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My dog is acting very strange. Is he sick?
Asked by reagan4doctor, Today 12:42 PM in Dogs
One minute my 8 year old boxer dog Caspian is up and walking around fine, then the next his head starts to droop and he becomes less alert. I was eating chips and dropped one and he ran to pick it...
Picture Of The Year
Asked by Athos, Today 11:49 AM in Current Events
I went to turn on my shower. The bathroom faucet blew water out like a hydrant. Why?
Asked by trafficgal, Today 11:31 AM in Plumbing
I went to take a shower, the bathroom faucet blew and water was gushing everywhere. Couldn't manually turn off water. Had to be done from the pipes Why did this happen
Replacement of kitchen sink question
Asked by foreverromantic, Today 10:41 AM in Interior Home Improvement
I still have a dual kitchen sink ceramic from many years. I may want to try to change it to a stainless steel sink.. I was surprised to learn that plumbers do not do this type work. I called...
How do remove and replace my Craftsman lawn tractors drawbar?
Asked by shavens, Today 08:54 AM in Tools & Power Equipment
I have a Craftsman Lawn Tractor and the drawbar is broken, the metal has split where the grass catcher support slides into. I need to remove the old drawbar and install a new one.
Can a TF5 replace a CFV?
Asked by jstevens23, Today 01:20 AM in Heating & Air Conditioning
I was looking at some Copeland compressors and found that there some family series that have both a CPV and TF5 classification. From what I have read, the "C" stands for capacitor run while the "T"...
How to create FindStuMaxBorrowedBooks(lib) function in python?
Asked by LLMH, Jun 19, 2018 06:25 PM in Internet & the Web
Function FindStuMaxBorrowedBooks(lib) that will find the students borrowing the most books from the library database. The function should not print out any message on screen but return all the...
How Vitamin D Deficiency is Linked to Type 2 Diabetes?
Asked by RoyParker, Jun 18, 2018 03:27 AM in Medical Conditions & Diseases
I read in an article on zovon healthcare that Vitamin D deficiency might increase the risk for type 2 diabetes. Is it true?
Can black n decker 18 v charge porter cable 18 v battery
Asked by tableclocks, Jun 17, 2018 08:09 PM in Tools & Power Equipment
Cant find a 18 v porter cable 18 v charger, not made any more, from what I read a black n Decker may work if somewhat fitted, any ideals if that's true, tks, richard
18 volt drill charger
Asked by tableclocks, Jun 17, 2018 02:55 PM in Tools & Power Equipment
My porter cable cable 18 volt charger don't work, they don't make them any more, if I pin it correct can I use a 18 volt harbour or black and decker charger? Tks