At last I am posting the "surprise" that I had promised to a number of you almost three weeks ago!

This is a tribute to "The Artist in you!" thread as started by firmbeliever, who is a member of this site. Although that thread started as being only about art in the visual sense on flat surfaces, it quickly evolved into including art concerning music, crafts, literary, furniture refinishing/restoration, woodcuts, photography, and that which concerned the theatrical arts. All of those types of art can overlap with and also compliment each other.

Because of the popularity of that thread and quality of various kinds of art that have been posted on it, I thought that it would be fitting to have some kind of index to it. Having something like that would be beneficial to the fine artists who have posted images on it who might want to cite references to what they have already done when helping other persons on other art type threads. I know that it has already happened where an artist who did post images on "The Artist in you!" thread was trying to tell someone where they had posted something on it, but couldn't remember where they had. Having this type of index should help. It would also be beneficial to have an index by subject of that thread. But, that would be something to be made on another thread.

This is still a work in progress, but I figured that I had better post something really soon before I leave for a few days for a three day gig and don't have any access to the Internet. It will still take some time to really complete it. I have already contacted all of those who have contributed images to that thread that this index has been made. Please let me know if what has been described about your art on a particular link could be worded better in some way and/or if a link doesn't work You could let me know in a reply on this thread or in a private message if you think something needs to be changed in some way.

If you would like to still comment on art that you might find on a particular link, please feel free to do so on this thread.

Thank you!