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    What's the name of this movie?
    There was this movie I remember seeing on TV when I was a kid. I remember things about it only vaguely. I remember that it was set in maybe the 18th or 19th century. It was about a woman who I think was a maid or house keeper of this family. Some man (who I think was like a cousin of the family) came to visit with his mother or aunt or some lady. While he was there the maid and him had a love connection and I remember there was a... scene... in like a field of grass lol then, he left with the lady he came with. The maid found out she was pregnant. I don't remember what happened in between but I think she was never allowed to see him again and she went crazy. The last thing I remember is what I'm pretty sure is the last scene of the movie. The maid is being dragged out of a big white house by policemen. She's being shackled and then put in the back of a black carriage while this little girl (I'm assuming it was her daughter she had) looks at her from the front porch of the white house. The little had a doll in her had I think.

    I have been looking for this movie forever! If anyone knows what I'm talking about and has seen the movie then please!don't hesitate to let me know!haha thank you!!

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