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    Nov 12, 2008, 02:38 PM
    Pet store dog on paper training
    I have a 4 month old Jack Russel Terrier and I won her in a school auction. She was a pet store dog and was delivered to the store on 08/17 and I bought her at the auction on 09/08. She is very sweet but really confused about everything. I can work through most problems but my major issue is potty training. She just goes where she wants as I think she has lost all bladder control from being in a cage or honestly does not know where to go.I do not believe in crate training and have bought wee wee pads, but honestly it has been so long training a dog I don't know what to do. She pees inside and I tell her no and tap her nose then take her outside to the wee wee pads and she stops peeing and won't go again , the next time she goes is inside. I don't think she knows what the pads are for. I am worried she will get an infection because I reprimand her when she goes inside and then take her outside and she won't go again. Please help, step by step what I should do on training her...
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    Nov 12, 2008, 03:32 PM

    First of all, many puppies can't even begin to physically "hold it" until they're 4 months. I might be wrong, but it sounds like you might not have a lot of experience with dogs, and perhaps you're figuring out some of the training as you go along. In any case, your best bet is to pick up some puppy training books. It's only easy once you really know what you're doing.

    There is a short, cheap and important book called how to housebreak your dog in 7 days. Get it. It's also on My favorite puppy training book is the puppy whisperer. There are many great ones out there. Get as many as you can read. They will save you more time, money and energy in the long run that you could possibly imagine. Also, even if you have had dogs in the past, modern dog training is based on completely different techniques, which are better for the dog and better for you. Plus, they're incredibly effective.

    I have a 6 month old puppy, and since we live in an apartment, we've done a combination of going outside (which is what he almost always does now) and using wee wee pads from the beginning (which we keep around in case of "emergencies"). It's been working great. In any case, with a little puppy, be prepared for accidents. Make sure you have a special cleaning product made for removing the smell of dog urine. And use it every single time.

    As a side note, I am always surprised when people go to a pet store (I know you got yours from an auction, but still... ) instead of getting a dog at a shelter or directly from a reputable breeder. The consequence usually means supporting puppy mills financially (look them up; what goes on in them is truly awful), and the dogs always have more problems because of it.

    Your pup will pick up all the rules. It's just a matter of you being truly informed. As her teacher, you have to tell her how things work in a way she will understand. Get the books. They will change everything given some time and patience.
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    Nov 12, 2008, 03:45 PM

    We had the same problem with our great dane puppy and had a trainer come to our house for a private training session. These are the things she told us to do...

    1. don't reprimand your puppy for going in the house. When you catch her going in the house- clap your hands or make a noise to distract her- that way she stops going and you can pick her up and take her outside to do the rest. Then give her lots of praise and/or a treat. Do this every time

    2. take her outside every 2 hours if you can. Or take her out after she's done eating/drinking, after she's done playing, after she's had a nap.

    We've started doing all these things and have had MINIMAL accidents in the house, so it's working!
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    Nov 18, 2008, 08:14 AM

    Keep working with the puppy pads, if she doesn't pee on them, if she pees on the floor blot the pee up with the pad, and let her smell it. It worked with my youngest Chihuahua. When I raise puppies myself I have the pads right out side of their box so when they step out to pee they get use to going on the pad. (only problem is they pee on any paper or plastic bag they see on the floor, some time the paper was the daughters home work) When you take her out side she need to learn it's not to play but for business, you might take her out on a leash and always take her back to the same spot she's gone before. (The best cleaner for pet stains I've came across is OdoBan, it disinfects and deodorises.) As soon as you learn her schedule to go out side it will get easier. Hang in there and Good Luck ! Felicia
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    Nov 18, 2008, 11:40 AM
    See the sticky at the top of this forum.

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