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    Oct 8, 2005, 01:11 PM
    Error message windows xp professional
    I had a computer that had windows xp professional on it and not that it has been unplugged I get an error message when I turn it on it says insert system disk and press enter I don't have the cd or a boot disk could I use windows 98 boot disk to start the computer so I don't get the error message or is there a way to download a boot disk from the internet to a floppy and then start my home computer I am using a public computer to end this message. Please let me know and how to fix this problem. :confused:
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    Oct 9, 2005, 03:53 AM
    The most common cause of something like this is a floppy disk in the drive. Make sure there isn't one in!

    After that, the problem could be that your hard drive has failed and the computer cannot find any startup files. When you say the machine was upgraded, what exactly was upgraded. If it was hardware its possible that the hard drive has simply not been re-connected properly. Check the cables are correct and the master/slave setting is OK. If you don't know how to do this please post back and I'll explain further.
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    Oct 10, 2005, 11:55 AM
    Reply to my message
    It was not upgraded it came with windows xp professional installed on it and now since it has been unplugged it does not show windows xp it just gives and error message to insert system disk and I don't have the boot disk or a floppy disk or the cd with the operating system on it what can I do. :confused:
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    Oct 10, 2005, 01:31 PM
    Sorry to hear about your problem. The same happened to me on my notebook while on vacation, boy was that dissapointing. There could be several reasons:

    1. Is the PC a little old, more than 6 months, and standing near an area where a lot of dust and debrise from the air or animals could get into it?
    2. Was it starting to get noisy and/or heating up and not in a well ventillated area?
    3. Did you leave it constantly on until you finally unplugged it?
    4. Did you try a new cord to plug it in again?
    It could be that it was so clogged and finally gave up. I had to take mine in to get repaired, good thing I still had the warranty and it cost me nothing. The hard drive was not even recognizing the CD/DVD , and thank goodness the only thing he had to do was reload the OS, and all my other stuff on the other partitions was still intact. My message was to insert original WinXP Cd, to restart, but that did not work, and your message, or no message, could mean the same problem. Anything is worth a try.
    Nowadays, with the preinstalled Operating systems, you must always make backup and/or recovery CD from it before 'driving' and loading your PC with other stuff. That is the 'golden rule' and should be instilled on all PC users.

    Once you finally get it fixed, please get a PC Doctor program to create a new boot disc or CD. This can be gotten by PC tools, they sponsor PC Doctor as well and they had the 'ultimate boot CD' on sale at the time. Also, from now on, no matter how tedious or time-consuming it is, do a weekly backup of all your important stuff or you will probably loose it again. Computers are that way. It's better to be safe than sorry. If they cannot save the pre-installed OS, you will have to buy a new Operating System and from the dealer it's a lot cheaper runs around 140 dollars compared to what you have to pay for at a store by yourself. And then make a copy of that new Operating System Cd and use it only. Keep the original locked up with the code and safe. No matter what software you purchase, you have the rigth to make a backup copy of it for your personal use, do that to all your originals and use the copies only. That keeps the life of your originals longer. I know this hindsight won't do you any good at the moment, but believe me it will help you in the future. Good Luck.
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    Oct 10, 2005, 01:52 PM
    Sorry, I must have mis-read your post as upgraded rather than unplugged:o

    Sounds like your CMOS battery could be going! Either that or your hard drive has failed!

    To check the CMOS problem we need to go into the bios:

    When your computer starts it will say press Del to enter setup or Press F2 to enter setup. It could be different but these are the usual suspects. Press the appropriate key to bring you into the setup area.

    In here we are looking for "Standard CMOS setup" option (again it could be different)

    In this section we are looking for four settings -

    Primary master
    Primary slave
    Secondary master
    Secondary slave

    If you read the screen it should tell you how to change these options, they could be set to "NONE", "AUTO", or something else. Set all four of these options to "AUTO" and press the ESC button to return to the main menu. Then look for the option to save settings and exit.

    Once you click save settings and exit, and confirm the save the computer will reboot. If your hard disk drive is OK it should now boot OK.

    If this is the case, your motherboard battery is flat. You need another one. To replace this, remove the power lead from the case, open the case, and take a look at the main circuitboard. There should be a small flat round battery somewhere on the motherboard (approx 2cm in diameter). This is the motherboard battery.

    Whilst operating inside a computer like this, always try to ground yourself on the bare metal of the case, either with a grounding wrist strap or just touching it with your hand.

    Carefully, note which way up the battery is before removing it. Remove this battery and take to a local computer shop for a replacement.

    Fit the new battery and go through the first process again to discover your hard disk drive. This new battery will now remember your settings if you unplug the computer again.

    Sorry for the long winded instructions, but these things vary and are difficult to be precise about.

    If any of this is unclear or doesn't match what you are seeing, come back to me with as much detail as possible and I will try to refine the instructions.

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    Oct 10, 2005, 02:11 PM
    OK well can u even get on to the computer? Such as my computer app or documents or anythink really if so I can maby help...
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    Oct 10, 2005, 02:26 PM
    Reply to your message about my post
    I can not get on the computer when I turn it on it comes up with the error message I can't get past it no windows icon nothing. But the error message :confused:'s Avatar
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    Oct 10, 2005, 02:28 PM
    Cheak there is no floppy disk init while starting it up try it

    If there isent then u will need to format it (clean the hole dam thing)
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    Oct 10, 2005, 02:31 PM
    As to your reply
    There is no floppy disk in the computer the floppy drive light does not come on never did.

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