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    Nov 20, 2012, 10:43 AM
    modulation of data in excel spread sheets
    Dear members,
    I have attached an excel sheet named “Ask me model table” for reference:
    1) In the attached table, I have presented the trade data of 10 specific shares for a day, as on 19.11.2012.
    2) The table has four sheets.
    3) In sheet no.1 named basic data, based on the HIGH, LOW values of ten shares for the day (available in columns C & D) certain study levels are worked out (which are also called fibanacci levels), for analytical purposes and presented in columns “Y to DC”.
    4) Now a new column is inserted as column G in sheet no.2 (titled as step1)
    5) In sheet no.3 (titled as step2) the column is filled manually with fibanacci levels( column headings) (available in columns “Y to DC” ) which are very near, close and lower in value to the “Last traded price available in column F”.

    Now the question presented before our elite and qualified members is

    A) Whether the levels for column G (as explained above) shall be filled automatically by introducing any excel formulas or macros or some other utilities?

    B) Whether the trade values in sheet no.1 (columns-B to K in sheet “titled as basic data” ) shall also be updated automatically for the next day with the help of data available in “sheet Update” for the day 20.11.2012 and repeatedly for all the subsequent days and the column G also updated in the process.

    Thanking You

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