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  1. 0Who is this artist
  2. Avante Studios
  3. Robert Wood 56 Painting Worth
  4. Limited edition Renoir lithograph by Vollard
  5. Two drawings signed by A. S. K.
  6. Lithograph / signed art
  7. Unknown artists
  8. Art
  9. Please help identify artist signature in this painting.
  10. Help identifying artist of watercolor signed Benenson '98
  11. Pour robie original etching authenticated by the societe de verification de la nouvel
  12. I have an old painting by a. L. Grace. Called two points of View
  13. e.g. co. inc. the guardian angel print
  14. Terry madden/watercolor artist is he still alive
  15. Info on Indian rendezvous 1928 Borin Manufacture Co
  16. Framed 1928 borin litho of the Indian Rendezvous
  17. Henri Fourday
  18. Art Painting
  19. Art painting
  20. I also have 2 hand painted pictures from this Artists
  21. Two Italian original oils
  22. Art appraisal
  23. Avante Studios Inc
  24. Mona lisa
  25. I have a framed vintage HM Bateman Print? Marked in back Black and white [yellowed]
  26. Borin Mfg. Co. Chicago, Illinois 1920s
  27. Find artist by signature
  28. Today's approximate value
  29. Unknown artist on numbered lithograph New York society international
  30. Any Idea who this artist might be?
  31. Bongs and glass blowing art
  32. Dogs playing poker that were issued in 1960's worth?
  33. Help identify monogram for late 19th early 20th century Dutch artist painter
  34. Etchings by a simes
  35. How to come up for idea for tattoo?
  36. Clown picture
  37. Painting: Cadaques by Vittorio Stoppa
  38. Artist identy
  39. How much is a framed original Borin Chicago of a girl in large hat sitting in flower
  40. Painting with the name Wilson or Winson in bottom corner
  41. Abraham Lincoln Oil on canvas (?)
  42. How To Buy "Warm" And "Cool" Acrylics For School
  43. Value of painting
  44. Antonio Rivera prints
  45. Painting of 2 small african children dressing signed DuPree
  46. Anne alleban "Marian" worth
  47. What is this Signature or name of art studio cello on a portrait
  48. Hello my name is jackie duncan
  49. Beverly
  50. Franco Painting More Information Please!
  51. Edward gross co with Primm
  52. I have a print by Edward Gross Co, Inc, by Isaac M. Cohen - Betty- help?
  53. Melton Painting. What is the Artist's first name, and is it worth anything?
  54. Requesting Information
  55. Nail polish troubles
  56. Original Oil on Plywood - Cuban (?) folk or Na´ve Art
  57. Who can read my signature on oil painting
  58. Please Help identify the artist signature
  59. Making my cartoon copies as dark as the originals
  60. Edward gross co inc New York
  61. S garcia
  62. Art or Book? Self publishing cartoons
  63. R Brunel
  64. Painting
  65. Need info about a print signed Francis Roth at lower right corner
  66. Sailing ship oil painting info
  67. Les graveurs modernes
  68. Limited Edition Salvador Dali Print
  69. Cowboy sketches
  70. Need help to identify a signature on painting
  71. Looking for info on oil painting by Hurst.
  72. I have an oil painting. From Van den Bogarde. A vase.
  73. Laurentien pencil crayons
  74. Painting by Vittorio Stoppa
  75. Who is this artist?
  76. Painting
  77. European Skating Scene Oil on canvas
  78. Reverse Oil on glass painting by Artist from Peoples Republic of China
  79. An artists signature and painting that I cannot identify
  80. Identify this painting and artist
  81. value of 3610 painting
  82. Can any help me with this signature?
  83. Hi
  84. French maybe?
  85. A. Pisani
  86. Please help me identify these artist
  87. Please help me identify these artist
  88. R pasanault
  89. Anyone know this artist
  90. Please help me identify these artists
  91. How much is a Owen wexler painting
  92. Mona Lisa
  93. I have a painting and I do not know the artist or the year when it was painted.
  94. Wilson painting
  95. Who are dilart and carasl seciwa
  96. Identify glass art
  97. Richard G Lowe
  98. Does anybody recognize painting or artist's signature
  99. Need help identifying an artist
  100. Signature Identification
  101. Picasso
  102. Song title
  103. What is the best thing to use to seal art journal pages
  104. Oil Painting unknown artist PauL
  105. Country road
  106. What is a G. Whitman painting worth
  107. Edward Gross Co. artist L. Bouvray
  108. Floral painting by M. DeCamp
  109. Who is artist of print if Sun la Dyle named Jamlfaran
  110. Original jean charmeille etching
  111. Help reading artist signature
  112. A Santini figurine value
  113. I also have a painting done Melton w/ so paper work! How can I contact for an $$$
  114. Editing photos
  115. Best valuations for Ron Folland oil on canvas
  116. Oil Painting artist identification
  117. Identify Painting
  118. Finding the artist?
  119. Who Is This?
  120. Who is Don Marsh
  121. recital's estimated value
  122. Help, can anyone read this name?
  123. Anyone know this artist
  124. Anyone know this artist
  125. Can anyone help identify this artist
  126. Help on this Hitler painting
  127. Can anyone identify this artist
  128. Does anyone know this artist - D Doss
  129. Camilla lucus nyu usa copyright 1937 Pierre levainville information
  130. Identify artist?
  131. The only way an artist can work with metal is to heat it to a liquid state
  132. Old lithograph picture of half man half goat playing in forest
  133. 1925 Borin, Chicago
  134. Mystery signature on watercolor painting
  135. True Primary Colors and Mixing them.
  136. Lee Richards
  137. Balthuse
  138. Large textured print dated 1928
  139. Please Identify artist and piece
  140. Please Identify artist and piece
  141. I have a watercolor by Max Flatow is it worth framing
  142. Sailing oil painting
  143. Can anyone identify this artist
  144. Help identify this artist
  145. Edward gross company in New York city
  146. Collectors Guild Ltd Print
  147. Free as the Wind by Auguste Albo value price
  148. Borin Art Deco Art Clock
  149. have etching by A Simes and would like to know the value.
  150. M Maielatz
  151. Print by don mayo
  152. I have an Ida Bisek Prokop signed piece of Prairie Pictures in original frame and ori
  153. Paul richards watergraph serigraph technique tiger
  154. Oil painting identification by jack
  155. Large oil painting signed "Franco" ID?
  156. Could this picture be an Antonio Menegazzo?
  157. Print of a naked girl on swing in clouds
  158. Borin Manugacturing Print
  159. Black and White Painting
  160. e.g. co prints
  161. Where to find out value?
  162. How can I create texture on my starfish sculpture
  163. Deciphering artist signatures oil painting
  164. Jenny art question
  165. Painting
  166. Cs1266 albo once upon a time painfdaa
  167. Vincelli Paintings/illustrations
  168. How do I get information on this artist by the name LOFT I've been searching all over
  169. I can not read the signatures on five of my old painting
  170. Please help identify this artist
  171. How did Thomas Kinkade sign his paintings
  172. Help reading an artists signature
  173. Baby Jesus print
  174. R Hendrickson Sepia Print
  175. Anyone know an artist named "Amstater" or "Amstader"?
  176. I need the price of an August Albo print
  177. Picture named Autumn Gold Borin Mfg.chicago Illinois
  178. Who is dev m. I have original art signed dev m cant find
  179. Who's to tell me the full name of the author of this oil on canvas?
  180. Value of Dempscy painting
  181. Unknown Artist
  182. Help identifying origins of artwork
  183. I have a vintage oil painting signed only with Mitchell any idea who it is?
  184. Please help me find this song and artist!!
  185. De vity
  186. Dexter Bowles print
  187. Borin manufacturing company chicago 1925
  188. E g co inc prints
  189. James papal
  190. Fischbild (1925) by Paul Klee
  191. Oil painting by lillian darr
  192. Does anyone know the name of this painting and/or artist?
  193. Austrian etching artist signature identification!
  194. Jim Hansel - River Bottom Buck
  195. Al Bertram Print Value
  196. Trying to find out more about L'Amandier de Mougins by Marie Tissot.
  197. Floating in the Blue and Yummy Honey - Ernest Howard Shepard
  198. Gravure internationale of New York
  199. Question on artist
  200. Oil painting of avocadoes, artist signature Shafer, no online match.
  201. Can anyone help identify the artist / location?
  202. Can anyone identify the artist?
  203. Anyone familiar with the artist P Vines?
  204. Trying to identify the artist. Please help.
  205. Paint
  206. Old ship painting
  207. What is the value of a B.Major original oil painting 5"X7" called Venice
  208. Painting by artist W. Martin
  209. Painting signed w. martin
  210. Whio can identify this artist?
  211. Identify artist
  212. Artist Identification help?
  213. Artist signature
  214. T Moran picture signed T Moran '96
  215. Oil Painter - Need help to identify
  216. Paul Emile Lecomte
  217. Big Eyed Girl by LUINI
  218. Help with my painting please
  219. Kostia-B
  220. Artist signature
  221. Unknown artist
  222. Art experts hummel images
  223. Where do I find more paintings by Linda Higdon Bennett
  224. Who is the artist of this painting?
  225. Trafford plaques
  226. What is frediric mizenpaintings worth
  227. Artist identification
  228. Original etching by Louis Breton
  229. Artist identity needed
  230. Raffrey water colors
  231. values of etchings
  232. Artists signatures on paintings
  233. Painting identification
  234. Unknown artist! beautiful oil painting
  235. Help with Artist's signiture 18th 19th century oil painting
  236. Curious about a wax etching.
  237. What is the value of art prints by R Brunel?
  238. Idenify untitled piece of art
  239. Identify this artist
  240. Touching up reproduction print
  241. Pierre Catton
  242. Does any one no a artist who signs his paintings nossac
  243. I can't read the signature of the painter?
  244. Sleeping girl on raft with st bernard
  245. Oil painting by mayer with no first name
  246. Can you decipher artist signature?
  247. Paul Emile Lecomte etching - value
  248. Marie Elizabeth Wrede numbered & signed lithograph
  249. Artist signature
  250. Help identifying the name of an art photo