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    Sep 28, 2011, 06:39 AM
    Evil entity?
    Peace and god speed I know its been awhile but I am in grave need of your help to day there is a demon I can't quite explain why this demon is in this house but its one of the strongest demons I've ever come across at frist I thought it had come for but last night at the dark hour between 12and 4am it made its self known to me and when it picked up on my vibe of energy it ask me to leave that it did not come for but for some one else I sat in the pu-ba position and the demon got very angry/it showed its self to me at the dawn hour this is one powerful demon the person it has caome for is a dear friend of mine and has no idea of what is going on but I fear the wrost is yet to come.this dark evil is very powerful and has no intention of leaveing with out this women's soul.I've fought demons in the past and the teaching of the old and wise have guided me well but I can not do this on my own I know the rules and I break no laws of the sprit world but like I mention before she is a dear friend of mine I ask only for support and answers to this problem I know that you won't go but so far down this road with me my friend but I am willing to do what every it takes to help her in the name of the true and living god and the son and the holy sprit of I beg of thee for all the wisdom god has giving on to you help me old friend time is of the hour thank you old friend and god bless qwentajaba.
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    Sep 28, 2011, 09:38 AM
    Have she thought of getting baptised and devoting herself to the great spirit. When I get stressed or need help I call upon angels and light spirits to help. Archangel Michael comes in your time of need. I have called upon him several times. I hope this helps.
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    Sep 28, 2011, 05:31 PM
    First qwentajaba, may I ask how you have fought demons in the past? Second, demons have no power to take people's souls. The only thing they can do is try to KEEP them from God. What exactly is your friend's situations? How did she get this demon and in what ways does it manifest? How do you know it is strong and powerful? Please try and be as detailed as possible. Thank you.

    Julz - baptism does not grant a person authority OR protection. Let me put this out there about the archangel Michael, he's real but he does not answer to humanity. He is ONE being serving the Living God. What is many people across the globe happened to be calling on Michael to help them... he's not God and he cannot be everywhere at once... it's thinking like this that confuses people about God and the spiritual veil. Not once are we told to seek help from angels... and as far as "light spirits" go, we are told that is exactly what Satan masquerades as. Just because something is not evil up front, does not mean it is not deceptive in the back... be careful in the spirits you are dealing with and especially the advice you give out.

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