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Algebra question.
Asked by devans69, Today 01:36 PM in Mathematics
For what values of K does 3x^2-kx+2 have two equal roots?
My Facebook page reach is high but engagement is low, how can I fix it?
Asked by digger101, Today 09:23 AM in Internet & the Web
I have a page of about 40K followers. When our community was only about 28K, posts used to get an average of 120 likes. Our content is educational (teaching English), but we have been incorporating...
Electrical issue. Buzzing fixture
Asked by ghamilton122, Today 08:49 AM in Electrical & Lighting
Installed chandelier, it is not switched, direct wire as is using HUE lighting. Fixture makes humming noise whether bulbs in or not
Garbage containers in dubai
Asked by sonalikharve, Yesterday 04:39 AM in Other Home & Garden
Who is the best supplier of garbage containers in dubai?
Sweating wayy too much
Asked by HanyWasHere, Yesterday 04:18 AM in Fitness
Hello, Whenever I work out in the gym or kickboxing (specially kickboxing) I sweat a lot and I mean A lot! And I am looking for a solution for this. I've been kickboxing for 7 months now and lost...
Is fleet management software easily scalable?
Asked by abhinavashah, Yesterday 02:56 AM in Other Security
Is fleet management software easily scalable?
What is the brand of Mad Mike Whiddett Red Bull helmet ?
Asked by Dugom, Jul 17, 2018 05:56 PM in Art ( ( ...
What is the gun of Xia (Hannah Quinlivan) in Skyscraper (2018) ?
Asked by Dugom, Jul 17, 2018 05:40 PM in Movies ( ...
Need title and artist
Asked by diane, Jul 17, 2018 11:50 AM in Songs
Beginning lyrics: Someone next to you just might be crying, Although you may not see her tears She hides the child beneath the smile That's helped to make it through the years... She...
1960s B/W movie
Asked by Templar62, Jul 16, 2018 06:57 AM in Movies
I saw this question on this site already, but I couldnít find the answer. Iím looking for a movie in the 60s were some sailors dug up a chest with a sailors head in it who is still alive. What was...