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    Jan 15, 2020, 01:29 AM
    Minors and cell phones
    I went in with a family friend to get a cell phone and could not because I was too young (18 a minor in BC) and I had no credit score. The person I went with signed and put down a deposit on a cell for me. We agreed that I would pay her back the money for the deposit with the cheque that Virgin mobile ( the phone company we went with) would mail to me. 6 months after getting the phone, that close family friend and I drifted a part. The close family friend was manipulating me with threats of suicide and was always telling me that I was over reacting. When it came time for the cheque to show in the mail things did not go as planned. I got a ding on my phone from virgin mobile telling me the credit was put back into my account. I did not understand and thought perhaps the money was put in my bank account. When I did not find it there I contacted the family friend to see if they had the money in their account. It was explained to me that the money was put on the phone account. I was told that I could pay back my debt as I could afford. I agreed. A week after that the family friend contacted me while I was at work asking if I would babysit her 5 girls for a week while she and her husband went to Mexico. I politely declined and she started going on about how I was mad at her and how I should be grateful for everything she had done for me. I decided after that that I should really break ties because her behaviour was too much to handle. On the Virgin mobile website I found that I could request a cheque for the credit to be mailed to me ( because I also didn't feel right about giving her my hard earned money while her money sat in the account), but when I phoned Virgin mobile I discovered that the account t holder was her and my name was nowhere on the account because I was a minor. The only person who request the cheque was her. However after telling her many times she never requested a cheque be sent and still insisted I pay her the money in cash. I started to realize from past experience with this person that they had no intention of requesting the money and they were also not going to be kind to me because they were mad that I could not baby sit their children while they went away. The phone was a soul tie to her and I had to break ties. I tried to return the phone to its owner and they would not accept it. Instead they told me I should leave town so that their family could have peace, and was told that I had to return the credit money before midnight or the would have to cancel the phone. I tried to mail the phone to them but they accused me of sending them a job and said I was a danger to their family and could not be trusted. I was told if i didn't stop attempting to return the phone and stick them with the bill then they would put a peace bond on me. I had no problem paying Bill's I just didn't feel right keeping what wasn't mine when I told them that I no longer wanted contact with them and I also didn't like being cheated out of money because they wanted money right away. Long story short they say I co signed the phone which virgin mobile and employees from the place the cell was purchased said I could not legally sign for as a minor and that won't one person could sign the phone contract. Whole I also don't remember signing a contract just being told that I could have the phone transferred to my name after I turned 19. The family friend refuses to believe that it is her phone and has been threatening to take me to small claims court. My mom had enough of it all and paid the family friend the money back but now I can't get the family friend to come with me to the store to get the phone put in my name and her name taken off. My question is what do I do if the people refuse to make the phone mine, and would taking this matter to small claims court myself be a good idea?
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    Jan 15, 2020, 05:57 PM
    Erase your info and send it back to them via mail, and wash your hands clean and let them worry about it. You had use of the phone so you really lost nothing. Not enough details for an opinion about small claims court though. How does your mom advise you?

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