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    Apr 8, 2012, 03:14 PM
    Black dots on penis
    I have hard black dots (2 of them) on my penis shaft they are small what are they

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Help!! I am 16 and I have white dots on the undersid of my bell I am a virgin never dun anything was regurlely but its like they are under the skin I can't se my gp he scares me!! Help! Is their a cure!:eek:

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On the head of the penis I have tiny pokedots that look red and does not hurt. I'm 19, 62 kg and 5'8 tall. I never had sex and these red small dots sometimes disappear, sometimes they are very red. Before this happened I use to masturbate a lot but now after these dots I reduced a lot. I'm not...

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I have been got a black dot on my penis behind the head of my penis what is it, it doesn't hurt or cause any pain, is it anything to be worried about?

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I just came across 2 small dots on my front middle part of my penis. I'm not sure if it is red/black/silver cause it is so small. So I can't see if it's a scab or something. When I touch them a bit it kind of hurts like cause I try to see if its like able to pull out. It seems like if I had a...

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