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Replace the light bulb/lamp in a Wolf MWC 24 Microwave
Asked by imadthegreat, Today 06:06 PM in Appliances
My microwave is heating fine and it is fixed in the island cabinet. The lights are out in the microwave. I am guessing its just a bulb that I need to replace or may be a fuse. I can't find any...
Max Mougel Watercolors
Asked by flidais, Today 05:12 PM in Art
I just acquired two watercolors by Max Mougel. They are both depictions of the Tampa waterfront and ship traffic and loading. Does anyone know what they are worth? I want to sell them. Thank you.
Country music video or soft rock
Asked by Christian1937, Today 12:19 PM in Songs
Music video that has a man running from people while his girl waits at a coffee shop for him and the people are in his house and he still goes in to get his girls ring and they shoot at while hes...
00 dodge durango 4.7 v8
Asked by msKitty80, Yesterday 08:19 AM in Cars & Trucks
How many crankshaft sensors does a 00 dodge durango 4.7ltr v8 have?
Code question
Asked by Snyone, Yesterday 06:36 AM in Motorcycles
I have a 2009 Tri Glide that is giving me the following codes, P1353 and P1356. No combustion front and rear cylinders. Ive been researching this and found a site that says it may be due to a hole in...
Do you pay to any data providers for access to business info about your customers?
Asked by KYC star, Mar 22, 2019 01:53 AM in Small Business
I'm looking for due diligence services providers...
Which types of business data are critical for you while choosing vendors?
Asked by KYC star, Mar 21, 2019 03:27 AM in Finance & Accounting
What is necessary/unacceptable for you to become partners with a vendor?
Execute Apache Spark (Scala) code in Bash script
Asked by priyankamakke, Mar 21, 2019 02:17 AM in Online Education
I am newbie to spark and scala. I wanted to execute some spark code from inside a bash script. I wrote the following code. Scala code was written in a separate .SCALA file as follows. Scala Code:...
Can you connect audio mixer to iPhone?
Asked by harper017, Mar 20, 2019 04:45 PM in Other Hardware
I'm looking at starting a podcast/YouTube channel. I will be conducting interviews so will need 2 mics minimum. I'm going to be using just my phone for now to record the video however I'm a bit stuck...
I cant remember the name of a book
Asked by PR0WN3D, Mar 19, 2019 12:11 PM in Books & Literature
So the book its self, sort of goes like this. There are 2 friends and one of them bought a moon rock they thought was real but the main character says its fake and show the tag that says made in...