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Question Regarding Advertising Agencies (Preferably in India)
Asked by mumbaiindia, Yesterday 06:55 PM in Other Careers
I have a question. Previously, I have worked in an ad agency in mumbai for one and a half years as a graduate trainee in various departments. I am now planning to join the same agency in a different...
Replacement glass for nova 42" ceiling fan
Asked by gusbuster48, Yesterday 02:06 PM in Electrical & Lighting
I need a twist on glass shade for my Scandinavian 42" ceiling fan
Social security
Asked by jayarby, Yesterday 09:33 AM in Retirement
I'm 66 and just started to collect SS. My benefit is around 2200.00/mth. I still work full time grossing $40,000/yr, and part time earning $6500/yr. my wife earns $38,000/yr. Since we're going to be...
Resign or retire
Asked by jayarby, Yesterday 09:18 AM in Human Resources
I'm 66 years old, receive social security and I'm ready to leave the full time work force. I don't have a pension plan but have a 401k with an outstanding loan. My question: From a Human Resources...
Interested places to Visit in Australia?
Asked by matthewanxiety, Feb 16, 2018 10:48 PM in Australia
I love traveling but I don't know the best place to visit in Australia. Can anyone help me out by sharing your views regarding which place is best
Movie in which a lover type is driving a convertible and giving out his phone number
Asked by carlmaldridgejr, Feb 14, 2018 02:05 PM in Movies
What is movie title for a lover type male who is driving a convertible car and giving his phone number to women at traffic lights and then later dating 3 women at the same time and giving each of...
Dodo Bird from the film undercover angel
Asked by Honeytre48, Feb 14, 2018 08:41 AM in Other Family & People
I would like to know where I can purchase the original DoDo bird! Have looked all over for it! The family LOVES the movie &so do the grandchildren, who are the ones who really want this!!
How to prepare noc letter for construction waste dump yard in site
Asked by jabbarcpt, Feb 13, 2018 06:39 PM in Construction
How to prepare noc letter for construction waste Dump yard in site
How to develop a Classifieds websites?
Asked by Dhillep, Feb 12, 2018 03:11 AM in Other Web Development
Hi Friends, My short time goal is "To Create a Classifieds Websites", so Please suggest me the best classifieds Templates. And I am waiting for my rpy
Philippina wife Spousial Social Security benefits
Asked by Heceta, Feb 11, 2018 09:26 PM in Retirement
My wife and I are living full time in the Philippines, I am 75 receiving Social Security. Question ? Can my Philippine citizen wife age 66 collect Spousal Social Security Benefits without a Green...