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    Jan 16, 2005, 05:31 PM
    Hissing cat!
    Hi I posted the thread on here titled 2 cats, this is an update to that thread.
    The mother cat is still hissing at her 6 month old female offspring, though it is now more frequent and aggressive, she refuses to let sachi(kitten) near her, she just displays her fangs and hisses really loud or just jumps on her making the kitten screech. The kittten seems bewildered by this and just sits there looking at her mum(jinx) which only seems to wind her up even more and make her more aggressive. This is highly unusual behaviour from jinx she is usually so laid back and loving, I really don't understand why she is being this way. Jinx is spayed and I've just had sachi done this week,but it seems to ave made no difference at all.
    Looking for answers ere guys, I'm worried she will really hurt sachi at some point? HELP
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    Jan 18, 2005, 07:05 AM

    Sorry to hear things are not getting better. I suggest you try some herbal calmative for the mother cat such as Bach Flower Remedy: Rescue Remedy; 2 drops in the mouth daily.

    Also, if you can get Feliway, try it as well. It is a phermone product which helps reduce stress and makes cats feel happy and calm.

    Your local health food store might even have a herbal remedy specifically for anxiety in cats.

    Other than finding one or the other new homes, this is all I can suggest.

    Hope you find a happy solution!


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