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    Aug 21, 2009, 12:14 PM
    I would like peoples stories and thoughts
    Anyone else been affected by aspartame poisoning or think they have?

    The update to my story now is my son is nearly two years old, he has celebral palsy,he had some kind of stroke just before he was born and his blood chemistry was all over the place. I have just been in recent discussion this week with my sons Paedritrican who has had a letter from a haemotologist saying that they want to test me for DVT (deep vein thrombosis) due to my placenta being full of blood clots which blocked my sons lifeline when he stopped moving the day before I had an emergancy C section. We nearly lost him, but thank god we didn't. He has brain damage but a happy,healthy boy.

    Since my sons birth they have wanted to test him to find out what happened,me and my partner asked if any testing done on our son would change things and help treat him, they said no, its for research purposes only. Since we have both been through a hell of a time with our son just after the birth, we refused as he's had that many tests done on him and been through a lot. So we said that if in future any testing HAD to be done, then I (the mother) would undergo tests and not our son.

    Anyway almost two years later they want to test me (after already doing 3 blood clotting tests and losing them all!), because they have no clue as to what happened,especially with my liver readiings being so high. But I am now waiting on their descsion again as they are now saying that unless I'm showing signs of DVT (which I'm not),then they think there's no need to test me, they just are ignoring the fact about the aspartame, we have mentioned the aspartame theory to top consultants in neurology! And Paedriatric consultants too, also to my nurse at my doctors surgery who also made a note of it cause of the very high Gamma liver readings! My BS when diabetic in pregnancy couldn't even be controlled by insulin! Our sons special care sister nurses both know the effects of aspartame and one of them actually told me that her friend is a diabetes nurse who has given a talk to her patients about not having aspartame! Anyway we still to this day believe it's that. They are talking about testing for rare blood disorders too, genetic etc,which there isn't any in my family or my partners family.

    It's all so confusing! Here in the UK, no one will listen. I was even attacked and put down and my family put down on a UK diabetes forum when I told them my story, basically suggested that I was making it all up!

    Just to add that my liver readings over a period of 3 months after discontinuning the aspartame has gone back to normal and I also no longer have diabetes,which they thought I was type 2 as well as having gestational diabetes.

    Here's our story if your interested,

    Hi, my name is claire. My story starts march 2007 when I became pregnant to my partner. We were over the moon and really excited at the thought of our little one being born. Due date was the 10th of December. My pregnancy was text book until I went for the twelve weeks glucose tolerance test in which I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which is not uncommon in pregnancy. Still all went well. Because I had developed diabetes though I now had to watch my sugar intake, so I was sent to see the diabetic nurse to monitor my progress in the pregnany. Course now all the sugary products had to be got rid of as I was put on insulin three times a day to control my blood sugar levels, and of course I had to have more scans in my pregnancy than was usual. This is to watch for signs of the baby growing too large. My liver was also tested, which was fine to start with, so no worries at all. The scans always showed a healthy normal baby slowly growing and all was well.
    Slowly over the months I started to replace the sugar in my diet with low sugar products, and Canderel in my tea. Day in and day out I ate what I was told was good for both me and my baby and so I thought everything was going to be fine. After about 6 months of pregnany and the many tests that I had to have, something started to change. My liver was slowly getting high readings in the tests they did on me, firstly the reading were slightly raised, then a month after, they raised a little more. Nobody was worried though as they say it is very common for this to happen in mid to late pregnany, and all seemed to be going well with our baby.
    It was three days before they decided to induce me for our baby to be born 2 weeks before his due date. They said they don't like the pregnancy going full term just in case the baby starts to get too big with all the extra insulin floating about in the blood stream. So I prepared myself for a delivery the Thursday of late November 2007. On the Monday before that date though, our baby stopped moving and we became very worried. We got ourself up the hospital as quickly as we could. I was rushed into theatre for an emergency cesarian.

    Our son was born on the 26th of November 2007, he was rushed into the intensive care unit for monitoring after they had realised that he had been badly compromised before he was born. These things happen sometimes and we accepted that, although we were very puzzled after what seemed like a text book pregnancy to why things had gone so wrong. The doctors themselves expressed confusion to what had happened. Our sons blood chemistry was haywire and he started fitting more or less straight away and was very poorly at one point. They didn't really know what could have happened. Things started to become more clear though as they examined the placenta and umbilical cord. It had developed blood clots, and in the final few days, one clot had broken away to partly block our son's life line to his mums placenta. Still we just put it down to one of those things, even though it has become clear now that our son's development will be effected by what happened. We just accepted it as bad luck.

    Our son is now 4 month old and doing OK. The health issue is now with me. Since He was born my liver reading were expected to return to normal, not only have they not, but have become even worse. I recently had a liver test done after a post natal examination caused concern over the reading. The gamma part of the test is the one that shows intake of substances that the body cannot deal with. Usually it is excessive alcohol or drugs that cause this part of the liver test to be high. A normal alcoholic will have a reading of 4 to 6 time the normal level. My reading for the gamma is a massive 10 times what it should be. I have been asked twice now by medical staff if I am a alcoholic and when I tell them that I am tee total and have been for years, they look at me with dismay and can't work out why my readings are so high. It wasn't until the doctor said. (this is something in your life style that is causing this, and usually to have reading so high you would have to be a raging alcoholic.. something you are doing is causing your liver to work hard as if its being poisoned like an alcoholic.) To this I was shocked because I know I don't drink, do drugs, medication or otherwise. My diet is still good and yes I don't even take sugar. This is when it hit me, the only difference in my life is the sugar free stuff I am eating and putting in my tea. Aspartame in all of these things. I decided to investigate and was shocked by my finding. I even saw a headline that said "ASPARTAME THE THALIDOMIDE OF THE 90'S" and we all know what that did to unborn babies.
    The liver is your chemical factory, not only does it process toxins out of your blood stream but it also makes chemicals that help our bodies to function properly. One of those funtions is to regulate blood and clotting control. My liver started to go wrong as soon as I started to take artificial sweetners, not only in my tea in the form of canderel, but also in other food stuff like angel delight and sugar free chewing gum. This is the only thing in my diet that has changed, intake of Aspartame. I am under no doubt that this is the culprit to why my system is still being poisoned and maybe the link to why our son was so badly compromised. We went to see the specialist yesterday over our son and got the results from the MRI scan. The damage to his brain because of what happened we were told by the doctor, is highly likely to cause celebral palsy. This from a normal healthy pregnancy, scans which consistently showed a healthy baby.

    Of course I am now off the horrible Aspartame poison and have been for almost a week. All I can do is hope and pray that the damage it had caused me is not permanent and that when I go and see the liver specialist my readings will start to fall and I don't have to have a liver biopsy. I guess at this point you may be wondering what massive intake I must have been taking to cause such problems for my health. Well here is a run down to the amount I was taking. I'll let you decide if it's seems like a massive amount.

    On average I would have 6 to 8 cups of tea with two canderel in each cup.
    For treats I would have sugar free angel delight maybe twice a weeks.
    I would chew sugar free gum for a while in the day.
    Then there are the bits that do add up. Like sugar free or reduced sugar sauces like ketchup and salad cream. Its also in options chocolate drinks I had at bed time, and in some cereal that is supposed to be low in sugar.
    I never drink fizzy pop like cans of coke or other flavours, but it is in dilute fruit cordial which I drunk through the summer months.
    Not a massive amount as you can see, but the things with Aspartame, its accumlative, it builds up and stores in your system and tissue, slowly eating away at you. A time bomb waiting to go off.

    I do urge all of you who read this to watch the food labels and if it says ASPARTAME to throw it in the bin, don't give it to your children, and please if you are pregnant don't even think of taking anything with this substance in it. It could be responsible for hurting not only you, but your unborn baby...

    I also had migraines when ingesting this stuff, fuzzy lights,headache and vision blurryiness... never had a migraine in my life before until I started sugar free and low sugar due to my diabetes. I also remember sucking on mints and complaining for days that my tongue felt like it was on fire and would last for a few days, when I stopped the mints and chewing gum the burning eventually went away!
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    Aug 21, 2009, 08:26 PM

    That is so sad! I wish more people would realize the dangers in aspartame, preservatives like message, microwaves, prescription meds, etc... people think that just because it is there for us as consumers that it was FDA approved as safe or whatever, but nothing can be further from the truth.

    I hope things go well for you and your son, considering your situation
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    Sep 3, 2009, 10:34 AM

    Thank you Nohelp for your supportive words. You're right FDA does not mean things are safe, just one big cover up!! All about gag orders, money,money,money!

    c'mon there must be more people had problems with this stuff?
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    Sep 12, 2009, 02:23 PM

    Anyone else have probs with aspartame?
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    Sep 14, 2009, 03:38 PM
    Not to change the subject SC... but have you been tested for the rarest of blood disorders? Your story reminds me of my sister... it took the best of the best of hematologists to find out what her problem was. She also has a clotting disorder, but has never clotted.

    Have you been tested for Factor V Leiden Syndrome? A dear friend of mine has this and must take heparin during her pregnancies to avoid the clotting that is much like you experienced with your pregnancy.

    I am not trying to downplay your fear of aspartame, as my ex sister-in-law lost a child 23 years ago and we attribute it to her drinking diet sodas while pregnant. There is a very real concern associated with aspartame, but I do have to wonder if what you have experienced is more of a genetic nature.
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    Sep 14, 2009, 04:04 PM

    Hi J9 thanks for your post. I understand what you are saying yes and funnily enough, my sons paeditritcian rang me last month to tell me he had received a letter from a hematologist and explaining that they wanted to test me, but for DVT, two years after the birth of my son! Since his birth they did do this blood clotting test on me 3 times, just after birth, then about a month later as they lost the results, and again they lost those results! And again they lost those results! Crazy!

    Anyway, I said I wasn't showing any signs of DVT and I wasn't sure I wanted to be tested, and just put things to bed, but I said if I'm at risk myself (not for future pregnancies, as we have made that very clear that we are definitely not having anymore children) then I said I will have the test, as they have planted a seed! So I thought to myself " what have I to lose by having the test done? if I do have potential DVT or clotting disorder, then at least I'll know about and can be treated accordingly for it, and if I don't have it, then that's the end of that'.

    I have heard of Factor V Leiden Syndrome? Whilst I was researching blood clotting disorders.

    Also, the paeditrican said that they may want to check for rare blood disorders. Anyway I eventually agreed to this and he rang me back and told me he had been talking to one of the top haemotologists since out last conversations and she's not entirely sure I need the test now, but she will make that descsion when she returns from her holiday in two weeks, which has now been nearly four! And I've not heard anything!

    I did tell my sons Paedtrican again about aspartame and the dangers of it and he said he would look into it.

    I understand about possible blood clotting,although there's no history of any blood disorders in my family or my partners family.

    But what makes all this strange is why were my liver readings of a raging alcoholic? (doctors words, not mine) and also my other ensymes were raised quite a lot as well? And then I stop ALL aspartame and over a period of three months, I have no symptons like migraines etc and my liver readings start to drop and return to normal?

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