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    Carrier Weathermaker 8000 mid-efficiency 58WAV upflow loss of flame
    Carrier Weathermaker 8000 mid-efficiency
    58WAV upflow series 100

    Problem: flame cut-out in a continuing cycle, with duration of burner on time decreasing with each successive loss of flame

    : no lock-out, cycle continuous
    : code 31 after each burner out, LED returns to solid condition when ignition sequence restarts
    : cycle stops with manual end of heat call at thermostat or power off to furnace
    : normal ignition sequence and timing from inducer on, to blower on, for first three cycles
    : burner on time, 8 minutes first cycle, 1 minute 2nd cycle, 15 seconds 3rd cycle at which point inducer stops and blower continues for 90 seconds (after each cycle)
    : 4th cycle- flame out before blower starts, after ignition sequence
    : 5th cycle - burner remains lit for 1 minute 15 seconds after ignition and blower on
    : 6th cycle- flame out before blower starts, after ignition sequence
    : 7th cycle- flame out before blower starts, after ignition sequence
    : 8th cycle- same
    : 9th cycle- same
    : 10th cycle- same

    : each time the burner flame stops, the inducer stops with it, and the blower will continue for 90 seconds before the ignition sequence re-starts.
    : from troubleshooting of two furnace technicians, pressure switch, control board, and flame sensor have been replaced
    : I have installed a new Honeywell thermostat and thermostat wiring

    : code 31 sates that:31 PRESSURE, DRAFT SAFEGUARD, AUXILIARY-LIMIT (when used), OR
    REOPENED - If open longer than five minutes, inducer shuts off for 15 minutes
    Before retry. Check for:
    - Proper vent sizing and condensate pitch or sag.
    - Inadequate Combustion air supply.
    - Low inducer voltage.
    - Vent restriction or high winds.
    - Disconnected or obstructed pressure tubing.
    - Defective inducer motor or start capacitor.
    - Defective pressure switch or connections. If it opens after trial for ignition period,
    blower will come on for 90 second recycle delay.

    : new board- CES0110057-02, replaces CES0110057-00, updates include 'furnace will recycle if pressure switch opens and re-closes during a call for heat'

    : please help

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