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A net loss results in a decrease in a. assets b. expenses c. owner's equity
Asked by shanicquabaker, Yesterday 06:59 PM in Accounting
A net loss results in a decrease in a. assets
An adjusting entry would not include which of the following accounts? a. Unearned
Asked by shanicquabaker, Yesterday 06:47 PM in Accounting
An adjusting entry would not include which of the following accounts? a. Unearned Revenue
Wooden Sign with Orange Farmer holding silverware
Asked by rebbooks, Yesterday 04:22 PM in Other Collectibles
Hi, I have a 24 in diameter circular wooden sign that has only an orange farmer on it holding a fork and a spoon in his hands. I'm wondering if anyone know anything about it. I would like to...
Marginal cost and quantity
Asked by arnoix, Yesterday 09:15 AM in Mathematics
Health Authority is considering expanding flu vaccine coverage to Include staff families and relatives. If they did this, the annual fixed Costs of the expanded coverage would be $40,000....
Effect on net income or cash flow
Asked by loverienne, Sep 24, 2016 08:39 PM in Accounting
Hi I'm so confused on how to figure these things out. If I sold a unit of inventory for $600 on account which had cost $300 and was already part of inventory prior to this sale, how does this effect...
Possible 80's Movie About Magic?
Asked by crispeeduck, Sep 22, 2016 12:32 PM in Movies
Hey. I have been trying to identify something I saw as a child in the 80's. I am sure it was a movie, and it was possibly about a young boy magician. The only part I am sure of, is I have a clear...
Movie, Thriller
Asked by SZ01, Sep 20, 2016 11:48 PM in Movies
I'm looking for the title of a movie in which this ma ora couple of men kidnap a woman out of her house take her to a cave in somejungle or island. The hero goes after them and in the final part...
How to read a station plot
Asked by K_miller11, Sep 20, 2016 09:53 AM in Meteorology
I have a station plot, and it is confusing... I understand that circle in the centre indicates a manned station and a triangle in the centre indicates an automated station. 1) What if I have...
Re-expressing the Hamiltonian of a system using another basis
Asked by danulagod, Sep 18, 2016 01:56 PM in Physics
I have been given the Hamiltonian of system (particle in a ring), H=∑0N[−V1(|gn⟩⟨gn+1|+|gn+1⟩⟨gn|)−V2(|gn⟩⟨gn+2|+|gn+2⟩⟨gn|)]It's expressed in the basis ⟨m|gn⟩=δmn How can I re-express this...
Looking thriller movie
Asked by kixon, Sep 18, 2016 10:25 AM in Movies
Looking movie thriller, is perhaps an accident on the bridge, and a few years after the accident culprit for the accident starts to haunt the father of one of the collateral victims, until the end of...