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    Mar 25, 2009, 06:32 PM
    Dodge Dynasty (1990) front marker light change
    How to access socket for bulb replacement?

    Insufficient access to socket from inside engine compartment. Apparently lens/parabolic reflector assembly must be dismounted from the car body.

    Photos from parts supplier's computer don't look quite like the auto's configuration. Diagram shows access to a lens/reflector mounting screw (upper inboard corner) through an open area over the marker light (and headlight assy) where the nose of my car surrounds both light assemblies. A second photo shows a second screw between the lower inboard corner of marker light and the outboard lower corner of headlight. I'm having trouble spotting either mounting screw. In photos outboard edge of assembly looks like a metal clip that simply hooks behind edge of opening. Part supplier's computer advises screws might be concealed by weatherstripping, but I don't see any weather striping, only a narrow section of nose across bottom of both light assembly and a strip of pseudo-chrome (that I don't know how to remove) between the narrow strip of nose panel and the bumper. I don't see any trim or weatherstripping between the marker light lens and the headlight lens.

    There's a nut (to fit 3/8" wrench?) on a stud in the engine compartment in the vicinity of the marker light reflector. I'm not sure if the stud has anything to do with mounting the marker light onto the car body, and I don't have deep enough sockets to reach the nut on the long stud. There's not enough room to use either end of a combination wrench. I'm wondering if the stud is holding the assembly to the body because the tail light assembly is equipped with studs that protrude into the trunk that are held in place with plastic devices that work like wing nuts.
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    Mar 29, 2009, 04:20 PM
    I have since discovered the answer:
    Each marker light lens/reflector assembly features a single threaded stud that protrudes into the engine compartment. Open the hood and reach into the area behind the center of the lens/reflector assembly. The length of the stud may require the use of a deep 10mm socket (can be driven with a 6 inch extension and a ratchet). Once the nut is removed from the stud you can pull the assembly far enough from the car's body to remove the lamp socket from the reflector (twist ccw 1/4 turn). I had to clean the contacts in one socket with a split emory board.

    You might find it convenient to remove the battery when servicing the marker light on the driver's side (LH drive).

    One of those head mounted LED lights is quite useful when locating the mounting stud.:cool:

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