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    Apr 7, 2011, 09:57 PM
    Brown "dots" that peel on hands and feet
    Good Evening,

    I'm not sure how much this matters but, I'm a 32 year old female with terminal Ovarian Cancer that has spread throughout my abdomin. I have been getting these tiny brown dots on my hands and bottoms of my feet which then cause the area around them to peel, eventually peeling off the brown dots. Now both hands and feet are going through cycles of being OK to the return of the tiny brown dots and severe dryness and peeling. The cycles happens all over again... its a never ending and it seems it becomes slightly worse each time around. I also want to add that when the skin starts to peel around the "dots" each time a larger area peels off and the skin is hard but thin sometimes. Also I've noticed that some areas have a clear liquid underneath the skin that spills out when I've peeled off the skin. Its not like a blister that has gathered fluid, it's a flat area and you can see small holes that the liquid comes out of after removing the skin.

    This has been so emarassing that I am afraid to show my own doctors, and try to hide my hands and feet at all costs. Please help... Thank You.

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