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    Feb 8, 2018, 07:58 PM
    Justin Trudeau JUST loves Sharia law for Canada

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has turned his country into a meme. That’s according to commentator Paul Joseph Watson, whose latest video, "Justin Trudeau is a Complete Idiot," brilliantly excoriates the PM. Dare we say it’s one of Watson’s finest and funniest yet.
    Trudeau tossed conservatives a softball this week when he corrected someone’s use of “mankind” by telling them it’s more inclusive to use “peoplekind.” While that’s easy to make fun of, it’s nothing compared to the kind of dangerous thinking that’s at his core. The PM has confirmed that his Liberal Party “believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship.” He not only wants ISIS fighters to be reintegrated back into society, and somehow de-radicalized, his party doesn’t even want them prosecuted. Trudeau has even apologized to a Muslim Gitmo detainee for his treatment and settled with him a $10 million lawsuit.
    But what’s more, Trudeau believes Islam is completely compatible with Western democracy and has said so on many occasions:

    Not only that, the Canadian prime minister is welcoming of sharia law in his country, according to the American Center for Democracy, which quotes a Vancouver imam who said last year:
    "I’ll tell you who wants to bring Sharia Law. The Canadian government wants to bring Sharia Law and this is not a joke. Why? Because Sharia Law is simply the way Muslims are doing things.
    "The Canadian government wanted the Muslims to be able to regulate their own solve their problems amongst themselves [according] to Sharia Law, so it is not a burden on the court system which is already so bogged down.
    "The government told us – we would like you to have this system, and we would like to work on these initiatives with you."

    Urging citizens to say “peoplekind,” as ridiculous as it is, is mere child's play to providing a safe haven for Islamic law to flourish. Doing so is indeed complete idiocy.
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    Feb 9, 2018, 10:51 AM
    I see the bigoted, racist, FAR right wing noise machine in America hollers loud enough for the Canadian loonies to hear. I doubt that any hating son of immigrants even knows how the majority of Islam practices Sharia law, and conflates the few Islamic right wing loonies with the broader population.

    To even say that any human cannot live in peace with other peaceful humans no matter what their differences are is the insanity born of fear and hate which is both anti human and frankly uncivilized lunacy.

    Maybe it's fitting for HATERS with a racist, lying, cheating, totally divisive DUFUS as head of government, to criticize a neighbor who doesn't have such a fool sitting as head of government. I would trade leaders for sure with my Canadian brothers, but they would hate me forever for suggesting such a notion. I surely couldn't blame them at all if they did, nor would I blame them for considering a BIG BEAUTIFULL WALL on their southern border to keep such lunatics that run loudly through the US from infecting them with our shameful stupidity!

    They would still need EARPLUGS if they did though.

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