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Should A society’s laws reflect a society’s values?
Asked by Nattayfox, Today 08:06 AM in Other Society & Culture
I am looking for both affirmative (Yes a society's laws should reflect its values) and negative (No it shouldn't) views. This is for an english debate assignment and your help will be greatly...
Commission only compensation
Asked by Lorbrad, Today 07:11 AM in Small Business
I am just getting started what percentage should I pay a commission only sales rep for yearly janitorial service contracts in Houston.
Sweaty palms
Asked by Robert Reny, Today 03:15 AM in Other Health & Wellness
My hands and feet sweat a lot it happens to me any time even when I am not nervous.
How do you find your new B2B customers/vendors via Internet?
Asked by KYC star, Today 02:52 AM in Other Software
I mean, what legal sources do you usually use.
Problem with emoji icon for messaging app development on Android
Asked by chochocho, Yesterday 05:23 PM in Other Programming
I have a team doing a messaging app development for me. On their progress they have a problem with the emoji icon functionality. The problem is that they seem to have a problem closing the emoji set...
Looking for romance book I think is from 80's
Asked by colombanova, Yesterday 12:21 PM in Books & Literature
Mr. Hugh O'connor sent his best friend an Irish writer to retrieve his niece who lost her memory and is at a convent in central america, in order to leave the country they have to marry and the...
Betnesol side effect
Asked by vinayakyup, Mar 15, 2019 03:43 AM in Skin Care
I was taking Betnesol medicine 3 years ago for universal alopecia. Because of betnesol I got a weight in my body and also stretch marks. But when I stop this medicine again I lost my hair. Now I...
Help with Arabic translation (food)
Asked by cst89, Mar 13, 2019 03:23 PM in Middle East
Hello! We are travelling to Jordan soon and I need help with Arabic translation of a short sentence explaining that I have a special (vegan) diet, when ordering food. The translation can be in...
Voicemails lost... HELP Please
Asked by Brattymel93, Mar 12, 2019 08:15 AM in Android
The past few months I have been using an unlocked galaxy j4 plus with straight talks service. A couple days ago I dropped my phone and yesterday my screen decided to go black and not work anymore....
Intellectual property for phone app
Asked by chochocho, Mar 9, 2019 11:49 AM in Corporate Law
• I currently have a messaging phone app being developed for me by a developer. The app, through its software design has one unique feature different from others. • But I have some concerns about...