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What factor are considered for designing an ecommerce website?
Asked by jennypitula, Today 05:22 AM in Other Web Development
Hi, I am new to this industry. Tell me what are the factors considered for designing an eCommerce website?
Do you know the best way to play iTunes DRM movies on Windows computers?
Asked by Derrick_Adams20, Today 02:08 AM in Multimedia
Do you know the best way to play iTunes DRM movies on Windows computers? I need to get rid of the iTunes and then play iTunes videos on other players such as VLC Player? Thank you.
How can I extract data from an iMac desktop internal hard drive onto my windows PC?
Asked by Shifftali, Yesterday 02:46 PM in Hard Drives
I have an internal hard drive from an old iMac desktop (2008?) that id like to get the data from. I also have a SATA reader but when I plug it into my windows toshiba laptop - nothing happens. Can it...
Aqua Helix Shower Head
Asked by 2008mike1990, Yesterday 01:22 PM in Plumbing
Hi everyone, I have a Aqua Helix shower head about ten or so years old. It operates on a very small and very flexible rubber tube about 3 inches long. The tube needs replacing and I have gone online...
How do I record vendor discounts?
Asked by njsatow, Yesterday 06:47 AM in Small Business
How do I enter an account in my chart of accounts for vendor discounts? This is an expense item, right? Then how do I record the discount when I enter the transaction?
What mammalian genus(es) (or most closely related group of mammals) have the largest
Asked by godayniceday, Apr 22, 2017 08:10 PM in Biology
I want to compare the MC1R sequence from different mammalian species that are somewhat localized at various geographic regions. I would like to look at species that belong to the same genus (a genus...
Cartoon about boy and girl saving their mom from a winter/snow witch
Asked by jakopus, Apr 22, 2017 10:53 AM in Movies
I think the cartoon is from 1990s (could be older, but definitelly older than 2005). So, the cartoon is about little boy (I think his name was Jato, something like that... ) and girl. They were...
Completely new to java, trying to figure out how to implement this code properly
Asked by siccoblue, Apr 21, 2017 04:52 PM in Java
I'm trying to implement something at the moment and am having issues doing so properly So what I'm trying to do here is add this public static Player getPlayer(String name) { for (int...
I have 1 pound of ferric chloride, anhydrous 99.8%. I wand to make three gallon solut
Asked by Gunluff, Apr 21, 2017 02:41 PM in Chemistry
I want to make three gallon solutions of ferric chloride in 2%, 7%, 10% & 15%. Should I use distilled water or deionized water? How much anhydrous do I add to each three gallon to have the solutions...
ZİG ZAG matrix
Asked by overlord2042, Apr 20, 2017 04:21 AM in Other Programming
i would like some one expert to see my codes and tell my if there is another way to write this codes or can make any changes that leads to the same results import java.util.Scanner; public...