey
  64. Goldfish almost dead help !
  65. Mt tropical fish are floating on the top
  66. Goldfish turning white
  67. Algae eater floating on top of water?
  68. Which fish is this?
  69. Goldfish on the bottom of a tank.
  70. Hi I have a butterfly carp 5ins that is floating on its side on the top of the tank
  71. Goldfish with a large red spot illness?
  72. Why are my fish unhappy?
  73. Smell from fish tank
  74. How often to clean a fish tank.
  75. What Fish Would You recommend I Buy For My Cichlid Fish Tank?
  76. Normal Goldfish Behavior?
  77. Why are my goldfish dying
  78. Why do my goldfish keep dying the same night
  79. Fish died in course of 24 hours?
  80. Ask a question about my fish?
  81. My black moor died
  82. Elderly goldfish
  83. Could my Mollie fish be pregnant?
  84. My goldfish looks like its fins are bleeding... on the inside, also around the gills?
  85. Can you help me set up my new aquarium?
  86. One Eyed Goldfish?
  87. Yellow water stain
  88. Gold fish
  89. Ick or ammonia poisoning?
  90. Freshwater Aquarium with Ich parasite.
  91. Sickness for floating fish?
  92. Starter fish
  93. List of fish that do not need oxygen?
  94. Angel fish
  95. I have a goldfish with a large 'bubble/growth' on it's side
  96. Sea Monkeys
  97. Fish, fish, fish, why did I ever get fish?
  98. Very concerned about my goldfish
  99. Is a goldfish supposed to have black/brown spots/stripes and if not than what's wrong
  100. I bought 3 Ryukin goldfish and 2 died within 8 hours, what could have happened?
  101. My fish
  102. Our goldfish has a bump after being sick
  103. Are my goldfish gasping for air because of too much water conditioner? Or not enough?
  104. Why are my fish dying new tank
  105. High nitrite levels in a fish tank!
  106. Cloudy fish tank
  107. Fish hobby
  108. Yellow tail guppy not eating as much
  109. Fish tank help
  110. Can I put pebbles from the beach into mty fish tank?
  111. Should I remove the live plants from my fish tank?
  112. White worms in tank.
  113. Do I need to remove my carbon filter from my fish tank?
  114. Tropical fish tank filter cycle.
  115. High Nitrite and nitrates... but not ammonia
  116. How do I know if my fish are getting along? They seem more active but less aggressive
  117. Male guppy health problem
  118. Shy pond fish
  119. Fish tank issues
  120. How many fish can I put in this tank?
  121. White fuzzy bulb on fish tale.
  122. My tank is over stocked
  123. Cleaning my 30 gallon tank.
  124. Angelfish got attacked
  125. My Goldfish has a tumour?
  126. How do I get the bulb out of a juwel fish tank?
  127. Cycle question for ESTABLISHED fresh water aquarium.
  128. Koi fish identification
  129. Help comet goldfish isn't swimming!
  130. PH is high but alkaline is low, ammonia?
  131. My fish tank has sand
  132. Where Can I Get This In Perth, Australia...
  133. Fantail goldfish not eating and floating, other one fine
  134. How can gold fish disappear?
  135. How to lower ph in a tropical fishtank
  136. How do I now when that platys are ready to be born,at night ,or in the day time.
  137. How do I remove cloudy water from fish tank
  138. Making a fish pond
  139. Quick question on breeding guppies,
  140. Fantail Goldfish rubbing body on gravel
  141. Which aquarium fish can live with red eared slider turtle
  142. Tank buddies?
  143. Mean betta fish
  144. Algea in tank!
  145. Why do goldfish gulp air but in a pond not tank?
  146. Frustrated about fungal infection on fish
  147. Does linseed oil kill fish
  148. Questions about fish.
  149. My mom is a fish killer.
  150. I have 6 koit fish in a 300 gallon tank (3 weeks old) but the water is no clear at all.
  151. A few fish questions
  152. Why is our fish tank cloudy
  153. Health of Pleco
  154. How to identify species of Pleco
  155. Salt Water Aquariums.
  156. What kind of fresh water fish do you like?
  157. Fish tank questions
  158. Picky Catfish
  159. Betta fish and 100 degree water temp
  160. Care for a Tri-color shark as well as 8 other fish
  161. New to the World of Freshwater fish!
  162. Air bubbles in my goldfish tank
  163. My goldfish is always at the bottom on the tank and has black spots
  164. Does my goldfish have swimbladder
  165. What fish store fat
  166. High nitrite levels in aquarium
  167. Extremely Relieved
  168. Fish getting sucked into pond
  169. Earthworms-fish food
  170. Fried Filter?
  171. Do You Think That Small Pet Fish Have a Personality?
  172. I have two goldfish fish, staying at the bottom of the tank
  173. White spots on my goldfish tail?
  174. What kind of tree should I get for my Water Dragon?
  175. My fish
  176. Minnows in aquarium
  177. Neon tetras moving stomach
  178. Worm Farming-Live fish food
  179. Lump on my coldwater fish
  180. Is it my tap water causing the ph to rise, I just did 50% water change
  181. Is platies fish hot or cold
  182. Is pilates for hot tank or cold tank
  183. Cloudy eye goldfish
  184. Why is my budgie so protective of his plastic toy bird?
  185. What should the ph be in my fish tank
  186. Fish Killer.
  187. Fish Compatibility
  188. Gold fish behavior
  189. Low ph emergency in fish tank
  190. Is it wrong
  191. Medications for black spots in goldfish
  192. What levels are to high for nitrite
  193. Gold fish not eating
  194. New Guppy Fry
  195. My boyfriend bought me a tank, And I want glofish, I need ph levels, water temp, etc.
  196. My Seahorse is pregnant
  197. Fish Emergency!
  198. I have a very sick goldfish, she is 15 years old, for the past couple of weeks she ha
  199. Goldfish white growth
  200. Hamster Questions
  201. I can't figure out my plecco breed (fish)
  202. Gold Fish
  203. I have a 20 gallon fish tank and my fish are dying
  204. Fish and swimbelly
  205. My fish still has Ich
  206. Ich treatments and antibiotics?
  207. How to keep fish alive.
  208. Cloudy fish tank
  209. Will goldfish die if you feed them lunch meat?
  210. Guppy Possibly Pregnant
  211. Fish Compatibility
  212. Betta fish and tankmates
  213. Goldfish are sick
  214. Can fish choke on their food?
  215. Homemade Aquarium Decorations
  216. Fish Tank Concerns
  217. Sick fish.
  218. Algae eaters
  219. Algae in aquarium
  220. Most of my golfish swim updide down sometimes
  221. Abnormal growth on top fin
  222. My fish
  223. Fish sick AGAIN?
  224. Is my fish sick?
  225. Pond snails in aquarium.
  226. Hight Nitrite Fish tank.
  227. I just got a new fish!
  228. I don't have a lot of algae in my tank and I have a apple snail.
  229. Too much ammonia
  230. Is there anything else to treat swim bladder?
  231. I want to get new fish.
  232. Fish medication
  233. My fantail died
  234. My black moor and apple snail are sick!
  235. Red Gills on my goldfish looks like blood!
  236. How do I save my shark?
  237. Fantail fish tunring black?
  238. Fish transport
  239. Does a biological media fish pond filter(without mechanical media)keep a pond clean?
  240. Converting critter tank to fish
  241. High Nitrite and Nitrate Levs
  242. Tropical fish tank
  243. Koi fish
  244. High Ammonia in my Aquarium
  245. Green Lump on Butterfly Koi Carp
  246. Fish being ate
  247. Cloudy fish tank water
  248. Green algae in my goldfish tank water
  249. Aquarium Very HIGH Nitrite levels
  250. Gold fish seems water logged