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    Apr 6, 2007, 04:01 PM
    Met one person, but ends up liking her best friend.
    Ok in it all I find myself in so much drama, I have told so many people about this, and still everyone is like Ok wow, what's the deal??

    This might sound like a kids dream, but its like one of those...

    For me, its hard, really hard, I can't find a point, or even a level ground on what to think...

    but here is the story

    I met one girl, she was a great person, I enjoyed being with her so much, we did click, but we did though have our differences...

    in the end after 2 months went sour, but about 3 weeks, before I began to randomly talk to her best friend, and funny enough it was a joke to me, I would talk to her best friend about everything and rarely ever about the girl I was seeing.

    As u would guess, the best friend, lets say Samantha, liked talking to me, and same for me, I loved talking to her, as for Natalie, the girl I met first, she saw and began to guess and get jealous... more and more, we began to argue about this situation, but me and Natalie never dated, we only were close friends indeed, very close emotionally and at one time we did kiss.

    but other than that, we both did want a deep relationship at the time, the friendship was no more, basically we had to end...

    but as for me and Samantha, we two kept talking, and talking all the time, just talking so much about anything everything...

    but wow, If u only understood how amazing an refreshing it was to actually find a girl that actually got me, in ever aspect, we never would not talk, constant communication, something that I wish I had with all my family, with anyone, even myself...

    the one thing that was sketch was the fact that we only basically hanged out once, and only seen each briefly like 3 times...

    funny we live not far from each other at all

    if you are wondering why it is all weird and confusing

    the point is that Samantha did not want to hurt Natalie's feelings by talking to me, Natalie would ask Samantha to stop talking to me, but only time would hold that we could not stop talking no matter what, no matter anything, somehow we would keep talking, maybe once a week, or once a month, every time I just grew closer

    just as if time apart brings a heart close, for me wow, I tried so hard to guard my heart, but if you understand this, this is something I felt was like a dream, the only person in my life that I have actually got along with, could talk on the phone for hours, just talking about how to hang up a phone in a phone conversation, for me all of conversations were very shallow, sometimes they were deep, but then they were just real, sincere, something worth everything...

    I just figured, and I know, that if I could be this happy talking over the phone, and talking about such small things, I wonder how in the world, how amazing it would be to talk in person, or even deeper things

    but still even today she will not cross that line in the effect of her best friend...

    for me I have patience for it

    but so much do I feel myself, liking this girl, the one time we hanged out it was awesome, not boring at all, I mean I want to grab her and tell her...

    I tried to kind of hint at how I felt for her, but I just can't tell her, I'm scared either way, it screw up our awesome friendship or than just maybe in some hope, make and amazing relationship

    which id love to have

    but in time all it will happen I wish so bad

    but I feel so much maybe she does not feel the same way about me, as in the effect that I hinted at it, she asked why, "we only hanged out like once" FOR ME one time is enough! Totally screaming out of happiness

    cause just the soul fact we connect so incredibly over the phone and messages so intensely real, I know in person it will just be more amazing...


    indeed, I questioned is this friendship we have sincere, for the time now we have been talking, I don't know either way to back it up you know

    so right now wow, I'm scared she is like going to go awol on me, you know, most girls do that when they have no idea what to say or feel, I mean... but guys like me just guess to the fact she is going to take it wrong

    the basic fact is that, what I see in her, is something ill never settle for less, the way we communicate is awesome, nothing better I have ever seen or felt.

    so what do I do, tell her how I feel, try and get together with her and see her, should I even then ask Natalie if she would allow me and Samantha to talk, and be free from all this?

    thanks for any help
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    Sep 21, 2009, 09:41 PM

    Tell samantha how you feel... leave nataile out of it, if she has to aprove of you dating someone you will wind up single the rest of your life

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