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    Apr 15, 2007, 05:26 AM
    Now, I'm hearing him (or them)?
    Okay, I was able to see a child on April 11th, 2007. That was the first time I saw something more than a shadow. Well, this morning at 5:30am (which does not fit the sequence of times I've been recording) I was lying in bed with my two older children, ages three and almost 2. My husband had kissed me bye at about 5:15 maybe and left for work, so I had just gotten the girls to go back to sleep. All of a sudden, Princess, our cat, jumped on the bed and stayed beside my hip, just staring at the ceiling and watching "something" float around on my ceiling. I looked up, halfway expecting to see one of those big waterbugs, those roaches, I'm terrified of them, but they always seem to get in after it rains, which it has ben doing for a few days. I looked up and saw nothing. I looked back at her and immediately realized that it was no bug, but whoever or whatever has been in my home. I immediately prayed and asked for protection for my children and myself, over and over. The more my cat "followed" this thing with her eyes and head, the more I got scared. I didn't feel an evil presence, but I'm getting more scared every time I realize that I am not the only one who sees it and I'm not crazy. It would almost be easier if I was crazy. Anyway, she follows it from side to side, and then it starts to go up and down, really slow, like it's teasing her. But she wasn't playing or trying to jump at it. She was in protective mode. When I saw her watch it go down towards my bed, closer to me and the children, she darted at my head and stood by my head, staring it down, almost like she was daring it to come near me. I never stopped praying. I'm so torn between whether I believe you can be possessed unwillingly or not... with all of these tales and movies, I don't know if you can. But even while she was by my head, it still kept floating down towards me and she would kind of "jump at it" without moving from her spot. I knew she was serious because she was not trying to chase anything or play, and that's what got me scared. My girls won't sleep under the covers, but I kept trying to pull them over us, knowing I can't keep something out because of covers, but it still satisfies my humanly fear. Well, my girls kept kicking them off us. I almost wanted to kick them out of bed and pull the covers over my head then!:o Anyway, about 15 minutes go by, (yes, I'm watching my clock) and all of a sudden I see her ears twitch like someone is blowing on them, and I hear whispers start. They're all overlapping each other and I couldn't tell if it was one person or many. There were too many outside noises going on. About 30 seconds after heraing the whispers start, a train goes by, but the whispers are loud enough that I can hear them over it. But with my heart pounding, the train and the birds waking up outside, I just couldn't make out anything that was said. After I hear the whispers, I realize I better get the courage to get out of bed and go to the bathroom because I was going to be sick from fear. I jumped up and decided to grab my camera which was on my way out and turned around and snapped two quick shots at my ceiling in the direction my cat was still staring at. After the second picture, she darted off the bed towards me and turned around at my feet, looking at something, almost as if she was daring it to come towards me because she was going to tear it up. As I'm typing this, she just jumped back up on my bed from the hallway and is doing it again. I have the thermostat set on almost 80 degrees and it is freezing in here. But it could just be hormones, I had a baby four months ago, so we'll pass it off as that. When I downloaded my pics on the computer, I darkened the exposure a little bit, because my camera's flash is so good that it looked like day time in my room, when it was still pitch black. When I did that I was able to see things better. I zoome din and checked the whole picture and was expecting to see some kind of ball of light or something likee you always hear of. Imagine my surprise when all I see is a little black dot, maybe about 2 inches in size. We have a sign hanging up in our bedroom that my husband got from Nopi (car show) and I used that to determine where it was and it's size, because it was right above it. In the second picture, this black dot was moved about 3-4 inches over to the right. I took the pics from the same spot, I didn't move. I don't have a black spot on my ceiling, and there is nothing that can logically explain why I would in my picture. Also, before this happened, my daughter let out a scream, she had already woken up because my husband kisses them and him and I were talking before he left. I asked her what was wrong and she pointed to the end of the bed and said there was a white bear over there. I told her she was just dreaming when my cat took off at something at our door and then stopped right outside my doorway, like she had successfully scared it off. Then my daughter says, "Aww, nevermind, Jesus and my kitty made it go away." Weird.So, here's my questions:
    #1. Why am I hearing them? And why after I already saw the child... isn't that out of order?
    #2. I pray about it. But I don't trust a spirit, so I really don't want to talk to it, technically. I mean, if it's something evil, then I'm sure it would try and deceive me, especially after hearing me talk to my husband about how I wondered if it was my Papa. I'm not going to ask who it is and then it tell me that it is him, when it's not. So, what kind of sign do I ask for from God, to show me that this thing is okay or pure, or even hopefully, my Papa... that a demon can not pretend to give.
    #3. I would like to anoint my house, but I've heard of olive oil, sage, sandalwood... I was wondering if anyone could tell me a scripture from the Bible that could tell me how to anoint, what to use, and what kind of prayer to use. Please give me a scripture reference so I can look it up myself, too. I prefer to use the King James version,so I'd like to look it up in my Bible.
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    Apr 15, 2007, 09:04 AM
    1. ORDER, you expect spirits to follow a specific rule or order in what they do??

    2. Correct you don't trust spirits And of course a demon can pretend to be your Papa, since he lived they would know everything he ever did or say, so they could very easy pretend to be him to him

    3. Just pray that Christ protects your home, the NT does not give you a word to word guilde to rid a home of spirits. Any anointing oil is fine.

    You bind your home from evil spsirits, Order them out in the name of Christ.

    Remember though, if you anoint your home a spirit can come in if invited by anyone that comes into your home.
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    Apr 15, 2007, 10:41 AM
    I wasn't too surprised when they didn't follow the "order" I expected. I just half expected it to be in order because of all of the movies we see. I know everything in the movies are not true, but I had nothing else to go on.
    What are some anointing oils, though? All I know of, at least I think anyway, is olive oil.

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