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How Can I Prevent Identity Theft?
Asked by preventidentity, Today 03:35 AM in Other Law
Scammers can steal your identity if they get pieces of your personal information such as your full name, birth date, email address, street address, phone number, credit card number, Social Security...
How to preserve plums cooking them first?
Asked by Neelie, Today 03:25 AM in Cooking
I froze quite a lot of fresh plums late last year, now I need to take them from the freezer to make room for other stuff. I thought they might be watery or mushy when defrosted but they're not and...
How to solve the problem of order fulfillment?
Asked by 1Mayday, Today 03:19 AM in Other Business & Careers
I need a partner in China to help me with my order fulfillment, cause I sell things all over the world, and most of my suppliers in China. It's too expensive for me to me to manage. Is there any...
What could I buy for my mum as a birthday present?
Asked by Anton87, Today 01:39 AM in Other Family & People
Hey guys, The birthday of my mum moves closer. Have you got ideas? She will be 49 years old. Thank you
War movie
Asked by MaggiHess, Yesterday 03:27 PM in Movies
Hi, I'm looking for quite an old war movie. All I remember is that there is a woman whose husband is fighting in WW2 and is MIA. So she joins the forces to go and look for him. If I remember...
Android with stock ROM
Asked by wilsonsmith, Yesterday 05:23 AM in Internet & the Web
How does Android with stock rom in download mode recognize custom rom? Where is rom signature stored and how does Android check the signature?
What things should I be aware before hiring a website designer for business?
Asked by marcusjansen, Yesterday 04:00 AM in Other Web Development
I wanted to hire a designer to build the own website for business, which should be SEO friendly and help me to improve revenue. So before hiring or opting some designers what clarity I should have.
Ryobi philippines distributor
Asked by Rulik, Jun 27, 2017 06:26 PM in Electrical & Lighting
I need for my grasscutter new batterycharger 40V
Searching for audio optional online survey tool
Asked by DaniCrosby1983, Jun 26, 2017 10:01 PM in Internet & the Web
What online survey tool will allow me to provide an audio and written version and allow respondents to answer by uploading audio files and/or written responses?
Any moving company you can suggest in Melbourne, Australia?
Asked by Allan Ray, Jun 26, 2017 06:39 PM in Moving & Storage
I am planning to move from Brisbane to Melbourne, any good moving company you could suggest?