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All-in-One App for IAS & UPSC Exam
Asked by bytesias12, Today 11:05 AM in Teaching
I want to share about a educational app which is now I am using. His one app will be enough to support all your preparations for IAS exams. IAS Bytes brings articles from websites that have...
Need Advise
Asked by sunflower2016, Today 11:02 AM in Children
Son no longer with his girlfriend,she is polish. She left uk to have his child in Poland.She has had no contact with him from approx being 5 weeks pregnant . We were unable to contact her or the...
Plot of all commodity unit prices vs annual consumption
Asked by rsplinters, Today 10:17 AM in Economics
Years ago I remember of plot showing unit prices and consumption for a lot of commodities. I believe it was a log - log plot with stuff from platinum to corn. I've tried numerous Google searches...
Face cream (Extra Clair)
Asked by thutochampi, Today 03:41 AM in Beauty
Am using extra clair as my face and body cream and its treating me very well, my skin is smooth my face is flawless.. so I would like to know if I need to change or stop using it because it's a...
Is the information is Reference Checks Confidential?
Asked by Paisley910, Yesterday 10:17 PM in Human Resources
One of my current employees recently applied for a job at another company. I was contacted by the hiring manager to answer some questions about their applicant (my employee) to help them narrow down...
Doublewide mobile home no title
Asked by Anna 123, Yesterday 06:40 PM in Real Estate Law
We purchased this 1991 doublewide mobile home in Pennsylvania 2008 from a private owner. It has never been titled because the previous owner financed in New York State and they did not title a mobile...
Question about horse movie
Asked by JillWilliams, Yesterday 04:13 AM in Movies
I once saw a movie based in WWII about a paratrooper who was shot down over Poland(?) and he lived with a family who were horse people. He learned to ride and then escaped to America riding one of...
What is the manufacturing year of my White Rotary sewing machine FR3155512?
Asked by chazcp, Jul 22, 2016 02:53 PM in Other Collectibles
I have a White Rotary sewing machine with serial # FR3155512. What is the manufacture year of this sewing machine?
Best ivf centre in delhi
Asked by amity4328, Jul 22, 2016 03:16 AM in Pregnancy & New Motherhood
Where is the best ivf centre in delhi?
Which EMR system is best and simple for use in India?
Asked by bhuvimathi, Jul 21, 2016 03:59 AM in Medical Specialties
Is there any best and simple method of using EMR-Electronic Medical Records software system in India?