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  • May 7, 2007, 06:41 PM
    New Craftsman Automatic Transmission Noise?
    I just bought Craftsman Lawn Tractor, Kohler 21HP, Model No. 917.27662, with the Automatic Transmission, (speed lever on the fender) I have a little over an hour use on it. When taking off and especially climbing any hilly terrain, there is a noise that sound like dry, soft rumble coming from the transaxle area. I believe it is the automatic or hydro transmission making this noise. Is this normal? It is loud enough that it bugs me, especially after just paying 1499.00 for it. Does anyone have experience with these hydro transmissions and know what I should or shouldn't be hearing?


  • May 7, 2007, 07:40 PM
    Very few people will have knowledge of the transmission you mention. Craftsman (Sears) technicans will tell you, and have told me, they do not get involved in the guts inside the transmission. They are sealed at the factory and they never open them up. I have actually given customers brand new tractors once the tech has told me there a probably a problen with the transmission even though they cannot work on the transmission. Your's is under warranty, call them to your home or discuss calling them to you home with the retail store. Get the tech's opinion, if any doubt, ask for another new tractor.

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