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1950 film with gun toting preacher
Asked by Jojada, Today 05:48 AM in Movies
Help! In which 1950 film did a bible carrying preacher carry a 6 shooter in his free hand?
Search engine optimization
Asked by webtwigs, Today 04:14 AM in Internet Marketing
Any new techniques are there to improve site rank?
How to increase my website traffic?
Asked by prahladsys, Today 03:07 AM in Internet & the Web
I have a website and I want to increse my website traffic. Please, give me the best suggestion to increase my website traffic.
Page sort in java spring
Asked by San05, Yesterday 10:58 PM in Java
I want to sort a page in the descending order of last four digits of a column value in java spring. Could anyone help me?
Updating FireFox Mozilla Browser
Asked by rhouse30, Yesterday 08:07 PM in Firefox
I am trying to update Firefox Mozilla Browser on my LinuxMint 17.1 and after Firefox download it is asking for a password. Specifically what password is it asking for. Whatever password it is...
Defunct email for my Google account.
Asked by AwesomeAlli819, Yesterday 11:50 AM in Internet & the Web
When I originally got my Google account, I used a backup email that has since become defunct because it was my cable internet and I moved. When I try to purchase in-app purchases for many of my apps,...
Find film by plot
Asked by K Stand Ken, Yesterday 05:23 AM in Movies
Circa 1940s British film, I think there is a music composer who writes a song entitled 'Wayfarer' and from the profits made from this he is able to buy a cuntry cottage.
Men is blue overalls in 1970's TV play(?) about Time
Asked by cagsie39, Yesterday 05:12 AM in Television
Each second in time is actually 'made' by lots of men in blue overalls moving each, individual item into the next 'second's' time frame (a never ending blackness until the items have been shifted...
Can you help with name of Movie please?
Asked by cagsie39, Yesterday 03:48 AM in Movies
This US movie is set in the midwest(?) during the 1950's or thereabouts. Opening scene is of a solitary young girl of about 9 years old. She is playing 'dress-up' wearing her older sister,...
What is this movie ?
Asked by Jannez, Aug 17, 2017 05:58 PM in Movies
I have seen the movie 1991 - 1993 in TV ( Finland ) sorry my poor language. I don't no the name of this movie, but it is American. Movie ends when the house is burning and little young white girl...