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  1. Can you find this movie please... it is not a challenge only asking help... plzzz
  2. What is the name of this movie?
  3. 70's to 90's space anime movies?
  4. What is the movie with from like early 90s with the song total eclipse of the heart
  5. How to mute recorded sound while editing from video clips in Windows Movie Maker 2.6?
  6. Find a movie from description?
  7. Find movie by description?
  8. Find movie title?
  9. Older classic comedy- Title help please!
  10. Movies involving magic mirrors?
  11. Movie description finder?
  12. Find movies with description?
  13. Movie I am looking for
  14. A movie I can't remember
  15. How to find a movie without knowing the title?
  16. Copy protected VHS to DVD and VHS
  17. Please tell me movie names
  18. Movie Title
  19. What's the movie called?
  20. 70's 80's 90's B-Robot movie
  21. Half animated movie from 60's or 70's maybe a short film
  22. What is the name of a horror movie in which darkness kills all friends of a girl ?
  23. Religious man kills bad people with axe has 2 sons
  24. Old movie young boy runs away 2 joins the circus, meets up with this medicine man
  25. A little boy hides in the school attic and finds an old book
  26. Movie with ice skater and hockey player make ice skating team
  27. Movie from 80's or 90's about a kid who skateboards
  28. Old cartoon movie that I can't think of the name?
  29. Cartoon movie called time shifters ?
  30. Rare Kung Fu Movie
  31. Made for TV movies a lot like Labyrinth?
  32. Looking for a film/tv show?
  33. Marine movie, name
  34. Find A movie from Scene description? Can Any One Help Me Finding the title?
  35. Watchmen - Certain Song
  36. The movie is about a famous frog puppet that goes missing and some kids try and find
  37. A movie kind of like alice in wonderlad from the 80's
  38. Animated movie where a guy plays a musical instrument and chases a flower girl...
  39. Name of this action/horror movie seen a while ago?
  40. Late 90's/early 2000's movie on cinemax late night, softcore
  41. Need title for a movie
  42. Thriller movie.. I don't know the title
  43. Movie help
  44. How does the movie aloha bobby and rose end?
  45. Name the film where a Demon wants a town to give him one of their children
  46. Film where demon takes a child from town folk
  47. Looking for a movie title.
  48. 1980's TV movie about girl ghost?
  49. Man plays the piano and life in the forest
  50. Trying to find a cartoon can anyone help ?
  51. 80s cartoon robots searching for a weapon hero dies and must come back
  52. Has anyone heard of this old anime movie?
  53. Please Name this emovie For M
  54. Someone killing people for years and burying them in garden , exposes buried bicycle
  55. Looking for a movie from the 60s? All I remember is a bunch of psychodelic puppets
  56. Movie on a couple that meets in heaven/purgatory
  57. Comedy movie men fighting falling from sky
  58. The movie
  59. Movie title
  60. Searching for a movie title based on some of the plot
  61. Early 60s movie about peaceful forest creatures and evil chimp
  62. Alien movie
  63. Find the title of the movie please...
  64. Can't think of this movie title?
  65. Children's mystery movie 1980-1995
  66. Movie Expert must know this movie ?
  67. How can a 12 year old become famous?
  68. Looking for a christmas movie about a boy?
  69. Pink flying thing like flubber in space movie
  70. Do you know the name of this movie?
  71. Weird cartoon guy with flies over head
  72. What's the name of the movie
  73. Recognize the movie's title based from sound of movie clips
  74. Looking for title of movie mafia and fbi team up
  75. What's that movie called
  76. Animated or Claymation movie (Spanish?)
  77. Looking for scifi movie
  78. Movie where kids plan to commit suicide together
  79. Movie tittle 90s black actor with role as cop or mafia gangster
  80. Black white film woman's dies on a bed back courtroom ?
  81. 80s animation, been trying to remember for years!
  82. School movie from mid 90s... A young kid is on his grandpa boat...
  83. Find The title of The movie
  84. Classic B & W - film noir - suspense type 40's / 50's movie
  85. How to congratulate an actor of getting a part in the movie
  86. This movie was about a building that had cams in every apartment
  87. A movie about a guy that has cameras in his building
  88. Name the movie... Please..
  89. Name of movie
  90. Film about a little girl "clone"? Probably 70s/ 80s
  91. 80's movie about a boy kidnapped by another reality?
  92. Can't remember this teen romantic comedy's name!
  93. Can't remember the name of this Korean film?
  94. Trying to remember the title of a costume drama
  95. I have forgotten the title of a movie
  96. Help.. guess the movie's title based on the short clip ?
  97. Recognize the movie's title based from sound of movie clips
  98. I need a mexican girl movie girl please
  99. What's that movie called?
  100. I am trying to find the name of a movie from mid 70's to mid 80's.
  101. I Can't Rember The Name Of This Movie Please Help! X
  102. Old 80's animation for kids it's !
  103. Prom movie where teen ghosts from 60s reappear on prom night
  104. Scary music school kids movie?
  105. Movie that had circus freaks held captive in a barn
  106. Girl Jacqueline (I think) kidnapped by father(in the end)
  107. Old cartoon movie where kids are being chased by a this red fire spirit thing?
  108. Mgm hot movies
  109. Fairy-tale cartoons
  110. Another movie?
  111. A surprise snow storm freezes New York. People try to survie burn books in a library
  112. Movie about teacher being hurt in woods?
  113. Aime movie
  114. 80's driving films
  115. Trying to find a movie
  116. Book from old movies
  117. Trying to find movie, vauge 80s - 90s Thriller may be time travel
  118. Movie title: comedy submarine movie
  119. Robert downey jr romantic film
  120. Movie name from 90's
  121. I need help with this movie name it's killing me!
  122. Movie Scene
  123. An old movie about Mississippi in 1960's
  124. Name of prom movie
  125. Old b&w horror movie: old burned woman with long white hair, locked upstairs in old
  126. Children's 80's vhs?
  127. Movie where wife goes to prison for murder
  128. Movie was a horror flick people were rafting
  129. I Can't Rember The Name Of This Movie Please Help! X
  130. Please Help !
  131. Name of prom movie from about 1995 with teenagers dressed from about the 60s.
  132. 80s or 90s puppet movie - need title
  133. I want to know the name of this movie I saw back in the 90's
  134. A movie about a magic necklace
  135. Movie about kids wearing robotic armor
  136. A promise that every one was to keep
  137. I can't remember a film name or who is in it help
  138. Can you name this film
  139. Live action 80's movie with little and big people in it.
  140. Homeless man on fake head horse.
  141. What is the name of it?
  142. Don't know name of movie
  143. I'm looking for a movie that has a mouse in who I think is a spy(not danger mouse).
  144. Animated children's movies from the 80s/90s
  145. Black and white AR movie
  146. How do 10 year old become famous actress?
  147. 80's maybe early 90's animated scifi movie
  148. Searching 4 this erotic vampire movie name
  149. 80's movie called "The Toy" or something (Not the Richard Pryor one)
  150. 80's robot / superhuman movie
  151. Animated Short. Dancing around fire with devil in background?
  152. Looking for unicorn movie with two boys looking for unicorn
  153. What is the name of the is movie?
  154. Aliens movie 80-90
  155. Movie about a Toy Company and it's creation
  156. What is the name of this movie
  157. What is the name of this movie?
  158. Can anyone tell me what this movie is?
  159. Three movies/shows from 70's or 80's
  160. Movie about a model and blind man
  161. Finding a film from the 90s
  162. 1980s cartoon movie title wild sunglasses?
  163. 80's movie with little people in it
  164. Noir crime thriller about unescapable destiny referred to as "the design"
  165. Try to find old movies?
  166. Name of Film that came out 2000
  167. What is this movie?
  168. Old anime film in space
  169. Movie 30's or 40's.
  170. 70's movie about satan
  171. A movie I saw as a kid in the 90s
  172. What PAF featured underground car chase?
  173. Can't remember a film?
  174. Movie with Anthony Hopkins in which he lives in a cabin with an indian squaw?
  175. Old martial arts movie 80's maybe
  176. 1980's children movie about an Ice creautre that talks to kids. Please help me!
  177. Animated 1990's underground creatures escape?
  178. Horror movie from the early 90's
  179. Movie identification
  180. Anyone know this movie
  181. Search movies by description?
  182. Unknown Animated Movie Saw in the 90's
  183. 90's kids movie, runaway boy, clown
  184. God tells guy to kill
  185. Movie
  186. Movie
  187. Need title for a Kids movie from the 90s/early 2000s
  188. 80's kids cartoons with crystal in title?
  189. Cinemax/Showtime late night movie circa late 90s/early 2000's?
  190. Title for old english/Brit movie
  191. Archeology Movies
  192. What is the name of this movie?
  193. Cinemax late night movie circa 1998
  194. What's the movie called?
  195. Scary mirror movie from the 80's
  196. Need movie title!
  197. Movie title 70`s or 80`s
  198. A movie title from the late 90's early 2000's
  199. Alien Movie
  200. Can remember the name of this movie?
  201. What's the name of this movie?
  202. What's the name of this movie?
  203. Baffled and want to own it?
  204. So there's this one movie I can't remember the name but there's these tiny people that
  205. I'm trying to find a movie I've seen on RAI TV a long time ago.
  206. Vague movie memory, of what movie?
  207. Does anyone know the title to this movie?
  208. Need help going crazy
  209. What movie is it where the stepdad molested his step daughter
  210. I'm loking for a movie?
  211. Gumshoe detective falls for a blonde who turns out to be a ghost.
  212. I watched this movie a really long time ago?
  213. Need Help Finding Name of an Old Black-and-White Movie!
  214. Peter strauss working a steel factory in pittsburg
  215. Does anybody know what the title of this movie is?
  216. I need to find the name of a movie.
  217. I am looking for a film I once saw !
  218. Kid gets sent away comes back when sensei died
  219. Looking for old horror movie
  220. I can't figure out what this movie? Give a summary
  221. Movie Title?
  222. Old children's Movie Title?
  223. What's the movie?Daughter kills fathers girlfriend-
  224. An alien/fox sneaks into kids backpack 80's or 90's movie
  225. 80's/90's kids cartoon movie
  226. Old movie title?
  227. Looking for the name of a possible 90's kid video?
  228. Movie or TV? Please help..
  229. Super person from alien star bit like ben 10 but only one transformation
  230. Your superpower is you smell like dandelions whenever someone lies. How will you
  231. Ghost movie with a little girl
  232. Looking for Title of Children's Animated Movie
  233. Movie about bufferly fairy
  234. Trying to remember a 70's or 80's animated sci fi movie
  235. Late 70's early 80's movie I can't remember the title!
  236. Little girl goes on an adventure to escape death
  237. Help finding a movie that I saw a while ago
  238. Fictional movie about mining
  239. Hi I'm looking for a movie that I watched as a kid.
  240. Animated movie from the 70's
  241. Looking for the title of an old movie. I know the plot and that's all.
  242. Please HELP! Title of Giant Troll Movie?
  243. Need help finding this movie Please!
  244. Cannot remember movie title, only the plot, Help?
  245. Movie that is part live action and part animation
  246. Looking for a title of a movie..
  247. Do you know this old animated movie?
  248. Horror movie from the late 80s to mid 90s
  249. 80s movie about an injured guy who holds a family hostage in their home
  250. 1985 approx cartoon boy goes into mirror in his bedroom and ends up in different land