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'ancient boundaries of Yorkshire quiz' questions
Asked by kelster1, Today 12:28 PM in Games
Hi, I need help with the following questions for an ancient boundaries of Yorkshire quiz. All answers can be found in or partly in the ancient boundaries of Yorkshire. Iíve tried working them out but...
Miller CHF80-PO manual
Asked by vistailey, Today 10:34 AM in Heating & Air Conditioning
Where can I get a manual for the CHF80-PO ?
A question for the electrically inclined...
Asked by ChrisLW47130, Yesterday 11:28 PM in Interior Home Improvement
I recently swapped out my old, very dated porch lights for some nice, new stainless steel models. After that, I took out the old fluorescent fixture above my sink and installed a new, LED fixture....
I am taxed on reimbursed travel, how do I account for this
Asked by acdaley, Yesterday 09:56 AM in Accounting
I have a limited company where I travel to work. I pay for my plane tickets in advance and then the company who contracts me pays me for my services and reimburses me 100% for my travel two weeks...
'pastimes, games & activities quiz questions'.
Asked by kelster1, Yesterday 05:22 AM in Hobbies
Hi, I need help with the following questions for a 'pastimes, games & activities quiz'. All answers are related to various pastimes, games & activities. I've included some answers I've thought of for...
Is heat transferred when water vapor (liquid state) condense to form larger drops?
Asked by jmsteven, Yesterday 05:08 AM in Physics
Water vapor is tiny droplets of liquid water, suspended usually in air. So, when water vapor 'condenses' to form larger drops of water, there seems to be no 'change of state' (such as between gas...
Does Bryant furnace model394gad024050 have a flame sensor if so where is it located
Asked by Tjohnant, Oct 23, 2016 12:51 PM in Heating & Air Conditioning
Does a Bryant furnace model 394gad024050 have a flame sensor if so where is it located furnace comes on then shuts off. Try to find flame sensor for Bryant furnace 394gad024050
Rear Seatbelt Chocking...
Asked by NorPlan, Oct 23, 2016 11:20 AM in Cars & Trucks
Previous Car had a 6" Slide Adjustment for the Rear Seatbelt Body Strap at the point where the Belt entered the Side Window Post... Our present car a 2016 Honda HRV doesn't have such thereby Choking...
New battery in remote and still having issues engaging door opener
Asked by ernietsg, Oct 22, 2016 07:44 AM in Electrical & Lighting
The distance between remote and door opener has progressively gotten shorter until now it is only intermittently working even standing under the door opener. I've replaced the battery twice now; the...
Pregnancy again
Asked by nahidheidari, Oct 22, 2016 12:15 AM in Pregnancy & New Motherhood
Hi , I got married five years ago. My husband and I did not want to have children. 6 months ago Test before pregnancy and 3 months of folic acid and injected twice mates D3, in the three months prior...