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    Oct 10, 2005, 01:09 PM
    How to sort it?Please help!
    ok heres the low down,im 14 btw just get to know me a bit he he.. been going out with my gf (charlotte) for 8 months now i really really love her might think its puppy love but she kinda my first ...not going to go into detal about what we do. :D we wernt excaclly m8 befour we went out coz we didn't really know eachother then...but know just about eveythink now :rolleyes: , well she is 14 as well, likes to drink with her m8s which is what i need help with really yer likes to drink with m8s and stays out untill 9:30-10:00 not good round this area its not safe like eveywhere else i guess (dam world) but to top it if she drinks and then goes worse places then her area which i worrie about alot but i can't really stop her from drinking coz it her social life and there ain't much to do round here anyways,i ither want to know how to make her stop opr at least calm down a bit in her life and be serouse or how i can controll worriing about her (i worrie alot not like a mum but alot i kno whats its like i haev been close to being stabbed and more and i have loads of ppl after me for no reson :mad: )

    Well if u can help out or give any advite please do i will be really gratefull thx again
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    Oct 10, 2005, 02:36 PM

    This is a bit hard because the both of you are so young... but perhaps, if you feel it would be appropriate, you should talk about it with her. If you plan on her being your girlfriend, you need to sort out problems like this. Obviously you care very much about her, and make sure she knows that when you are talking about it. Just be careful how you present it, as she might think you are trying to control her.

    Sometimes, a girl won't listen and she'll just do what she wants - because its her life. Unfortunately, she may feel this way and there might not be anything you can do about it.

    Where do you live? What is the legal drinking age where you live?

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