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90,000 owed to my dead husband
Asked by jaybee7, Yesterday 10:05 PM in Other Money & Services
My husband was a general contractor working under a 1099 for a commercial business as the Maintenance Manager. My husband died 2 years ago and the business owner still owed him almost $90,000 for...
How do I make beignets taste as delish as they do in New Orleans?
Asked by Jiraffejunkie, Yesterday 03:08 AM in New Orleans
No matter how many different ways I try, I cannot end up with anything anywhere as close to as good. Yet somehow, it almost feels like it's supposed to be that way, and rightfully so.
Robert guillaume in movie where all black people left
Asked by jackiemurray1, Aug 11, 2018 05:21 PM in Movies
There was a virgin mary who came to the gettho into a drug hose. Black people were the ruling class and they all went on a space ship to leave america
Difference between cookies and metadata?
Asked by SocialMediaThes, Aug 11, 2018 04:01 PM in Internet & the Web
Can someone please explain the difference between cookies and metadata to me? I was looking for an answer online but I can't find a good and clear explanation.. Thanks! (It's for my thesis so it's...
Should I buy a new monitor
Asked by Rocky_maximus, Aug 11, 2018 02:36 PM in Laptops
I have Alienware 15 r3 itís i7 8 gb ram guy 1070I want to buy a new 144hz monitor so I can use my laptop as just cpu and that monitor as new screen do you think I would get good FPS full 144hx...
My ex was paying clid support but lost his job, the child is a part time student
Asked by dzmills, Aug 10, 2018 02:05 PM in Family Law
My ex was paying child support for 8 out of 12 years. He lost his job, the child is now living with him and is a part time student. I am filing a consent order to stop child support and forgive the...
Sci-book series with a ginger haired character
Asked by Davo81, Aug 10, 2018 08:46 AM in Books & Literature
I read a sci-fi book series where one of the characters was a big ginger haired guy, he and some other people were stranded on a planet when their ship/prison ship crashed. I can't remember much else...
Name of an Institution which gives audit training with 100% placements in Pune?
Asked by Sonali Patra, Aug 9, 2018 11:49 PM in Other Education
As audit training is the best choice for a hr professional would like to know the place in Pune I can go and get best choice for audit training with 100% placement.
Where a hr learning seeker will get a hr solutions provider Pune?
Asked by Sonali Patra, Aug 9, 2018 11:43 PM in Other Education
HI, I want to do hr training from a good hr solutions provider. I am seeking this course from Pune a educational hub.
How do I make SciTE display an x on the tabs to close them instead of right clicking?
Asked by johnegracejr, Aug 9, 2018 02:31 PM in Other Computers
I know that the SciTE editor is very customizable. How to I get it to display an "x" on the tabs so that I can close them without right clicking?