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How do we redesign an existing website?
Asked by Francesaduo, Yesterday 07:23 PM in Other Web Development
So we have an existing website with a Modx Framework and with this updated website, we will be using Wordpress. We have already downloaded the template that we want to use, I don't know what to do...
Either a bond with a principal of $ 1,000 and a coupon of $ 40. What is the face rate
Asked by mee12345_, Yesterday 09:55 AM in Finance & Accounting
Either a bond with a principal of $ 1,000 and a coupon of $ 40. What is the face rate of this bond?
Getting so many Down times in wordpress
Asked by Ramikatz, Yesterday 09:16 AM in Internet & the Web
Hi, Now I using Ipage 2 years. Now always sever down or too Slow. I lost my traffic, lost subscribers and ultimately lost revenue. When I get support, they tel me that my site have too much traffic...
Theft Under $5,000 in Ontario, Canada - Diversion?
Asked by vespers, Jul 13, 2018 09:03 PM in Criminal Law
Last month, I was charged with Theft Under $5,000. It's something I've never done before, and I'll never do again. One day when I was walking home, I found a clutch purse in a parking lot....
How to adust lifters and push rods on 26hp intec ohv husquvarna
Asked by brianpeaster, Jul 13, 2018 03:25 PM in Tools & Power Equipment
What are the measurements on rocker arms intake and exaust
Heat pump connecting
Asked by fschwartz, Jul 12, 2018 09:06 AM in Heating & Air Conditioning
My heat pump motor top bearing went bad . I bought a replacement motor . My motor has 4 wires and the replacement motor has 5 wires it's a 2 sp motor the colors are brown brown/white black ,white...
Asked by SDelpome, Jul 11, 2018 05:46 PM in Family Law
In New Jersey, how do I go about petitioning the court to change mediators in a family court case?
Screen recoders
Asked by Rajbaheti, Jul 11, 2018 02:16 PM in Android
Can screen recorders leak videos while recording is on?
Inuit stone carving
Asked by irishsprite, Jul 10, 2018 09:06 AM in Other Collectibles
How does one determine authenticity and value of Inuit stone and soap stone carvings? We have a couple dozen. Several of them have a sticker, saying "hand made" and often the sticker indicates...
Question about “Squeeze Page” and MailChimp
Asked by gentleman2222, Jul 7, 2018 01:17 PM in Internet Marketing
Hello, I wish to market my product using Google Adwords in addition to emailing potential buyers. I am thinking of creating a page where the potential buyer lands on after clicking my Google Adword ...