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    Jan 10, 2005, 07:49 PM
    Running XP Home. Running just fine until I shut down. When I boot up it will crash 2 or 3 times then come up just fine. Sometimes it runs Checkdisc, sometimes not. Then it runs just fine through re-starts and use, until I shut down--the scenario repeats. What is wrong and how can I fix it? :confused:
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    Jan 11, 2005, 02:12 PM
    Just a thought.When you reboot XP,keep tapping F8 key on the keyboard until you see screen with safe mode access on it.If successful,try system restore from safe mode.You may have installed a dodgy file or program with corrupted code.Another alternative,is to re-install service pack 2.But only do that if nothing else works.
    This might not be the answer you are looking for,but I hope I've helped a little.
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    Jan 24, 2005, 09:23 PM
    Your motherboard may be going bad but there certainly could be a bad hard drive or corrupted version of Windows involved as well... or both.
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    Jan 24, 2005, 10:50 PM
    Do you have Sp2 installed.

    If you do, then go to Microsoft's website and search out this problem in their problems section, they have a download that helps a particular issue like yours, see if it helps.

    It is connected with some Adware,Spyware that gets installed on your system, so try to clean out those before you go further, try some of the below suggestions.

    For Spy ware protection and general help cleaning up the computer and registry, Anti Virus protection and software download websites, old and new game downloads, CD & DVD Burning help,I recommend, the following files, as I have found 1 or even 2 is not always enough, as 1 may find something the others do not, so protect yourself with several programs, if may be a pain, but a necessary one.

    I have personally tested each program on this list and I had taken them from the top review sites around the net as ones already chosen as the top performers.

    Microsoft New SPyware program-Formerly Giant spyware, they bought it out.
    Spybot search and destroy
    Adware SE
    Aluria's Spyware Eliminator
    Spyware Blaster, this one prevents certain items, before they are even installed, it does not clean
    Pest Patrol

    I would suggest at the very least 3 or more of the above programs.

    Registry and Fix and Repair programs
    Fix it Utilities 5 this one has an excellent Scandisk, better than the one with your OS
    Advanced System Optimizer
    Ace Utilities
    System Mechanic 5
    Registry First Aid
    Tuneup Utilities

    Any 2 or more of these.

    And download the Google toolbar with built in pop up stopper for your browser is good.

    And a good solid Anti Virus Program or 2, updated weekly.
    AVG Anti Virus
    Bit defender
    Etrust EZ Anti virus

    Also free online Virus scans

    I would suggest using 2 of these.

    A good defragging Program or 2
    Diskeeper Lite or Even better the full Pro version
    Perfect Disk
    O&O Defrag V4 Professional Edition 4.0.508

    Also run from Start/run type in chkdsk then let that run then type in chkdsk /f to help fix WinXP errors.

    Also use the below website, that tests and reviews some of the best programs out for many

    Different things, they give you side by side comparisons and rate each one in many categories.

    If you need computer parts try this website they are the best and fastest retailer, I have ever dealt with on the net, great service, delivery and solid competitive pricing.

    PC Security Checks

    Download sites for reviews and trying out new products

    An excellent program I canít do without, it is a Windows Explorer replacement, much better

    Old Games Downloads & Abandonware No cost, just get a password and join for free, itís loaded with older computer games and they rate them. more of an old game search engine strictly old Dos games

    Good Peer 2 Peer file sharing Programs
    These are all better and Safer than Kazaa Lite

    Ares Installs 1 file that Spyware may detect, but itís just the program file itself, so ignore it. Good solid file sharing progam.

    WinMX Sometimes slower than Ares, but neither install Spyware or Adware.

    Bearshare has tons of items and is fast, but it loads down your computer with Spyware, Adware and who knows what else, but for that 1 hard to find file, they may have it, but beware of all the problems.

    DVD & CD Burning review, Help and Download sites mainly reviews DVD software A very thorough and complete website on burning. Another huge Burning website

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