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    Oct 11, 2007, 07:20 AM
    Frozen bank account
    My account has been frozen by capital one bank through Rubin and rothman.
    Last statement I received before the judgement was levied against me was that the debt was for $1302. The card was only a $1000.00 limit which I eached and then did not pay while I was going through a divorce. However on my accounts which I have 3 of the amounts they have debit hold on very. In one acount it has $2501. In another it has $2500
    And in another it states $4466. The fisrt two accounts are a checking acct and savings acct with the same bank. The other account is just a savings account with another bank. Now I do have funds that will be relised to me next week which will enable me to pay off this judgement. So I am asking from anyone's experence is there still a chance to nogotiate a settlement amount in full, and would I do this with, the lawyers or the card company? Also can the amount esculate that much for a $1000.00 card? I lost my orignal court papers that had the judgemnt amount on it but I know it was not the $4466.00 amount. I am requesting another copy and if it is 2500 then I have no promblem although I'm hoping I can get it lower.
    Any thing anyone knows can help.
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    Oct 11, 2007, 07:40 AM
    I am certainly not an expert but I will share my experience. I had a similar thing happen w/ my husband's bank account. It was frozen in order to satisfy a judgement, the amount owed was $3200. I immediately contacted the attorney handling the case and was able to negotiate it down to $2700. I paid him $2200 in cash and he gave me a conditional release on my hubby's bank account (which means that the bank has to send the atty the remaining $500 and then release the funds). The process took about 48 hrs. In my opinion it doesn't hurt to try and negotiate w/ the attorney/client.

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