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    Dec 17, 2010, 08:39 PM
    Hello question I have a morgan silver dollar 1884 with a special make?
    Please HeLP Hello question I have a morgan silver dollar 1884, pretty good condtion with a O or D above the D in Dollar what does that mean and what is it worth? Was my Dad's know he would want me to get what it's worth! Please HELP ME!:)
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    Dec 17, 2010, 08:53 PM

    Could be a "D" and that sounds like a mint mark. (Denver)

    Collectors Corner "Mint Marks & Where to find them"
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    Jan 10, 2011, 11:53 PM
    A D means it was made in the Denver Mint, if it an O it was made in New Orleans. There were none minted at the Denver Mint in 1884 therefore it is an O.

    Average condition for this coin is worth somewhere between $25-$35 dollars. If the condition is supurb, then values goes tremendously up from there. Condition has the main critria for any coin in collecting.
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    Jan 15, 2011, 12:13 AM

    Angiepooh- THE Silver dollar that you have , I have a couple questions for you on it ; FIRST I want to explain something on this;; From 1873 through 1885 there was some silver dollars that were minted and were called [TRADE DOLLARS and are stamped with this on the back side at the bottomcenter] these were minted to be used in Asiato compete with dollar size coinsof other countries. They wereleagle tender in the UNITED STATES,but when silver prices declined congress repeakled the provvision and authorized the
    treasuryto limit coinage to export demaned. [ in 1887 the treasury redeamed all trade dollars that were not mutilated;; the law that authorized trade dollars was repealed by congress in February 1887;; {NOW-
    ON THESE COIJS THE MINT MARKS ARE AS FLLOWS::- 1884-no mint mark][ 1884CC[CARSON CITY];; ---
    1884 D-DENVER;; 1884 O - NEW ORLEANS;;] ANGIEE- This is sa little information for you to look for and
    know exactly what you do have ;; NOTE - IF you will go to this site -it's on this site and floow the instructions there ,you will be able to comwe pretty close to the condition and grade of the coin;; { GO TO - OR you can go to the very first at the top ofg the page of [COLLECTABLES;; ITS CALLED { STICKEYS} IF YOU GET ME THE CONDITION AND GRADE OF THE COIN ,THEN I COULD GIVE YOUTHE VALUE Of IT PRETTY CLOSE ;; I HOPE WHAT I GAVE YOU FOR A ANSWER WILL HELP YOU OUT IF NOT COME BACK AND LET ME KNOW;; HAVE A GREAT NIGHT AND A BETTER TOMORROW AND BLESS GOD :: F.B.E.

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