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Find film by plot
Asked by K Stand Ken, Today 05:23 AM in Movies
Circa 1940s British film, I think there is a music composer who writes a song entitled 'Wayfarer' and from the profits made from this he is able to buy a cuntry cottage.
Men is blue overalls in 1970's TV play(?) about Time
Asked by cagsie39, Today 05:12 AM in Television
Each second in time is actually 'made' by lots of men in blue overalls moving each, individual item into the next 'second's' time frame (a never ending blackness until the items have been shifted...
Can you help with name of Movie please?
Asked by cagsie39, Today 03:48 AM in Movies
This US movie is set in the midwest(?) during the 1950's or thereabouts. Opening scene is of a solitary young girl of about 9 years old. She is playing 'dress-up' wearing her older sister,...
What is this movie ?
Asked by Jannez, Yesterday 05:58 PM in Movies
I have seen the movie 1991 - 1993 in TV ( Finland ) sorry my poor language. I don't no the name of this movie, but it is American. Movie ends when the house is burning and little young white girl...
Digital marketing
Asked by shishirkharade1, Yesterday 05:47 AM in Other Education
Digital marketing courses in pune
Sealant on top of grout sealer
Asked by caroln242, Aug 16, 2017 05:08 PM in Interior Home Improvement
We have a house that has 2 bathrooms. In one bathroom the floor tile looks like it has some sort of protectant sealer over the grout sealer. It's real slick and has turned a little yellowish over...
Mobile memory problem
Asked by Story Writer, Aug 16, 2017 05:55 AM in Android
My Samsung Galaxy mobile phone is giving following problems - 1. The Gallary is not opening. 2. When I try to open it, it shows the message that the memory is full and I should delete files....
The writer the lawyer the doctor and a jock cover up the shooting of a girl
Asked by tmallen091576, Aug 15, 2017 05:41 PM in Movies
Help me find the title of this made for TV film. The writer the lawyer the doctor and a jock cover up the shooting of a woman. The writer ends up being the orchestrator of the whole event, goes to...
Name of thriller movie involving teenagers released before 2006 in US
Asked by ACE199712332, Aug 15, 2017 08:46 AM in Movies
I just remember two things about the movie 1) There is a scene where a young boy is peeping on one of the teen undressing but suddenly his mom arrives and he fakes out tat he is sleeping. His mom...
Disqus How can I add the account
Asked by Gagamaru, Aug 14, 2017 07:25 PM in Internet & the Web
Hi all Currently, I have one in Google account. I have one in Disqus account based on that Google Account. Moreover, there are two more Google accounts.At the same time, it is possible to...