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    Sep 5, 2007, 08:08 PM
    I cant stop thinking about her
    OK so here it is( I'm sorry its so long but I could really use some help on it)
    There's this girl named katie whom I've never seen in person but I've been talking to for about 3 months(phone,chatting) I think, she was my cousins best friend up until she had to mave about 2-3 minutes away, but they still see each other now and then, anyway all that time we were talking she got a chrush on me and I already liked her and she knew it, so we would talk about it and the more we talked the more we had in common from church to just about any subject. And about 2 weeks ago I went to puerto rico and we didn't talk at all, except through the comments she left on my myspace, one on them which says

    Ahhhhhhh ilu ♥ I miss you and I want to meet you more than anything! When you move to CT we have to be together f0rEvEr! ♥

    Yeah was exited to talk to her again, butt(big but), two days later I think she met this kid named gavin(what the hell kind of name is that) at the beach, she told me this and I was like all right cool, yeah bull spit, she came back telling me this

    Well listen I kind of want to go out with you too but there's this kidd.. and I like him a lot! I don't know I think we might go out and stuff and I'm really sorry but... I don't know..

    And ever since then they've been going out, and I've been pissed, all that runs on my mind is katie,katie,katie, I want to forget about her but I just cant, what should I do?

    Oh and its not that I can't get another girlfriend because like I'm handsome, its just that after all that time we talked I got attached and I can't let go, there is this one other girl though...
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    Sep 5, 2007, 09:57 PM
    I think that u should still talk to her here and there just to see if they did decide to date. If they did then, Who knows they might not last long. And it can be your best chance to slide in there and comfort her when they do brake up. If your not willing to wait for her then just go out and look for someone new. Plenty fish in the sea..
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    Sep 5, 2007, 10:15 PM
    Funny what women can do to a guy... lol Well as a guy in my opinion is just to let it go, there's nothing you can do keep them from getting together. Just go out and I promise you will get to know a better girl. Doesn't seem like it now, but it will. And remember everything happens for a reason.
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    Sep 5, 2007, 10:34 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Hottrodder246
    And remember everything happens for a reason.
    Amen to that!

    But all that is easier said then done man, but I know what I got to do, I just don't want to forget about her, even though I know I got to. Thanks though guys this is going to be a rough month
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    Sep 5, 2007, 10:48 PM
    Heh. You'll see me ask this question a lot as part of a response:
    Do you love the other person unconditionally? You do not truly love them for who they are otherwise. By unconditionally, I mean that it is impossible for the other person to do anything, and for no circumstances to occur that would cause you to stop loving them.

    While you're first and immediate answer will most definitely be, "yes!" allow me to go a bit deeper. What if that person cheated on you (f you were married now/in the future!) and did not feel sorry about it. Would you still love them? Would you get a divorce? If you can answer, "Yes", then you really do love them. I don't want to hear, "But we deeply love each other and would never do that!" Bull, unless your love is based upon the other person and not someone who fulfills your desires.

    Love is a verb. It is something someone does and practices.

    It sounds to me that you're simply caught up in a hormonal race. Be careful about who you attach yourself to. Love is not some casual thing to be going about skipping by girl-to-girl... it is something that must grow and be nurtured to become an attachment of a lifetime.

    Girls are emotionally fragile, beautiful persons. They are not to be chosen and gone about to your liking or pickings because they fulfill your desires. Love is about knowing and doing what is best for that person.

    Is your attitude towards the whole ordeal selfish on your part, or are you angry because she would really be better off with you? (This question is not to be answered. Simply ask yourself this question.)
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    Sep 5, 2007, 10:51 PM
    If you say you are good looking then you got nothing to worry about... just got to have confidence. I just broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years and she already has a new boy friend. I know how u feel buddy.
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    Sep 5, 2007, 10:54 PM
    Man Colonel that was deep, I think I get why I'm feeling like this now, Hottrodder and bre4 thanks too, nice people up in here
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    Sep 5, 2007, 11:45 PM
    You are most welcome and thank you for listening. I am glad you are not some ignorant person who cannot receive help because of a pompus attitude.

    The best, most experienced, wisest persons in life are those that are willing to improve.

    Oh, PS, thank you for calling me by my nickname. Why everyone calls me "Colonel" is beyond me, but its by no means bad (even when your internet enemies call you by the name!) ;D

    It will be difficult, though, for me to live up to my words. I know that if my wife were ever to commit adultery, it should be a most painful experience. Even in my religion it is OK to divorce for that reason only, but by setting a strong example, we'd make things work out.

    However, while I'm not married yet, and doubt I've even met the girl I am to marry, I am going to know "she is the one" by her doing the same thing I am doing for her right now that she does for me: loving.

    I have never kissed a girl, much less, had sex. We will be saving our lips and bodies for each other at the alter. (Although, biting a doornob in half is sometimes required to keep myself from breaking the promise on the kissing part.) :D
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    Sep 6, 2007, 03:06 PM
    If she is playing games like that now, can you imagine what it would be like later. You could still talk to her, but if it isn't love at first sight... or in this case... love at first conversation then there will probably no sparks in the future. You don't want to be dumped when a better offer come up! Be confident in yourself and don't let a girl like that take you down. I'm a girl and trust me, I know some of the mean things that break a guys heart without even knowig it. Who knows, you might have met your future soul mate but you haven't gave her a chance because you keep on thinking about katie. She moved on and so should you. Find someone else and just let time tell!
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    Sep 6, 2007, 07:17 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Mandmo
    Who knows, you might have met your future soul mate but you haven't gave her a chance because you keep on thinking about katie.
    You know today at church this girl I always liked and all her friends came up to me and started talking to me out of no-where, so I think she will be my next obsession. Haha anyway, Sorry I forgot to update this, I totally rid myself of anything that has to do with her, phone number, myspace, aim, everything, she got so stupid with me today like she was telling me your just jealous of us so I just totally forgot about her from this day on. Thank you all for the help, I think without this I would still be crying over her for nothing. :D
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    Sep 8, 2007, 12:32 PM
    OK,well I try my best to help you and well all I can say is she is a , and well I am sorry but if she doesn't want to date you its not you problem and I know how it feels to have so much in common with someone and not be able to be with them and I honestly don't know what to do either I am in the same situatuion but I guess sometimes you have to forget about her even though it ll be hard just forget everything that she reminds you off and erase her name in your cellphone and just try, goood luck!! 1

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