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    Dec 25, 2010, 08:58 PM
    hi i was wondering if i could get an opinion i have a 1957 silver certificate
    hi I was wondering if I could get an opinion I have a 1957 silver certificate that appears to never have been circulated has a star before the serial number is an A series and only flaw is that it appears that there is either an ink stain that is fairley small in the corner I'm not sure if its ink though but its on the outside border and I was wondering if you could determine the value
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    Dec 30, 2010, 12:49 PM

    NEWDUDE12{ ? }- The answer to your Question ON THE { $ 1.00 SILVER CERTIFICATE}does have values,as I will list below you said you have { SERIES DATE -1957A- SEE [NOTE #1-AT BOTTOM ],on what this means and why, the l;etter after the date] the signatures on this one is ( DILLON & SMITH);; [NOTE #2 at the bottom explains about the ( STAR- *]
    NEWDUDE12-[?]- you have a 1957A -Silver certificate, ( STAR NOTE * ); Signatures are DILLON AND SMITH; you stated that it was in very good condition, like it had never been in circulation=so I can only give you for [VF-20 and UNC-63 grades ,without actually seeing it ,as you will find out why, when you go to the SITE in {NOTE #3};;THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION IS YES IT DOES HAVE SOME VALUE Which depends on the {GRADE AND CONDIYION OF THE BILL OR COIN} THE LAST PRINTED silver silver certificates was in 1957, {last three notes was the (1957;1957A;1957B) :: also 1n 1957 they were the first paper money to be approved by congress to have { IN GOD WE TRUST }printed on PAPER CURRENCY:: HERE ARE THE VAL:UES OF THE NOTE I CAN GIVE YOU NOW - RE G, NOTE - 1957A- VF-20 =$3.00 & UNC-63= $9.00;;; NOW BEING
    A STAR NOTE -VF-20 = $4.00 & UNC-63 - $15.00 NOTE- the one you have is a STAR NOTE;; VF-20 -means VERY FINE ,GRADE 20;; UNC -63 means UNCIRCULATED -GRADE
    63]NOTE -now to find out exactully whaqt condition and grade yous is in ,go to this site here on ask me help desk ; have the note with you so you can study it with what is at this site , for each GRADE;; NOTE # 3- NOTE1.9)how do you grade the condition of paper money;; { NOTE- now about the (STAR * ) THE star was put on all denominations of paper currency , to show that it was a replacement note;; when currency is being printed and a note has been damaged during printing, and is noticed , the note is pulled out and noted in a record log book, then took to the furnace and burned,then another note is printed in its place 9just like the first one -EXCEPT A STAR IS PRINTED IN FRONT Of THE SERIAL NUMBER OR AT THE VERY END OF THE SERIAL NUMBER ,or when a note is turned into the bank and it is damaged it is done the same way ;; STAR NOTES ARE VALUED HIGHER THEN A REGULAR NOTE IS VALUED AT :: YOU can find ( STAR notes ) in any DENOMINATIONOF CURRENCY];; NOW ABOUT THE LETTER FLLOWINGTHE {SERIES DATE-9example- 1 9 5 7 A - (A) WHICH can be as high as L; { each time there is a change in the design or singatures; there will be a step hibher in the letter by the series date;; Have a happy and SAFE NEW YEARS TO YOU AND YOURS: AND BLESS GOD ::: F.B.E. PS _ any more questionsust come back and post the question;;; F.B.E.
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    Jan 1, 2011, 04:14 PM
    How do you tell if its uncirculated
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    Jan 21, 2011, 10:41 AM

    NewDude12-GO to 1.9)how do you grade the condition of paper money ;; AND go to the section I had youto go to before and go to the one that says{ UNCIRCULATED }AN IT WILL TELL YOU WHAT THE BILL (MUST LOOK LIKE);; THERE IS A GRADE CALLED { CHOICE UC} { UC MEANS{;; UNCIRCULATED}
    NOTE ANOTHER WAY TO GET WHAT I JUSE WROTE IS TO GO TO YOUR LOCAL LIBERAY AND CHECK OUT A BOOK ON USA PAPER MONEY AND LOOK UP THE NOTE YOU HAVE AND THERE IS A INDEX In the front and go to the page it says on grade and condituion,for paper money;;; as far as the ink stain goes { IT may be what is called a paper money ERROR ON PRINTING OF PAPER MONEY::{ THERE IS A BOOK OUT ALSO THAT IS CALLED }{ PAPER MONEY ERRORS} I HOPE that this will help you out ,BUT icyou still have troubles -come back and just holler::Have a great day and a better vtomorrow and GOD BLESS ::F.B.E. ;; ps HAPPY NEW YEAR :F.B.E.

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