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    Nov 4, 2013, 07:47 PM
    Almost two months ago I got 2 piercings on my cartilage, I put put the solution & moved the earrings around like they said but now I have this disgusting bumpy, bloody thing between the peircings. I don't have inurance so qhat hould I do? Im seriously freaking out

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I had an absses right in between my butt it popped already and now there is a open wound I couple days ago I took a shower and I'm a girl so my hair got stuck in the open wound and I just realized it and I can't take it out because it hurt REALLY BAD PLEASE ANSWER?

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Hi: I have a tooth abscess that I accidentally discovered was draining pus. I do not have any pain, but seems to be old draining abscess. What should I do??

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I recently had a crown come out and had to go to the dentist to have it put back on. The dentist took an x-ray and told me I had some infection in that tooth and I'd need a root canal. I was started on antibiotics yesterday and a few hours after seeing the dentist my tooth started hurting. It's...

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I had an abscess on a biscupid tooth due to nerve damage cuased by deep filling. I am abroad so haven't signed up with/visited a Dentist. I took some antibiotics and they worked, but now I am scared the abscess will return before I go home. How long do abscesses usually take to reccur after...

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How Do I Ease Pain Of A Tooth Abscess,taking Painkillers And Antibiotics, But Still Hurts Like Hell.

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