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Paint job
Asked by jlisenbe, Today 05:22 PM in Cars & Trucks
Daughter owns a Toyota Camry... 05. It has about 150K miles on it. The paint, which is white, is fairly dull. As far as I can tell, it has no clear coat on it. Will getting it waxed help get some...
Bathroom Exhaust Fan..
Asked by NorPlan, Today 04:24 PM in Electrical & Lighting
Just picked up a Bathroom Exhaust Fan from Costco.. Automatic Sensor Control, Select Dial, Override Switch.. Two Part Question (1) With the Control, could I not tap into an existing GFI Wall Plug? ...
Ignition switch
Asked by thomasdubya, Today 03:31 PM in Other Home & Garden
I have to turn my ignition switch about 10 times before it starts.When I turn it,it goes clunk,clunk before it finally starts on a jd lx172
1996 Murray 42 inch drive belt diagram
Asked by Slashor2001, Today 01:19 PM in Tools & Power Equipment
Looking for a diagram of 1996 42" cut murray Deck belt diagram.
Arduino and home built capacitor sensors
Asked by eranzenbach, Today 10:21 AM in Electrical Engineering
I am attempting to measure fluid levels in a chamber. To do this I have constructed a water-tight cylindrical capacitor sensor. The electrodes are copper strips applied to the outside of the...
How do I wire a rheem RCBA-2459GG14 blower motor for low speed
Asked by gale spicer, Today 10:06 AM in Heating & Air Conditioning
Do I just hook up the wire from p2-12 to p2-11/p2-5 ?
Asked by classyT, Yesterday 12:41 PM in Christianity
Do you believe in the rapture of the church. Why or why not? If you do believe in the rapture, is it pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib. Do you have scripture to back up what you believe?
Split Ac outdoor unit growling rattling sound on startup
Asked by Balnafasae, Yesterday 12:34 AM in Heating & Air Conditioning
Hello, I have a 1 ton split ac unit which I bought 2 months back. It not used much. In recent days when I turn on the system, the outdoor unit makes a rumbling and rattling noise like a trunk in...
Form 8283 instructions
Asked by tableclocks, Jul 28, 2016 10:43 AM in Taxes
Looks like to me, for cloths and small items , I only need to do section A, part 1, for one origination, or A and B MAYBE C FOR 2 or 3 different originations for a total of less them 5,000...
Can't remember the name of this exorcism movie
Asked by dysonfrost, Jul 28, 2016 08:24 AM in Movies
Hello guys, I'm looking for the title of an exorcism movie released in mid 2000's, it drives me crazy and I don't have any information about the director or the actors, juste the plot and the...