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Asked by Kasirjudi, Today 09:41 PM in Gambling
How to win a gamble online games just like in ( ?
Working out my holiday/vacation entitlement
Asked by ennogs, Today 08:01 PM in Mathematics
I have been tearing my hair out over this lol. I am trying to work my holiday (vacation) entitlement out. Can somebody please tell me if I am right? I get 27 days holiday plus...
Samsung fridge leakage
Asked by log, Yesterday 09:12 PM in Appliances
Hey In the morning I noticed some kind of water leak? Inside the fridge part. Anyone know as of why this happens?
Who sings the song (YouHurt) As Much As You Love Someone?
Asked by coachray25, Yesterday 09:16 AM in Songs
Who sings the song (YouHurt) As Much As You Love Someone?
Online Marketing
Asked by AdamFrankie, Yesterday 12:02 AM in Internet Business
Promoting something online is the most trending thing that you can do to make your business grow. But what secure means can be used to convince the target audience that every information that they...
Asked by AdamFrankie, Nov 15, 2018 11:20 PM in Economics
Considering International Finance, Arbitrage is one of the most important concept that need to be kept in mind. I just need to know that how this system actually works?
How to come up with the answe 20 % and 20 %trade discount off 905.00
Asked by carincannon, Nov 15, 2018 07:21 AM in Accounting
My total is 905.00 I need to tske atrade didscount of 20% and 20 % what is it going to be
Multiple power supplies
Asked by colbtech, Nov 15, 2018 01:25 AM in Electrical Engineering
Morning all, Been a while. I have a greenhouse project in the near future that requires a weatherstation in the packing shed controlling several slave units in different greenhouses via RS485. All...
Currency and Inflation
Asked by AdamFrankie, Nov 15, 2018 12:22 AM in Economics
Currency devaluation also affects inflation. What could be some steps that can be taken by the government to control inflation?
Currency Trading
Asked by AdamFrankie, Nov 14, 2018 11:49 PM in Economics
How a pip can be defined in Forex trading? Is it a different sort of process?