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  • Oct 12, 2015, 01:15 PM
    Rates for stripping and waxing a tile floor?
    I will be stripping and waxing a tile floor of a residential facility that has a lot of traffic. We will only be doing the hallways, common areas, a therapy room, and the dining areas. The total square footage we'll be doing is about 12,500 sq. ft. They will be supplying the chemicals (stripper and wax) and they have agreed to move all furniture prior to us doing our job. We will provide the labor, machines, and other supplies. We are also based an hour away from their facility.

    We are a new company in Hannibal, MO (an hour away from St. Louis) and this will be our 1st job. How much should we be charging?

    My grandpa has been doing this type of work for about 20 plus years now down in Louisiana. He said he normally charges about $0.95 per sq ft. But the buildings he has done have been fairly small.

    Any and all answers would be appreciated.

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