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    Jan 20, 2007, 04:43 PM
    IQ Test
    My son had the IQ test but the doctor do not mention which test she gave him and I forgot to ask because I had so many questions. All I know it only took her about 20-25 min. to give him the test and she did not talk about any weakness she just told me that his IQ is 114, he is strong in visual, and that he is doing up to 2nd math level. She also mention that he has a small case of AS disorder because he has some sensory with noise and taste, and lacking social skills. He does not have speech problems.

    My question for you is: Is this a gifted child with IQ 114 only taking 20-25 min? Or is he just a child with a small case of AS disorder? Could he just be gifted in Math?

    He's only 5 in K-grade and he does master math very well just by saying to him what is 5000000+9000000 and he would say 14000000 less than 10 seconds or telling him our alarm system number only one time after 5 weeks he remember the code.

    Confuse with IQ test score, AS disorder, and Gifted Child. The doctor also told me to have him re-test next year when he turn 6 because she told me 5 is very early. Here is

    My 5 year old always been different since birth. Never slept through the night even with cereal in him milk, very picky with eating as an infant.

    ***Walk at the age 11 months old, potty trained at 22 months old, speaking in sentences at about between 2 years old, at birth he was a big baby at 8.5 lbs, and I could not eat until I was 7mos old, was a colicky baby, head was too large for my birth canal, long labor after giving me induced medication.

    ***Health: Ear infections, Asthma

    Documentation for of my son


    *Impatience (trying to teach him to be patience)

    *Emotionally sensitive

    *Upset Easily

    All about Elijah and more below: Loves to make Dinosaurs with Play Dough, working with Lego blocks, loves to learn new words, very playful and friendly but very caution if he thinks people donít like him. Make up funny words with anyone all the time by being silly and using his funny words with his own imagination. Observes face expressions and voice tones and question people about it or would tell someone else about why they have the face expression or voice tone, high energy level, independent with certain things, Elijah is a guesser if he donít know the answer it the guess if wrong then he would come back at you with the right answer right after the guess answer. He tells me heís good at solving problems like people problems. He would remember two weeks ago the personís problem and what the person did to solve the problem or he would say what the person can do to solve the problem. Elijah loves animals and learning about new ones. He has a long attention span when it comes to numbers; the numbers seems to relax him if heís upset about something at school or home by not having his way with something. He can get upset if you donít understand him when heís is trying to explain something or ask a question about something, or if he ask you a question that you understand but do not know the answer to the question he would then tell people like tell his grandmother that his mommy is not good with numbers in the millions. Heís very strong with his body weight, he has a keyboard at home and loves music sounds without lyrics sometimes, and he loves to make up his own tunes and rhythm with his hands patting on his thighs.

    *Curious of everything. (Keen observer) Ask millions of questions everyday then tell you what he thinks after the answer is given to him most of the time.

    *Told me 12/14/06 last week in the principal office that he does not want to be in Kindergarten and that he belongs with the 1st or 2nd graders. His answer was 1st and 2nd graders are loud like kindergartens.

    *Asking for toys with numbers. Very obsessed with numbers and counting, he would complete 15 pages in his K-Math book less than an hour. Does double and triple digit addition. (Just find out about addition 12/12/06.) He seems to likes to give verbal answer rather than completing answers on paper. He likes digit and triple addition like: 50+50, 12 +12, 80+80, 1000000+1000000, 5000+5000, or 11+11. Have good memories with it comes to math (serial numbers like he was told the alarm code one time, after four weeks passed he went to the key pad and before I can walk out the door, he put in the code.) He knows what is coming next so he likes to tell you the answer before you ask him then laughs during single digits like starting at 1+1 all the way to 20.
    Observes how fast I'm driving while he's in the back seat, observers the clock all the time, and write numbers over 1000 on sheet of paper starting at 1.

    *Had his first progress report in K grade and his teacher test him to count to 1-20 and he did not want to stop at 20, he made a statement that he will count up to 100 for her. His teacher thinks he has something gifted with numbers.

    *Loves to play with people and test their patterns of numbers of what comes next when he makes numbers patterns games of his own. Loves to trick people about answers, for example: He would look at the clock and say itís 5:00 but itís really 5:15 so you say out loud itís not 5:00 Elijah he would laugh and say I know itís 5:15 or 12+12 is 5 I would say no and he would laugh and say itís 24.

    *He was never was a sound sleeper and did not sleep through the night much as an infant.

    *If heís bored at home he ask how to spell words, write numbers on a sheet of paper, or ask lots of questions and have conversations about the answers with his different opinions or he would take in your answer and accept it as more learning for him.

    *He also has sensory to sound and sometimes touch, some people think maybe with eating because of the texture but he would not know about the texture because he will not try anything to test the texture. Heís very skeptical about that he knows he will not like it.

    *Question people about why do they eat meat, he will get very loud with an angry voice if people try to feed him meat or change the subject just donít want to talk about eating meat.

    Feel that kids his age does not like him or want to be his friend in school but it does not bother him. Talks about how children donít know numbers in 100(s) in his class, he says only him and one other person. He loves keeping up with the date like 1/18/2007.

    *Lacking social skills with his peers we plan to get him involved with more activities like karate, baseball, and more to help with social skills. When people bump into him or push him but just playing he gets upset and say he or she did it on purpose, does not like to kids to push or touch play with him. He is seeing the OT for his sensory, and heís improved.

    *Never liked toys of his age we had to buy advance toys for him. (Like two years older toys for him to play with.)

    The principal thinks he's just emotional immaturity

    His teacher does not have any academic concerns with him; she just sees that Elijah is lacking social skills. Heís a loud talker so when heís upset he gets even louder. He likes to test people and see what he can get away with. To me he likes to use psychology a lot with people at school a lot with people who do not know him.

    Spoke with three school psychology that specializes in gifted children from three different gifted school and they push me to have him tested. They were more interested in his learning and memories of numbers.

    My husband and I would like to know about the numbers with him. He was remembering numbers starting at 2 Ĺ years old. Our babysitter was the one who discover it and told us about but we just thought he just like numbers at the time.

    Thank you in advance,
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    Jun 4, 2007, 05:21 AM
    114 does not classify as gifted (130+) but I would doubt that the test is a valid IQ test as you state it only took 20 minutes and you were given no subtest results. Processing disorders can interfere with the testing too so getting it done by someone with experience in gifted kids is really important.

    ... and yes, it is posible to be gifted in just one area such as math. Especially when they are really young and male. Often boys don't develop the fine motor skills to actually write quickly or effecttively until 8 or so which can limit their success on timed and/or written response tests and not give a true indictaion of IQ. The other areas may catch up or he may always have asynchrony, whatever the case you need ot be sure to advocate for him as needed.

    Good luck!
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    Aug 20, 2007, 01:23 PM
    Uhhh, I think from your email, you need to see a headshrinker to deal with your obvious neurotic tendencies regarding your child. Redo the IQ test, take a Weschler IV and RELAX, every child develops at different rates. Go with the flow and please count to 3 and RELAX
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    Mar 12, 2008, 04:44 PM
    When it comes to doctors, when I was about oh lets say 3-4 the doctor said I would be adhd and add but to tell you the truth. Im not. Actually, I'm at the top of my class this year and when I was tested at 6 they said that I would never learn correctly because I learned my mathematics differently. MOst of the time, doctors just can't really tell until the child is old enough to truly understand. ANd I would not worry about the math thing. Personally, I would find it a blessing and leave it at that.
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    Mar 29, 2008, 08:31 AM
    Loub... 114 does come as gifted to a 5 year old... once you get older you should be getting around there

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