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    Mar 22, 2009, 12:38 PM
    Not happy
    Hi, my girlfriend broke up with me a good while ago, and I was pretty sad but I eventually got over it, I was OK for a while until just recently, the past week or so, I've been really sad and unhappy. I think it is because I think I may be starting to fall back in love with her, and it has been hard because she told me that she is going to be going to prom with someone this year, she says that it is just going to be as friends but I'm still worried about it. Just lately it seems like when I'm not hanging out with my friends I'm thinking of her and how I may not ever get to be with her again. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can try and either keep it off my mind or how I can try to get back together with her again? I just want to be happy again and lately it doesn't seem like I will be unless I get to be with her again.
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    Mar 22, 2009, 12:59 PM

    I went through a similar situation about a year ago.

    And, lets be honest, if you "think" you may be falling in love with her again, you have fallen in love with her again.

    I tried for months to get my ex back. And I was never really over her for a long, long time.

    As much as you hate it, you'll have to let her go. You CAN be happy without her. You were before her, you can be after her.

    Check out some of the stickies on the "relationships thread."

    If it hurts to be around her, take some time to yourself. Don't see her for a while. And once you can forget about her, you can maybe be friends again.

    In the meantime, distract yourself so you don't think about her. Movies, YouTube, sports, radio and music, TV, homework, OTHER friends... Get active!

    Maybe the NC Calender could help you too.

    ***Very few relationships can work in a 2nd round. I've seen this several times, and learned it myself the hard way. SOME can be mended, but most of the time the best idea is to move on.

    Good luck

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