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  1. Trying to find the title of a kung fu movie from my childhood years.
  2. Movie about Polish emigrees to US.
  3. Find a movie by description?
  4. What's that movie called?
  5. Movie description finder?
  6. Looking for an old movie incl. Key elements sailor, sea, love story
  7. Movie from early 90's about fairies that looked like tinkerbell and lived in a forest
  8. Movie finder by description?
  9. Robot movies of the 80s?
  10. What is this movie title? I can't remember!
  11. What's amovie with a hypnotized woman is in a house with an octagon mirrored room?
  12. What's that movie called?
  13. Movie finder by description?
  14. Main Character when competeing is able to focus and the crowd fades away
  15. Movie finder by description?
  16. A film that came on TV during halloween night in the late 80's and early 90's?
  17. What's the movie called
  18. This is about a movie I saw don't remember the actors,or the name
  19. Young girl makes wishes that come true
  20. Looking for 1970s movie about a woman who could heal by touching a person
  21. Movie finder by description?
  22. Children's music movies 80's through 1990?
  23. Looking for an old movie I don't know the name of?
  24. What's that movie called?
  25. Find a movie title by description?
  26. What is this movie called..
  27. Looking for the name of an old animated movie
  28. Tekken Movie Question?
  29. Mommy Dearest
  30. Numbers movie 90's?
  31. Movie about a southern women who is abused my husband and cuts his head off puts it I
  32. Dragon movie from 80-90s?
  33. Elusive movie title
  34. Looking for an early 1980's children's movie or TV special
  35. Movie title help 80's or 90's movie
  36. What is the name of that movie?
  37. Hi, I'm trying to track down a film.
  38. Search for movies by description?
  39. Late 80's or early 90's kids sing along movie
  40. Dark animation fantasy movie... Girls with ribbons and horses (or unicorns? )
  41. How to find movies from description?
  42. Find movie by description?
  43. Movie finder by description?
  44. Can you help me find this Cinemax after dark movie?
  45. What was the name of the movie in the 80's
  46. Find a movie. (similar to Basic Instinct)
  47. Vague description of a scene from a Japanese film... title?
  48. Name of a Kung Fu Movie
  49. Need help looking for the name of this movie !
  50. 90 mutant movies?
  51. Name of movie
  52. Movie I saw on IFC
  53. What's that film called?
  54. Can anyone help to find the name of this movie?
  55. Name of a children's movie
  56. I can't find a movie
  57. What is name of a movie about hypnosis and a room with mirrored doors?
  58. The name of the movie with a young Indian girl who moves in with her dad
  59. What's that movie?
  60. French foreign film from around the 90's-early 2000's
  61. Movie title from the 80's
  62. 70s 80s cartoon /movie with puppets
  63. Drama, action film name, please...
  64. What's that film called?
  65. US movie - 1980s, masquerade ball, real estate
  66. Sungazer and breatharian
  67. Name of 80's (or earlier) anime movie
  68. Seaching for what I believe is a 80 scifi horror flix
  69. Find a film by describing?
  70. What's that movie called?
  71. What's that movie?
  72. Name of a Kung fu Movie
  73. Name of a Kung fu Movie
  74. A Kung Fu Movie
  75. Does anyone know the name of this old cartoon movie?
  76. Hey anybody know the movie where a lecturer takes some teenager to an abandoned house
  77. What's the name
  78. Movie finder by disciption
  79. Can't find this horror movie, I give a description
  80. What's that movie
  81. Hi I need to find a movie...
  82. A friend had sex with her best friend mother?
  83. Movie search by description?
  84. What is this movie?
  85. Movie experts?
  86. Need movie title
  87. Can you help find this movie?
  88. Help me find the name of this movie.
  89. Descibe a movie and find it?
  90. Movie finder by description?
  91. Gorilla movie
  92. Find movie title by description?
  93. Movie title search by description?
  94. It's driving me insane!
  95. Wife is knocked overboard during fight
  96. What's that movie
  97. Name of this movie
  98. Movie finder by description?
  99. Old movie with (possibly) burl ives?
  100. Movie finder by description?
  101. Claymation feature with a Caveboy, Talking Dinosaurs and Musical Numbers
  102. What's that film called?
  103. What movie is this
  104. 60s-70s Scare Movies
  105. Cat remember that movie
  106. Calling film buffs! What's the baby film called? Help its driving me crazy!
  107. Help me find a movie title
  108. Weird movies from the 80's.
  109. Old Cinemax/SHowtime Movie (R)
  110. Movie kidnapping title
  111. Old alien B movie
  112. Find that movie?
  113. Killer clown movie late 90's or before
  114. Movie description finder?
  115. A move where a man was strapped to a boulder and was teaching this guy a style where
  116. 1990's hostage movie?
  117. Wife kills abusive husband.
  118. I saw a movie when I was a kid about 3rd grade. I do not know the title but remember
  119. How to Find a Movie by a Scene?
  120. It's a lifetime movie
  121. 80's animated movie about a girl looking for her brother?
  122. Where can I watch movies for free?
  123. What is this movie
  124. Reincarnation 1980's movies?
  125. UFO movies late 90's early 20's?
  126. Find a movie by description?
  127. Later 90's PG/teen movie. Need help with title please!
  128. Old 1970-1980's children's Short Story Movie around Halloween
  129. Lost in the sahara
  130. Movie Title
  131. A Sci Fi movie from the 80`s
  132. Trying to find this movie
  133. Identify 'combine harvesters' movie!
  134. Old Movie 50's /60's or 70's
  135. Title of french movie
  136. I Need to Find a Movie by the Description?
  137. Movie where family is attacked by villagers
  138. Need help in finding a movie
  139. Looking for rare 80's TV movie/kid with powers stalks people
  140. Can't remember a film
  141. How to find the title of a movie by its description?
  142. Romantic comedy in France
  143. Movie about dextrocardia
  144. 80's or 90's scifi movie
  145. 80's action movie?
  146. Find movies by describing it?
  147. Movie name I can't figure it out
  148. Dennis Quaid Movie
  149. Match point the movie
  150. The movie match point
  151. Another animated movie
  152. Movie experts?
  153. Wheat meaning from an old movie.
  154. Name of movies
  155. Find movie with description
  156. Name of a movie (old one)
  157. What is this movie called?
  158. Movie by description
  159. What is that movie called? Man eats rats... goes hunting in the wilderness of Alaska
  160. Early 80s thriller with woman being chased
  161. Animated movie.
  162. Need to name this movie
  163. Movie description finder?
  164. Movie finder by description?
  165. Old sci-fi movie in black&white with flying manta's
  166. I can't remember this movie
  167. 80's movie... housewife goes into shock
  168. Where can I watch thomas and friends day of the diesels
  169. Movie title
  170. Find movie by description?
  171. Looking for the name of a movie
  172. 90s movie with twin brothers?
  173. Need help locating this movie title...
  174. What is that movie called?
  175. Movies murder mystery typewriter solved?
  176. Early to Mid 80's made for TV children's movie with a haunted house
  177. The Squadron.
  178. I'm trying to remember the name of a movie I saw a while ago. It's a movie about a teen
  179. 1980's tennis movie?
  180. What is that movie name about
  181. What is this 80's maybe very early 90's martial arts movie?
  182. Musical Lovers need help saw this movie years ago and can't recall who's in it or title
  183. Movie finder by description?
  184. The movie that takes place in a church with children and their parents.
  185. Can't remember a film
  186. Ask a movie expert?
  187. Name Of Movie?
  188. Find movies by description?
  189. Classic kids cartoon movie
  190. Name this film about burrowing creatures
  191. Does anyone know thins movie?
  192. What is the title of the movie briefly explained below?
  193. Old movie experts?
  194. 80s/90s animated movie with monsters?
  195. Trying to find a movie?
  196. What's that film called?
  197. What movie is this called?
  198. Find movies by description?
  199. Martial arts movie title help
  200. Guy is kidnapped by a couple. Most of the movie is in a cabin but he escapes. Title?
  201. What is the name of the movie where the husband and the nanny tries to kill his wife?
  202. 80's kid movie live action and animation
  203. What is the name of the movie-president's daughter gets kidnapped on a camping trip
  204. Cartoon movie from the 90's
  205. What is this 80's maybe very early 90's martial arts movie?
  206. What's the name of this movie ?
  207. Film where a group of yong people get taken hostage by a family of canibals?
  208. Movie description finder?
  209. Coming of age movie shown in cinemax during 90's
  210. Animated Carnival Movie help!
  211. Can't find title of a movie
  212. 1960's movie title family cabin?
  213. Do you know this movie
  214. Late 80s, early 90s movie.
  215. What is the name of this movie ?
  216. I can remember what this war movie is called!
  217. Movie name ?
  218. Find a movie by describing it?
  219. What's this movie called?
  220. Name of the movie about this biker girl in the early 1990's?
  221. Movie search by description?
  222. How to Find a Movie by a Scene?
  223. 90's kids TV series
  224. What's that movie called? Women get put in jail and one of the head men in charge
  225. A 90's kids movie possibly with puppets where they need to save the sun?
  226. Movie finder by description?
  227. What is this movie called
  228. Movie with young neighbors
  229. What is the title of this made-for-tv 80s movie?
  230. Martial artist flicks a button or coin through a man. What is the movie title?
  231. Movie finder
  232. What's the name of the movie, its about a doctor who discovers penicillin?
  233. Forgot this movie please help
  234. Looking for a hollywood movie
  235. I'm in need of help this is a old scary movie
  236. This about a movie glenn close was in
  237. OK there was
  238. 80s/90s movie with a little girl ghost
  239. Spoofed zombie movie
  240. Help me identify this movie
  241. How to find the title of a movie by its description?
  242. Need help identifying end of the world movie.
  243. What's that movie called?
  244. 80ies movie, sister & brother in a museum at night, good vs evil
  245. Half animated kids movie 80ies little girl & deer & fire
  246. Find a movie by description?
  247. Movie on TV in the 90's
  248. It's with a glass house
  249. Watched a move with a gang that identified with raven tattoo